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  1. This is only a matter of fov, for realism and to avoid simulation sickness a fov as close to real life is a must. Now, or computer screen are FAR from us, which kinda make us see the world through a very small window. VR headset, by putting the screen right in front of us, and aided by motion tracking should theoretically be able to take care of that.
  2. As stupid as it may sound, I'd like to have a voice recognition software to order/discuss with the bomber crew. Simple voice command to order gunner with vocal feedback etc…
  3. That would make absolutely no sense. As long as your computer is powerful enough you'll be able to run as many server as you want.
  4. Evolution might push people to use a device or not, to play a sim or another. With the upcoming of dx12, vr, octingenticore processor… Who knows…
  5. dx 9 is REALLY different from dx 11. see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb205073.aspx and https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff476190.aspx
  6. Approach the problem from a computer point of view, and yes you can have a lightweight text client that will own everything and everyone, we are unlikely to seem that here. Moreover, even a least extreme version would be completely obvious, thus removing the "is he really cheating or not" admin dilemma, which in my eye is the real problem. Cheating in small online community can be stopped with a simple shared ban-list, should such a problem arise.
  7. Almost impossible doesn't mean impossible, by replicating part of our cognitive process we could probably make do, or at least make a good enough estimate.
  8. Aimbot is a no go on a fighter, you'd have to create a godlike ia, or find a way to bypass the FM (This would be so obvious…). If we ever see an aimbot, it'll be for the gunners, that would be quite a sight to witness on a dogfight serv =D
  9. If it move, shoot it. If it doesn't move, it should have, shoot it. If it's friendly, it's in the way, shoot it. If you can't shoot it, ram it. All is fair in love and war
  10. DCS isn't a good example, It always insult me... "over G, over G, over G…"
  11. There are also people who want to change name because they trolled too much and are targeted all the time !!
  12. Great post, however you should switch 6 and 2 in order. 7. You can remove your plane dead-weight by pressing ctrl + e Have fun in the sky !
  13. Mais quelle agressivité !!! Le motion blur a dû te vriller 2/3 neurones je pense. Quand au changement du sujet... Tu l'as initié en parlant du damage model, qui je suis sur sera corrigé très rapidement. Pour être un peu plus sérieux, le motion blur de 1, n'a pas à être gérer par aucun jeux, ce dernier étant crée par une incapacité de l’œil à gérer des mouvement rapide, de 2, à une forte tendance à manger des fps et rendre les jeux injouables. Les critiques de jeux video sont des critique de joueur, pas de simeur, ni de développeur, donc à prendre avec des pincettes. - Tout les jeux sortent trop tôt, il y a toujours possibilité d'améliorer les choses, mais il arrive un moment ou il faut faire rentrer des sous, les dev ne bossent pas gratuitement. - Le train qu'on peut sortir a 600km/h... sa va venir - Les unlock ont été un choix de leur part, rien ne nous dit qu'ils ne modifierons pas cela. - Le manque de l'éditeur de mission, si ont croix leur explication est plus que justifié, des gens qui ne savent pas se servir de logiciel simple n'ont pas as avoir accès à des logiciel de développement "brut", si cela avait été le cas, nous aurions vu dans toute les review "L'éditeur de mission est malheureusement inutilisable… … …" Bref,
  14. Le motion blur c'est comme rajouté de l'eau dans le vin, sa peut transformer un grand cru en pisse.
  15. In normal mode they are tied together, you have to uncouple them. Now, it doesn't change much with the current choice of plane, maybe in the Ju87, however, it tend to make taxing harder in my experience.
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