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  1. =RS=BlackRaven

    For Dev ,producer and 3rd party contributors

    Thank you and congrats , answer the PM
  2. As i vowed since i joied this awesome community and sim that i will keep supporting the dev team as long as they keep providing us with amazing products , and keep their promises i’m very happy to announce my contribution to this community and that i’ve completed purchasing The 35th product this won’t be the end And i’ll complete the 50th product purchase By the full release of Bodenplatte . The upcoming purchases will be distributed to community members and people that want to join this community. Message for Dev,Producer , other 3rd party contributors (( Keep up the good work , and remember in the middle of coding and desiging frustration, We are with you , and your efforts will be appreciated )) First comment will be awarded with a copy of Tank crew OR flying circus “the choice is his”
  3. =RS=BlackRaven

    An honest thank you.

    That’s what i was hoping for after BoS BOB “battle of Britain”
  4. =RS=BlackRaven

    Flying Circus - campaign / career mode?

    Usually career mood & campaign will be dropping with the full release we are still in early access
  5. =RS=BlackRaven

    An honest thank you.

    i’m sad and happy in the same time - Sad that when a developer finish his work after long months of struggle and frustration with codes and desiging “which i know is hard and furstrating “ is faced by some short sighted opinions - Happy cuz we have people in this community such as you sir acknowledging people’s effort , also happy that we have such a dev team that focuses on the smallest details to provide us with a rich enjoyable content thank you all , producer , developers and community members finally thanks to Mr.Jason for his efforts
  6. =RS=BlackRaven

    Where do you rank IL-2 Great Battles?

    To me it’s the best , followed by CloD followed by DCS
  7. =RS=BlackRaven

    I said I would support....

    FC,TC. Delivered to Thenorm . Thank you all guys
  8. =RS=BlackRaven

    I said I would support....

    You are a gentleman sir and if the draw winner wasn’t that guy please tell me so i can contact him and give him a copy
  9. =RS=BlackRaven

    Calm down !

    I totally understand that the sudden un-illustrated act was shocking for a lot of people and upsetting , no fuss in that . But the truth and the right thing that this is their right as a company other thing : if this thing has been done by a company as big as EA or Ubisoft i’ll be cery very angry I sympathized with this company because it’s not as huge as others and they don’t have as forgiving budget as other comoanies
  10. =RS=BlackRaven

    I said I would support....

    If luse couldn’t help you due to his budget and drawing promise i will .
  11. =RS=BlackRaven

    Calm down !

    TBH i’m one of those who bought BOS from G2A , and i knew that this key is illegitimate , but budget wasn’t that good despite all that i’m not angry , it might be a shock for some people but there is no other simple solution, they are losing money because of illegitimate key selling ,they have the right to protect their product . If it was you who owns the company it’ll feel outrageous that somebody else is pirating your product and selling it gaining fortune without even giving you a penny .
  12. =RS=BlackRaven

    Calm down !

    Lately bug reporting , grey market issue turned into whining and accusations . I’m positive that 777studios and 1C are racing time to provide us with good and enjoyable contents as fast as they can to satisfy the crowd’s hunger , since we are human , faults and inaccuracies happen and from what i’m seeing the dev team works always hard for fixing bugs it would be supportive to report the bugs, and stop trying to be smart and deal through Grey market , instead of whining and accusing the dev team of trying to just collect money and not caring for their product i’m not generalizing , just a few cases i’ve seen i would like to thank the dev for their efforts , you are doing a great job we’ll continue supporting you guys 👍🏻
  13. =RS=BlackRaven

    You closed my post so...

    Sorry i did the same thing , buying a game from a grey market , the discount itself and the price made it obvious that this was illegal, so when i paid my money to that Grey market , i took full responsibility for what’s gonna happen , beside if the company was so hungry for money why they do discounts + even big companies are unable to hire lawyers to sue every Grey market take a deep breath , think rationally
  14. that's what i meant by my comment , it would be awesome to see a lot of youtube videos of il-2 gumcam with WW2 video capture effect
  15. I also want to add , it would be a good indirect marketing method , to add more cenamatic views “F2-F12”