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  1. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    De Havilland Mosquito & gun camera film

    very sad that i won't see this awesome plane hammering german sites in il-2 BOS by 2020 .
  2. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    DD today?

    Craving for some eye candy
  3. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    Alternative Gun camera MOD

    i'll be glad to support productive people , i'm welling to give away BOBP . hit me up when you are ready
  4. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    Alternative Gun camera MOD

    what a great mod , hope you continue the work on the rest of planes especially BOBP Planes
  5. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    What will counter the K4 up high?

    which server do you mean
  6. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    [GIVE AWAYS] The Community Charity Thread

    enjoy your time
  7. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    [GIVE AWAYS] The Community Charity Thread

    First reply after this comment will get BOBP condition :- the winner shouldn’t have alrwady BOBP
  8. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    Where can i fly Mp Bodenplatte planes server?

  9. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    50. cal sound , ground explosion stutter ... etc ?

    exactly sounds differ between reality and video recording , i think il-2 sound is close to the video recording but still missing a little bit
  10. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    P47 Guns feel off

    what feels off too is the sound of 50.cal . i guess it feels a little bit cartoon-ish
  11. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Cheers to all nations celebrating thanksgiving , may peace be upon you all guys From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
  12. i just want to ask and i'd appreciate it if there is any clear answer for these questions - is there any intent for DEV team to change the 50.cal sound since it sounds a little bit weird from my prospective ? - is there any plans for integrating COOP career mode ? - are ground explosions effects being updated and changed since there is a weird black smoke movement in VR "IDK if it's also in regular screen" ? #Notice :- these are just question i'm not rushing neither criticizing , since every game needs a lot of time to reach perfection .# HAPPY THANKSGIVING from SAUDI ARABIA
  13. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    DONE this is the lease i can do for this awesome sim and team
  14. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    P-47 D Skins

    Looks wonderful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  15. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    [GIVE AWAYS] The Community Charity Thread

    As a contribution from 392FS i’ll give away a BOBP copyon 27th of November