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  1. Please contact https://shrinksrus.com/
  2. My bad. I got the two confused. Both are great.
  3. Yea, he is almost as good as Erik Brann.
  4. This "bug" been around for 4 years, have the dev's acknowledged it ? Or they just hoping it will disappear!
  5. What if they all look like Frau Blucher?
  6. It is probably not a good idea to increase the low frequency sound, they are known to cause the symptoms you have described . https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/026309239000900403?journalCode=lfna
  7. Would that be "The Little Bang Theory"
  8. You are almost right, "it is a giant step". I have seen gun crews fleeing their post when attacked, NEVER seen that in ROF, Red Baron, or any other flight sim.
  9. Better watch out. termites are swarming.
  10. I don't think you understood my meaning, a fifth wheel allows a wagon's front wheels to pivot. If you want a more accurate idiom, use "A red-headed stepchild" instead".
  11. That statement isn't very accurate. A fifth wheel is a very important part of a wagon.
  12. Isn't he one of the characters in Spartacus ?
  13. @HagarTheHorrible I opened a J5 mission in the ME, and in the recon logic there is a "counter" set to 5, now my assumption is to make 5 passes.
  14. What actually triggers the completion of taking photos? Time spent in the sphere, or number of passes.
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