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  1. Subscribing any single word. That’s a huge improvement for VR users, thanks a lot!
  2. Allies should had the chance to bomb jet fuel depots and jet airports to avoid 262 to spawn... If LW wants jets they have to protect their airfields/stores deep into their lines losing the possibility to protect the front lines. No restrictions but Tactical abilities of each team will balance the battle.
  3. Well TAW is almost ending and realism about late war scenario was struggling... Since allied usually attack almost any German airfield at the end of war especially looking for jet airplanes on the ground, I suggest any allied player to bomb and attack 262 spawn airfield on map. I'll do this at the end of this campaign and I think this could be a good rule change in terms of disposable jets on Luftwaffe players...
  4. Maybe because of bloom disabled in startup.cfg graphics settings? I saw HDR could be switched on disabling bloom cause it increase contrast.
  5. Had the same problem couple of days ago. Try reboot your router
  6. Yup, and with 190s i have no trouble in shooting down enemies if i shot properly. I think it's not a problem of shells but planes DM. I think that P51 and P47 DM should be switched as an example and i found 109s in general very fragile as Spitfire wings that could easily be cut away with mg131 if multiple shells hits same spot. As you can see in the article i linked there are many factors to be considered in guns/shells efficiency and i found them very well represented in this game so IMHO all this thread is inneffective. A thread speaking about planes DM makes a lot more sense to me...
  7. Yup sorry. DM btw prizes a lot convergence shot as i said before. Try simply shot outside convergence with Hispanos and you'll lose all the performance
  8. Just what you said... 2 cannon hits in the same place for hispanos. Aim good and you'll be prized with this DM. Lots of hits all over a target are less effective than 2 cannon hits in the same place. And has for penetration not to be a factor in planes i do not agreed with you. A shell detonating after penetrating is far more effective than a shell detonating over a surface. You can found al the informations you need here http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/WW2guneffect.htm. As you can see a Hispano mkII as double efficiency than a mg151...
  9. VR zoom modification is only for closed tanks gunsights, and as sun's flare i noticed it too with ASW auto on. Since you speak about ASW wich settings do you suggest for Oculus Rift S with Oculus tray tool?
  10. They had the chance to use historically proven fuel for allied planes but they simple didn't. Why?
  11. My definition of balance is properly set because devs released Spit mkIX without 25lbs of boost which is well documented to be existed but they dont hesitate to include 1.98 ata which is not. So i dont think i miss the target asking for balance...
  12. You know why allies reserched and developed 150 grade fuel? To balance their planeset with powerful german planes. I mean balance in this way... If your argument is history then we should have servers with 20 germans vs 60 allies as it was IRL. In this way Germans dispose toys that never saw combat (1.98 ata is only in documents afaik), Allies didnt get what they dispose (150 grade fuel) and planes numbers are free on servers. So answer me... is this historically accurate?
  13. 150 octane is necessary for the balance that's the matter. I asked directly but get no answer so I really don't if we'll get it some day
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