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  1. Some people are very easily pleased it would seem. i would call this the epitome of first world, flight sim problems, that require immediate attention😀
  2. Fugly. Dare say it will operate better than it looks though😄The top of the grip looks more like a depressed duck than an alien.
  3. That's it. Just use the drop down tab to choose IL2 and then set it to 100%.
  4. Where was the key purchased originally? If neither from steam nor the developers site? that may be your answer.
  5. Using a Ryzen 2700x, 1070ti, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz and Rift s on high settings and experiencing no issues at all. Other than that i can't help you.
  6. Have a Trackir 5 and Trackhat USB powered baseball cap for sale. both in very good condition and full working order. Looking for £80 inc postage to a UK address. Payment by Bank transfer only.
  7. That seems a bit petulant?
  8. Because it's not 2008 anymore?
  9. You sound like you need to gtet your priorities sorted out mate🤣
  10. Likewise...i had to remap my pitch and roll axis. Yaw was unaffected strangely enough and all throttle axis still worked too.
  11. A game isn't the 'real world', just like the real world isn't a 'game'. What you're basically saying is that the only people who have an opinion on combat games are those who've experienced actual combat? if so? you're gonna have a real small audience for your proposed games.
  12. Working people in the developed world have more free time on their hands than ever before. The actual problem is the attention span of people and the desire for instant gratification, not how much free time they have.
  13. Do yourself a favour and don't get a replacement pair. I had one of the first examples sold and they broke within a week of light use. Get yourself some virpil pedals when they release them. I now have the BRD pedals which the Virpils are based and they're way better built and user friendly than the TPR's.
  14. Excellent comeback, you Russian by any chance? The Werrmacht and The German war industry was supported in turn, by badly trained conscripts from captured territories, like the German war industry was supported by slave labour, neither of these methods are conducive to excellence in either capacity ( from things like sabotage to lack of skill). Russia and it's population, on the other hand, was fighting for it's very being, patriotism in industry and in the field are very important factors in war. More so when failing to carry out your patriotic duty meant a, normally one way, ticket to the Gulag. Not trying to understate the USSR's contribution to the 2nd world war, but lets not forget that the Germans were a long way from home and there supply lines were seriously compromised.
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