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  1. Gift, Horse and mouth. Are words this post make me think of.
  2. Considering who you're replying to? i really don't see the humour in this comment. Is that mode where you've been made redundant from your NHS job due to spending cuts, developed a drug problem and find yourself homeless and living on benefits? Is it set in the UK?
  3. I use it through steam and have absolutely no problems with updates/downloads, they're all very fast. 6mb/s, Dundee, Scotland.
  4. I've smoked Camels before...by the 20 pack.
  5. I watched a few episodes before i overdosed on cheese and whine. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but that's about it.
  6. Was a bit of a self promoting adventurist from what i've read in the past.
  7. Anything i've bought DCS wise was pruchased in one sale or another, i'd say that i'd spent about the same on both DCS and Il2. Value wise they aren't comprable though.
  8. On Amazon. Bit cringey at times but on the whole very interesting.
  9. As my flat is bloody freezing at this time of year due to me not being able to afford to heat it due to sim and alchohol addiction , i decided to invest in some flying boots. However, after some research? im beginning to think that these are NOT genuine RAF WW2 era flying boots afterall.
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