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  1. And people say that words can't hurt you, if only they knew how dangerous flying actually is.
  2. 5 minutes of googling would have told you that the sim doesn't have clickable cockpits. Caveat Emptor. I enjoy both Il2 and the other sim with clickable cockpits, especially the cold war era jets...they both have their strengths and weaknesses
  3. Ever considered a career as a book reviewer? I'm getting through these at the moment ; Or in English? How i met my Wife
  4. I'll translate this for the community members that aren't fluent in Raaaid; Hey! i got Call of Duty WW2 and i think i'll piss off fascists by playing as female african nazi with a hint of lesbian in my user name. HTH
  5. Why? Not everyone is as rabid as you are with your devotion to the developers website. Steam provides a stable update and user platform for myself and many others. It also contributes in making the game itself more visible to the casual flight simmer. I really don't understand all the irrational hate expressed towards Steam...it got me into the franchise.
  6. How many modules have you actually paid for? Seem to recall you were gifted a few?
  7. Gift, Horse and mouth. Are words this post make me think of.
  8. Considering who you're replying to? i really don't see the humour in this comment. Is that mode where you've been made redundant from your NHS job due to spending cuts, developed a drug problem and find yourself homeless and living on benefits? Is it set in the UK?
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