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  1. VR zoom modification is only for closed tanks gunsights, and as sun's flare i noticed it too with ASW auto on. Since you speak about ASW wich settings do you suggest for Oculus Rift S with Oculus tray tool?
  2. They had the chance to use historically proven fuel for allied planes but they simple didn't. Why?
  3. My definition of balance is properly set because devs released Spit mkIX without 25lbs of boost which is well documented to be existed but they dont hesitate to include 1.98 ata which is not. So i dont think i miss the target asking for balance...
  4. You know why allies reserched and developed 150 grade fuel? To balance their planeset with powerful german planes. I mean balance in this way... If your argument is history then we should have servers with 20 germans vs 60 allies as it was IRL. In this way Germans dispose toys that never saw combat (1.98 ata is only in documents afaik), Allies didnt get what they dispose (150 grade fuel) and planes numbers are free on servers. So answer me... is this historically accurate?
  5. 150 octane is necessary for the balance that's the matter. I asked directly but get no answer so I really don't if we'll get it some day
  6. Great to know the release plan @Jason_Williams But since i'm worrying about Multiplayer I would like to know if 150 octane fuel will be released for allied planes. With these kind of release schedule allies are pretty unuseful until Tempest comes to battle against Germans beasts. Thanks for replying
  7. Very nice DD! But i have a question on older planes... the radiator control bug on Spit due to new boil on altitude temperatures will be fixed in next patch? @Han @Jason_Williams
  8. Are this original WIP? @Jason_Williams @Han
  9. Could be tomorrow release date of graphic patch?
  10. Bodenplatte planeset isnt working after patching and everytime you log in is asking to link Steam and il2 accounts. We need an hotfix
  11. Hi Guys, I recently purchased Saitek x56 rhino Hotas. Since i dont have rudders, i'd like to set right\left wheel brakes on my throttle ministick instead of using two buttons just to manage pressure of the feet, avoiding 0%-100% brake effect on the wheels. But if i select W axis on ministick when you leave lever in centre position both brakes where gently pressed and if you move lever on left or right you'll see one brake be pushed and the other released. Is there a way to set centre level as no pressure pos and right and left movement as right and left brake pressure? Thanks guys for any suggestion...
  12. Hi Jason, I read that Kuban won't be on Steam. I bought BoS there and already bought Kuban (and Bodenplatte ) on your site. I got all the flyable planes like Spit or 190A5...just for knowing the patch 3.001 will be downloadable on Steam right? Or should I install your launcher?
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