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  1. Wouldn't it be better to do this one, Morane-Saulnier H, that way you can also have the Pfalz E1 with one model.
  2. @ J5_Sturm you might check your "swf" files on your server match the ones in your game files. This has caused problems with ROF servers.
  3. Is it really ? A .303 bullet will drop over 30" in 400 yds.
  4. I find this to be very disturbing not to be able to play FC offline without a internet connection.
  5. What ever it is,(the announcement) that sound file is annoying as HELL. PLEASE get rid of it!
  6. That would be in violation of the Hague Convention of 1899.
  7. Which half, The right or left ?
  8. Great find. He (Eugene Bullard) was loosely portrayed as Eugene Skinner in the movie "Flyboys"
  9. In all fairness the announcement of Flying Circus it was stated that it would have custom single-player missions as part of FC vol.1. Quote "We will also create and include some custom single-player missions as we near completion of FC" Unquote from
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