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  1. More good advice, and that's exactly what Dad's PC was He bought it specially for IL2
  2. Thanks guys. I'm already using MSI for everything that can, and have tested various graphics settings (including prerendered frames at 1 which is normal for my system) with no difference, and isolated controls to a keyboard which is known good in all other games... No success I'm afraid It was after trying all this stuff that I contacted support but they just aren't getting back to me. It's too late to refund the game, I think I might be screwed 😕
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to write that post mate. I really do appreciate it, I got this game to join my Dad who's a retired Vietnam vet who's just gotten into gaming and I wanted to be his wingman but we can't get it to work on his system or mine. We've only tried single player so far, and we're kinda stuck here. When it didn't work well on his system, which is very entry-level, I tried it on mine and was very surprised to find the exact same behaviour. I usually play FPS games and my system is tuned pretty well, I'm a bit of a tryhard. I use an OC'd 1070 driving a 1440p GSync monitor at 165Hz, RTSS and Afterburner with a custom OSD which monitors frametimes (among other important stats), bitsum parkcontrol to set the 'highest performance' power plan (on always) for my OC'd 5820K@4Ghz (it can go higher but it does 4Ghz at stock voltages and that's plenty on this CPU), 16GB of overclocked RAM (3400C14) with tweaked timings for maximum bandwidth.....Being an X series motherboard the HPET is enabled and works well. Latencymon is installed already and latencies are always low on my system and other games don't suffer from any input lag issues at all. I'm quite comfortable with altering settings to achieve higher framerates (especially higher minimum frametimes to avoid stuttering)/lower latency/GPU limited behaviour/etc and always have success with other games but no change to the settings seems to make any difference here. You've given some really good advice and I do appreciate it but it seems to be something specific to IL2 which is messing with me here. Even on Dad's slower PC, there's no input lag noticable between keyboard inputs or joystick triggers and windows itself, but the game just doesn't respond in the same manner as the rest of the system
  4. So, no advice here and no response from support.... How do I get this fixed?
  5. Just pressing the button and noting the delay. It's huge. It does this with the default configuration.
  6. Hi all, I'm seeing massive input lag in this game. It is best demonstrated by pulling the trigger on the joystick to fire. There is a delay of about 400ms between the input and the game responding. This does not occur in other games, or in the control panel. It also occurs with keyboard, so it is not an issue with the joystick. It is the same on two PCs in my home, so it is not an issue with the hardware. Framerates are high and stable, so it is not a matter of output lag from the monitor, it is actually the game being unresponsive. I have logged a case with support but I thought I should ask for community advice also. Any advice would be appreciated. It's basically unplayable as it is :(
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