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  1. Certainly hope not, Nvidia's proprietary garbage that's all marketing and no substance can die in a hole. Jason and team, once again, thank you! Over-delivering as usual.
  2. Having this issue, too, with the Steam version - the loading bar fills and then it just dumps me back to desktop. Game launches fine directly from the executable.
  3. As usual, 1C underpromising and overdelivering, in peace and quiet. No overblown hype, just smooth competence. Thank you Jason and the team; the AI improvements especially are always welcome.
  4. No thanks. Nvidia and their proprietary crap can piss up a rope.
  5. I remember seeing a post from someone else quite a while back that mentioned a solar eclipse that happened in...'42? I think that's the right one. Anyway, it happened during their career flight on the correct date and at the correct time. Really impressive attention to detail.
  6. I just noticed that Il-2 Great Battles 'box' art is live on Twitch. Looks nice, and much more appealing visually than not having any. Seems like a small detail, but people notice.
  7. Your preview picture isn't working correctly, just a heads-up. Very nice work on the skin, though, it's beautiful!
  8. @HappyHaddock just wanted to drop in and say all of the screenshots in this thread are absolutely stunning. I had no idea the Il-2 engine was capable of looking that good, in terms of sky/clouds/weather. Those are things that none of the sims around really get right, unless you have some expensive third-party addons for P3D or whatever. Thank you for taking the time to do what you do.
  9. Yeah, just so I don't stray too off topic, I'm about to get some new PC parts in so I can work on my first serial production 262 skin in a couple of days... ...but holy crap, that art is excellent. I've always loved watercolor. Those have a vibrance and a life to them that just jumps out of the page @III/JG52_Lothar29.
  10. Shakes with pilot accounts of the early jets, really. I distinctly remember reading a couple of anecdotes where they found the jets unsettling because the cockpit was so quiet. Quiet in a prop meant engine failure!
  11. WIP of the first series production 262...although this is my first attempt at a skin in Il-2.
  12. Microsoft Store/UWP means this is locked down, not moddable, and almost certainly won't be accessible to third parties, or will be heavily curated. Hard pass. The instant Il-2 and that other sim run well enough in WINE, my hated Windows partition will be gone forever; I don't have a PC so Microsoft can turn it into a console. It's easy to make the visuals look nice when they're selling you a service that's streaming from somewhere else and will be gone when it bombs and they decide to cut their losses. I would highly recommend avoiding excitement or anticipation for this (or anythi
  13. This all happens because of the concept of angular size as opposed to absolute size, the latter of which will change based on your equipment, settings, etc. Ideally, there should be a scaling feature like Smart Scaling in Falcon 4.0 BMS, which preserves angular size through a wide range of settings and equipment. There's even a nice research paper that goes along with it, which I'm not sure I can link directly here, but the title is Improving Target Orientation Discrimination Performance in Air-to-air Flight Simulation, authored by Gary Serfoss, 2003. Edit: the paper is available o
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