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  1. HiIIBiIIy


    Tomcat, I haven't flown it much because of the "trim" issue. But the rest of the planes does seem to have very little or none adverse yaw.
  2. HiIIBiIIy


    " Adjusting the elevator trim allows the SE5a to be flown hands off something I’m not used to in a WW1 fighter. " This quote is from the Vintage Aviator.http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/se-5a-reproduction/flying-se5a Looks like the devs screwed the pooch on this one.
  3. HiIIBiIIy


    It's no problem, but shouldn't the trim make it so you don't have to push the stick forward?
  4. HiIIBiIIy


    The "Trim wheel" does not work at all for me! I set the mechanical trim on my J-stick full forward and still had to hold a lot of forward stick. It is NOT flyable for me, very disappointed.☹️
  5. Just how OLD do you have to be to qualify to be a Old Geezer?😁
  6. Yea, is that a "Jungle" or a "Persian" green ?😁
  7. Could you explain how to attach a temperature probe to a rotary engine of the day?
  8. I must say hitting a fish with a boomerang is no easy task.
  9. How could you tell if the engine was "over-cooling"? As far as I know the Nieuport 17 doesn't have a indicator for engine temperature.
  10. [edited] 5. Moderators oversee the different sections of the forum and they have the right to edit and delete posts or close the entire topic without explanation 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. Violations of this rule will result in the following: First offense - 3 days ban on entry
  11. I can not believe we are still beating this dead horse chute.
  12. If things like this keeps you from joining FC , that's a good thing.
  13. Talbot are you any relation to Arlo Guthrie? "I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I want to kill! I want to see Blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth! Eat dead, burnt bodies! I Mean Kill. Kill!" Arlo Guthrie
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