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  1. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    DD today?

    I think the dev is much more professional than basing their product on a ”side discussion in a forum thread “
  2. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    DD today?

    Ok i’m having withdrawl symptoms i need my DD dose
  3. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    I’d like to thank -DED- for their massive efforts very useful DD , i’m an intermediate level mission designer and a server owner , one day i’ll try to use this improvement to provide a good campaign for my squad and the rest of community thank you all , Producer,dev and 3rd party dev
  4. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    coop not showing my friends

    No i couldn’t 😕
  5. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    video before the mission !!

    Thank you @JimTM for your time and efforts this is really helpful , @[TWB]Sketch honestly i asked for resources cuz i really troubled you with me , you’ve always been helpful and there for begginers and advanced mission makers Thanks to the push you have me and boosting my moral i’ve been making missions for my squad the past month with little mistakes that i’ve overcame You guys are helpful and hope someday i’ll Contribute in this community’s mission making as good as you Thanks
  6. is it possible to start a "deathmatch" mission in a dogfight server with a video like the one in campaign .I converted the video to .bik , I used [Translator : Media ] which was a target of a timer linked to a mission beginning . but It didn't work , , the question is : is it even possible second thing i'm reading a lot about scripted campaign , but there is no clear source to help "Nosy" people like me .
  7. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Beautiful , elegant and aggressive look , good job guys 👍🏻👍🏻 Still waiting for my toy “p-47”😂
  8. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    DD today?

    is it today ?
  9. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    There was a spot in my fornt windshield i used it as a gun sight maaan lot of cars in my city took great damage through my imaginary 20mm
  10. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    Massive hit to FPS

    First and formost Thanks for the drv team for their great efforts Since the last hotfix i have took a massive hit to frane rate it used to be around 90 FPS now i’m getting 30-34 FPS # my pc Specs: MSI GTX 1080 Ti gaming trio 32 GB ram DD4 Core i7 8700K Hard disk : SSD is it a bug or is there a trick to raise it up again ?
  11. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    Avio day by our Squad

    In collaboration with “DarVR” gaming shop in Saud Arabia city of Khubar my squad is holding an Avio Day within the next few months Half of the place’s PCs equipped with VR reserved by [9thSS] Squad to introduce (IL-2 Great Battles) to the crowd in Saudi Arabia 2 copies of il-2 BOS will be awarded for the 2 winners in the dogfight we’ll hold and not to forget the great community a draw will be held at the same day in the forum for 4 copies of the winners choice A later announcement in the same post will determine the day See you then guys 😉
  12. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    DD today?

    Thank you so so much that helped alleviating my p-47 addiction a little bit
  13. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    DD today?

    I can foresee p-47 tracers going off everywhere , i’m also smelling the gunpowder oh was i dreaming ?!!
  14. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    Tank won't move.

    A quick question to you guys , can we increase tanks speed ?? They are unable to catch my friends in tigers and panzer III
  15. [9thSS]BlackRaven

    IL first impression & 3 question marks...

    I object to the clickable cockpit since a few things the pilot used during the dogfight and most of it comes with muscle memory so looking at a cockpit to click something during a dogfight is not realistic since most ww2 pilots depend on muscle memory which you can achieve by key mapping the buttons on a HOTAS unlike modern aircrafts which you have to look at the cockpit compartments “computerized instead of muscle memory” hope you inderstood something out of my poor english