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  1. to be honest, I've never ever had a serious black out yet...maybe due to the concrete elevator of the 109 in a dive...
  2. Why does the K-4 only reach 715 km/h instead of 728km/h (452mph)?
  3. Type of improvement: gameplay: COOP / Lobby environment Explanation of proposals: add a Lobby type Base Environment where you can gather and chat without being on a server or mission (or simply add Hyperlobby support!) Benefits: COOP Missions will finally have a value and will be fun to fly. pilots will be able to gather, manage friends lists, chat and setup coop missions game slots BEFORE starting the game and without being dependent on having a slot on a server. Right now Friends list is kinda useless and chat system has no real value because you can only chat with others who are on the same server and the messages get lost in all the other unimportant chatter, you cannot even scroll back to see any form of chat log! that makes everything very anonymous, and community feeling there once was does not really build up. It is simply no substitute for real time pager chat to have just a forum...
  4. Brief description: Sound glitches after newest Update Detailed description, conditions: Sound got disturbed, engine running rough or no engine noise at all, strange noises; never had that before latest update Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Soundblaster X-Fi, Oculus Rift CV1
  5. Brief description: Get Disconnected from MP Servers frequently Detailed description, conditions: Sudden Disconnect while flying; Connection to the server lost. My Interet is stable. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 7, Gigabit Ethernet, Core i7, GTX 1080 p.s.: Couldn't you make the code check wether or not you received a game slot when trying to join, and NOT AFTER the long delaying loading sequence?? p.p.s.: Why does Coop still suck and there still is no lobby or Hyperlobby support?
  6. I frequently encounter a bug making A20 Bombers invisible time and again - just setup a quick mission with 2x 4 A20 Bombers, and try to engage them - you will encounter that some of them will become invisible, why others stay there being visible constantly. GPU: nVidia GTX 980 Driver 8.1.940.0 Full detail. Display: Oculus Rift CV1
  7. I doubt that. There are two buttons, for machine guns and cannons separately. The outer Wing cannons on Fw-190A series were only added later in the process. So why a separate button when there are no outer wing cannons present - for nothing? It does not make any sense. I added the pdf document: in the Fw190A-2 you had a selector switch ("Wahlschalter") and you could choose Gr. 1, Gr. 2 or Gr. 3 = all; (see Page 21), also see Fig. 9 The manual says when you have only inner wing cannons and no MG-FF, you could fire the MG151/20 separately; if you had MG-FF outer wing cannons, the MG151/20 were linked to the MG17. The Armament was NOT changed from Fw190A-2 to Fw190A-3 and Fw190A-5. (only the Fw190A-6 had 4x MG151/20 and Fw190 A8 had MG131 instead of MG17.) I uploaded the full reference for Fw190A-2: Bedienungsvorschrift Fw190A-2 Schusswaffenanlage.pdf The Armament of A-2 is 2x MG17, 2x MG151/20 and (optionally) 2x MG-FF The Armament of A-3 is 2x MG17, 2x MG151/20 and (optionally) 2x MG-FF (unchanged) The Armament of A-5 is 2x MG17, 2x MG151/20 and (optionally) 2x MG-FF (unchanged) The Armament of A-6 is 2x MG17, 4x MG151/20 and no MG-FF (changed) The Armament of D-9 is 2x MG131, 2x MG151/20 and no MG-FF (changed)
  8. Brief description: Bug with cannons on Fw-190A-3 and Fw-190A-5 Detailed description, conditions: - When you push the button for the two machineguns on top of cowling, ALL guns fire (also wing cannons, which should NOT) - When you push the button for cannons, NOTHING happens (instead, all cannons SHOULD fire!) Bedienungsvorschrift Fw190A-2 Schusswaffenanlage.pdf Armament reference is for Fw190A-2. Armament on Fw-190A-3 and Fw-190A-5 is identical.
  9. Brief description: Multiplayer List of servers sort by player count algorithm does NOT work...
  10. I have participated in my first ever BoS COOP Mission yesterday, but what I missed was some sort of Lobby environment - you cannot chat or Private message with the pilots in your game slots of the mission you're about to fly or interact with them in any convenient and handy way...what's planned from the devs on this subject? I think I once read someone post they plan to create a own system, but would HL support make it easier and avoid unneccessary extra work? It is not neccessary to invent the wheel over and over again. I can't remember anyone who made a better eco-system for vpilots than Hyperlobby with hundreds of pilots online at the same time.
  11. Where will be the first COOP based Online War with full-blown statistics? :D
  12. Hi guys, I appreciate your work and I know you do a good job - BUT it sucks year after year, day after day, to see one-sided choice of screenshots ALL THE TIME! We've seen hundreds of screenshots and loading screens with burning Messerschmitts, Junkers and what not. However, to this day, we haven't EVER seen some screenshots / loading screens showing a Yak, Rata, LaGG, IL-2 go down in flames - why is that? Am I the only one who would like to see a bit more equal "outcomes" in Screenshots and Loading Pictures??? I am sick and tired of this stuff, and it just sucks! Thats why I wanted to create this poll to let the community decide what they want to see. I appreciate every honest participation, thank you!!
  13. To me, the biggest news of the new "big announcement" is that there will finally be a decent Multiplayer Coop Hosting (one life, one airplane each, one time of start for all pilots) System AND a propper Lobby with Chat System (and PN Pager and friend list hopefully!) The missing of this part did ruin the long term motivation for me and all my fellow pilots, because it did just not make any sense to fly pointless dogfight servers with unlimited lives over and over - and kiddies bashing everyone around with vulching, intentional collisions and stuff....one life each plus global statistics does change the game! A decent online war will increase the long term motivation off the scale compared to what was there before. Without that, I would never have flown 600+ Missions in IL-2 Sturmovik Online War back in the year 2002. Thank you for your continued efforts to making this sim the greatest ever - only thing still missing is a proper Fw190 Cockpit FOV - after you fix that, theres not much left to complain about
  14. Coop Mode coming - thats the biggest news since the release. Congratulations on getting that mighty stone rolling.....should have been there right from the start though. This missing piece, along with till today missing lobby-style EcoSystem where pilots can interact with each other socially, like e.g. Hyperlobby prevented the Community to get to full strength. Really a pitty.... Will just a Coop Gameplay mode be coming, or also some type of lobby support? Hyperlobby supported? Would be great! Cause its kinda stupid / boring / annoying / impractical / motivation killing to be passively waiting on an almost emtpy server gathering people WITHOUT a proper Lobby and chat / pager system in place!
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