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  1. Behavior like pilot killing of enemy in a chute can be solved by server scoring the points and kill against the offending pilot not against the defeated foe. This is how we handled it in Warbirds a long time ago. in other words, you kill yourself, not enemy if you shoot at a pilot in a chute. jokkr
  2. Patrick, you’re spot on. I was the CEO of ICI 20 years ago(developer of Warbirds). I’m hoping this developer phases this in. It should be incremental and seamless for the community. With each release they could add in a feature or two. I don’t even think it’s necessary to announce them and to just judge community reaction to change. Creating expectations can backfire. There are winners and losers in much change. i do think it’s not a choice of realistic vs arcade vs fun. Realistic can be fun too if well done. DCS is there potential competitor but the price differential is keeping IL2 in the game. note a new graphics engine is mostly a matter of efficiency, getting away from single threaded would be the greatest plus if properly done. this old engine still has some life in her (but not forever) jokkr
  3. This video is spot on. It illustrates the field of view issues I’ve been referring to (foveon sharp focus). been thinking, 2 d players will need supplemental zoom to achieve it. VR already have it so so in theory it can be eliminated. the only zoom setting should be to FV in my opinion. thinking beyond this a built in snap view to 6 would be nice in VR as standard nice find jokkr
  4. Thoughts to share objects should be perceived as same size as in real life. This odd idea of higher pixel density creates smaller objects does not seem reasonable. use eyeball fovean focal length so aircraft look realistic. at short and intermediate distances, object contrast should be increased to aid in tracking re: ground impacting the visibility and hiding objects that can clearly be seen in real like use contrast to approximate atmospherics by lowering contrast as distance increases. To the point over ??? Km the object does just fade away. You shouldn’t be able to see a plane 50 km away on a normal day. This might have the added benefit of making systems level. Ie 2D vs VR get rid or dramatically lower glare from sun. It’s over the top now. And clean the windows, do not have to be spotless, but there outright dirty now. Flying through a cloud should clean them btw. let me add one more thought - if we get the visibility up, having the ability to magnify the image should disappear. jokkr
  5. Also, if someone hasn’t stated it. Contrast is extremely important. Faraway LODS should be dark if not black to be seen. As they approach nearby, they should begin to revert to true colors. In between LODs can be drawn with a black border(?) to add definition. i would strongly suggest any changes be phased in slowly. Best of luck. I hope you aren’t disappointed you brought up the issue, you do understand that you’ve created expectations. jokkr .
  6. Those who want the present vs alternate viewing are doing so because there successful, not because they want realism. Each system provides winners and losers. But that’s not the point. The point is to provide an authentic experience. The most realistic game play experience is based on overcoming the short comings of the viewing systems and equipment most players has access to. prrception of reality is the key.if reality is the goal jokkr
  7. OK, great subject. the goal should be the feeling, the perception of realism. i was part of the warbirds team in the 90’s and back then we were having the same discussion. i believe the disconnect is the way a screen works vs your eyeball. We perceive in a fairly wide angle, but we see slightly telephoto in the fovea (area of detailed vision).. The eye flicks back and forth and the brain fills in the data not in the eye view. The perception is we see detail wide, we do not in real time. Scan and persistence fills in the gaps. The eye/brain is an amazing system. If we chose a wide angle of view like our perception, then objects are smaller than should be. If we choose, a normal field of view then the field of view when represented on a monitor is way too narrow. The object sizes should be calculated and adjusted based upon actual focal focal length of the eyeball at distance, not the focal length of the field of view. Objects are too small and the perception as it is now is not realistic. This would fix everything, imo. secondly, there are major differences between device used for playing the game. My VR headset is far more glare prone than my monitor using track ir. Again that should be balanced to be equivalent. lastky the game engine can contribute. Has anybody see how the sky reflects off the ocean lately. The sea is not glassy smooth and would not reflect the sky like it does now. Maybe it’s finserver and not the game. But lighting effects should continue to be improved. WB_jokkr
  8. is the score indexed by email address or user ID. If it’s email I suspect changing will drag scores. If by userID then a change will lose.attached score. There are 6 of us and it would be great to move without loosing the bonus that comes with scoring premium (live/death streaks etc.)
  9. I am in the process of forming a new squad. The squad will be designated WB_pilot. My question has to do with scoring. We have been playing under a JG designation and 2 of us are currently top 25 scoring. Can I give a list of pilots and move scoring over. jokkr
  10. We're on the same page. I suspect this may be one of the young rear gunners who just jump into a back seat and blast away. Its been happening to us (JG51) to the point we disallow gunners. The default is allow. Nothing like forming up the squad on the ground before mission launch, and then someone jumps into your 110 and starts blasting your wingman finally taking my own planes tail off. If I could execute then with my virtual firing squad, I would order it so.
  11. While I don't fly it anymore I still own it and will buy ungrades. They need the support to move forward. It's a really good game and the North Africa campaign sounds epic.
  12. My suggestion is when at cliff house and looking around is to move fore and aft as part of the calibration. I too use a reverb. Jokkr
  13. Yea Beazil. I found the files that were leftover from a reshade install from 2 years ago. I posted in Finn server. Glad you got it sorted too. Jokkr
  14. Ok, I fixed the exclusion Apparently if you "ever" installed reshade in the past it leaves a few dead folders. No knowing that I removed Shaderfixes and all D3D* files I then did a file integrity pass, it checked and replaced what was missing and ALL IS WORKING [edited] who started this mess jokkr
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