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  1. Good news. I thought you guys had abandoned it in favour of DCS. ASOR 234 sqdn will def be in.
  2. The patch has fixed it for me too. I also had a reply from my ticket: Dear user, Try to re-download the installer from your profile and do a complete reinstall of the game. Make sure that you have followed the recommendations, which are located at https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/5321-faq-about-launcher-and-updating/
  3. Ah...damn...should have checked further down the forum. My version is non Steam, by the way.
  4. Just downloaded 3.201. I am unable to load any Flying Circus aircraft into quick mission on any of the maps. Prior to this patch I had no problem. Anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something obvious here? https://youtu.be/I-QfGig49Ac
  5. Really weird. Flew the Danger Dogs server a few days ago and went on a shipping bombing Op to Bulougne, and the bombs were released in two separate key strokes with the starboard bombs released first. I checked the external view and saw that I still had the four under my port wing, which I ran in again and released.
  6. Is it possible to release different combinations of salvos of the Hurricane fighter-bomber? I can only seen to drop the eight 40lb bombs in one salvo at the same time. I've tried binding both Next Bomb Distributer Mode (didn't work) and then Increase Bomb Distributor Delay and that didn't work either. Any ideas, or is it only just coded to release all it's bombs at the same time?
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