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  1. Some aircraft use(d) switches to change trim and others use(d) trim wheels. The devs have added options to reflect the difference corresponding to the real aircraft. If you prefer, you can program your settings in game such that you use the same keys to behave as a wheel or switch. I hope I addressed your question.
  2. Including phonetic alphabet from WWI and WWII
  3. Salute to my VBF-12 friends. I saw several of you online the other night. I tried to say hello but it seems my player chat was turned off. 😳 It was nice to see so many familiar names and excellent pilots. Thought I'd say hello. S!
  4. My best to his family and friends. S!
  5. I agree with Toxin 100%. I have purchased several parts of the Great Battles series for the sole purpose of supporting the production of a WWII title in the Pacific Theater. The Battle of Midway would be truly awesome - a personal favorite. But if the Battle of Midway has some new technology that proves too difficult in a reasonable timeframe and a reasonable budget, then release a Pacific Theater of Operations title that is more tractable to start. The PTO was vast and diverse. There are a great many places and dates from which to choose.
  6. I always thought ‘S!’ was a nice gesture. I used the virtual salute to recognize a good fight or to say hello or goodbye. By the way, please don’t think me rude. If ever I don’t respond, it’s likely because I didn’t see you type. Most of the time my chat is turned off when flying in VR.
  7. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
  8. I am really looking forward as well. Hope to see you and the rest of BSS in the air soon. S!
  9. I don’t wish to make more work for the map makers, but I will point out that the distance from Midway to the Kure Atoll (which has an airfield) is just a little greater than the distance between Kerch and Anapa (on the Kuban map). The field on Green Island can easily suit some “what-if” scenarios where the IJN has a land base.
  10. I love the activity too. I agree largely with the above. Some of those aren't quite required but the technology to pull Midway off is daunting to be sure. Imagine working throttle, stick, and pedals to trap a damaged plane on the deck of a rolling, pitching flat top moving at 25 knots. ... in VR! Very exciting. S!
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