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  1. For those with Nvidia cards: it seems that closing the "GeForce experience" app before I play helps as well. Not sure why that would be, but before I play Il-2 in VR I always launch open composite, then close Steam and GeForce experience. That and using MSI afterburner to OC my 1070 ti card a bit gets me to where I can play most campaign missions without any stuttering (or very little). This is with low settings in game and a 6700k processor + 24 GB 2166 RAM.
  2. Ghosting in career missions? If so, what are your rig specs if you don't mind? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post that, RedKestrel. I will check it out.
  4. Hmmm. Well, I can access the Steam planes I bought back when you had an access code that you’d put into the Il2 website. I guess they don’t do that anymore. I could get the planes I want through the sale here for a couple more dollars, but I don’t know how that would work with the Moscow copy I had already bought through Steam. Would there be conflicts or problems if I had a standard Moscow copy from Steam and a deluxe from the store here? And then there is the problem of playing in VR and Steam VR being not as efficient as running without it using open composite. The recent patches have made things run worse so I can’t go through Steam if it forces me to use their VR app. That’s the whole reason I use the website copy of the game. This is all quite complicated with the different places to run the game and buy from. I guess if I can launch from Steam without using Steam VR then I could redownload the game and just buy from there from now on? I wanted to support the devs though. Not really sure how this is all supposed to work unless I just ignore the Steam sales and wait for the sales on the website or just buy full price.
  5. There is nothing in game that I can see that would allow me to link to Steam. I suppose I could download a second copy of Il-2 through Steam onto my computer but since I share a connection over wifi that would take 10+ hours. I thought of that too but was thinking there must be an easier or more logical way to merge content than having two installs for two potential sale platforms. I'll see if I can refund the purchase for now. I would absolutely buy two P-40 and C202 if I could figure out a way to use them in my website install though. That would complete my collector planes collection and they both seem like fun planes to fly.
  6. Hi RedKestrel. Thanks for the response. Linked where? In game? On the website here? On the Steam app?
  7. Hi there, I bought the P-40 on Steam, where I originally bought Il-2 Stalingrad. The plane is not available for me to fly in game though. Is it because I downloaded the game from this site instead of from Steam? Confused! I tried logging in here with my Steam account but that did not help anything. Thanks for any help, Chris
  8. Thanks for posting the videos! I can see some microstutters in the second one but it looks good enough to play and have fun with. When you pitch down at 1:00 into the video, for example. Looks very playable though! What a great sim. though. Just watching that makes me want to play some... Better get some stuff done first!
  9. Looks like what happened to me after the hot-fixes. Wasn't there a Windows 10 update and a NVIDIA driver update around the same time? I know it is frustrating when your favorite game (for me) suddenly becomes more or less unplayable. I wish I had an easy solution for you. The only thing that helped me was to wipe my SSD and re-install Windows plus make sure everything else on my system was running as fast and well as possible. I still get stuttering on the really big career missions where I had none before, but the wipe and re-install did help eliminate the stuttering on smaller missions. I do have to run the game on lower settings. Hopefully there is something the devs can do to help. I don't know if the NVIDIA driver update and/or the Windows 10 update had anything to do with it, but it is possible. They seem to add a lot of bloatware as time goes on. Good luck!
  10. 2.50!? Wow, thanks for saying that as I just went ahead and bought the 109-F2 one to see what these campaigns are like. Yes, I bought some of the planes a few weeks ago when they were on sale but the more I play this the more I like it (and the more I want all the planes!).
  11. I own the standard Battle of Moscow DLC on Steam. I was wondering if I could buy it again here on the site and thereby gain the two collector planes for 19.99? Thanks, Chris
  12. Just a heads up: I fixed the majority of my performance issues and stuttering by reformatting my system/SSD drive and reinstalling Windows. I reinstalled Il-2, Oculus and Steam as well on the SSD. GPU and CPU on max power mode. Graphics are set low but I am running VR on a mid-range system so that's to be expected. I'm relieved. Game is much smoother now, more like pre-patch performance. Whew! Edit: Just to be clear, I still do get some stutters that I did not before the hot-fixes. It is just nowhere near as bad. An 8 vs 8 furball with clear skies on Kuban quick mission causes a good amount of "VR double planes" still. It is a lot more playable than it was though.
  13. It was for me too before the last hot-fixes (maybe Windows update has something to do with it). Other simulators still run great on my system though, so there's that. Very few stutters on them, as smooth as they always ran. Not sure what is up with Il-2 now but I think I will throw in the towel and just check back later when some more patches have been released. I'm jealous of those who can still run this well as I really love this game! Have fun.
  14. I had great performance with the first big patch. Then the hot-fixes seemed to cause a big performance drop. Stutters galore. I spent a lot of time trying to fix it to no avail. I seemed to have some success but then, after more tweaking, it only got worse. I loaded up DCS to see how it ran. It ran quite poorly, so then I began to suspect my system, or something else besides IL-2, was the issue. I reformatted my system drive at that point and re-downloaded IL-2, Steam and the Oculus software. I made sure to put it all on my SSD. Performance was much better. I tried some mods but not much changed. I put the GPU on maximum performance, same with power settings. Both CPU and GPU are overclocked a bit, but nothing crazy. Things run well now, more or less. I still feel that the new patches decreased my performance slightly as I don't remember planes blurring or ghosting at all pre-patch and now they will on big missions over airfields, etc.. It's pretty manageable though and really not bad like it was. Maybe the patch exposed some issues with my system or upped the system requirements by a hair, no idea. Things run decent for a modest machine like mine (i7 6700k, 1070ti, 24 GB DDR4 @ 2100) so I'm happy again. The stuttering is pretty rare now considering how demanding a simulator this is. I'm relieved and glad to have my favorite game back.
  15. Can you play in VR without stutters? I have tried everything on your list, and a lot more, and still have a lot of stutters in VR. Even when my frames are near 90 and otherwise smooth. I did not have stutters before the last patch. I am new to this stuff, but is it possible to lock the frame rate in VR? I was thinking it wasn’t. Thanks.
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