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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out...must have pressed that button a while back. You have to gradually get yourself back to where you want and eventually you'll be back in the right seat. Thanks a ton, i wouldn't have figured that out that quickly.
  2. That sucked and didn't work. There must be a way to adjust the config file to center the headset in VR mode. I went to DCS and it was square on. WTH?
  3. I click on Steam...Start IL-2 in VR, put on Oculus Rift-S, get to the menu. I press my UI interface joystick button to center my VR centerpoint, and it does so, all is good. I choose Career and eventually I start up and voila...I'm on the right side of the cockpit off to the side...almost 8-10 inches off. I press my UI interface re-center button and it stays 8-10in off center once again. I can overcome this by leaning further to the right and down to re-center but it's never accurate. When I press the menu button on my OR-S handheld to center the viewpoint in the OR interface, it puts me right back where I started, 8-10in to the right. I've re-centered the OR-S several times but I know I'm missing something. Is there a good setup tool for Steam that I need to go through? It's not easy to spot if it's there... Is this a Steam issue? DCS always knows where I am and puts me in the cockpit centered every time. Once I'm back out of the game to the menu/hangar, if I've leaned further to the right to rectify the issue...the menu is off to the right as if I've moved to the left quite a bit. Once again all I have to do is center my viewpoint with my UI interface button that I mapped and voila, the map and the menu are all centered as they should be with the menu of choices off to the right.
  4. One question...do I need to be running Steam VR in the background while running the standalone version of IL2?
  5. Is VR only available on Steam or can you run it standalone? Any one with any workarounds that are making VR work on the full download version is greatly appreciated. I spent $80 on a full BoS version and am being told I need to spend the same amount to play with kiddies on Steam. Is that right? If so I will wait until a VR version is developed or I get my money back. Thanks for any comments.
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