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  1. Except when you're actually piloting them😁
  2. The Jimmy Hill of heavy bombers, even better looking than the Lancaster IMHO
  3. The p38 unit looks like just what i'm after. Price allowing obviously.
  4. That was very kind of your brother, is he much like you? I'm with Luskoffte, try toning down the colours? might be interesting on hallucinogenics mind you.
  5. To use steam modules and link them with store bought modules you need to own the original Il2BOS on Steam.
  6. Or you could delete your incomplete summary and save people the bother of reading it.
  7. As arty as i might sound? I'll never forget his performance as the knight in The Seventh Seal...a proper actor. RIP
  8. I like Jags. You ever heard a guy called Nels Kline? Happy birthday! I feel your pain, it's my 56th this coming Thursday.
  9. So far i've only had to re-activate after a full windows re-install.
  10. Wanker drivers splashing pedestrians by driving through puddles is nothing new mate, it's been happening since the wheel was invented.
  11. Thanks, i had deleted the email with that info. Andre quickly took care of me though.
  12. Much better than guns, that's for certain.
  13. Someone mentioned cats. My current 3.
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