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  1. jokkmccarthy

    Thoughts on Odyssey Plus

    Honestly, the only negative is identifying friend or foe. In a furball its a mess. I can live with everything else. My frame rate is less than optimum, but its very regular not choppy so I don't see any issues. bob
  2. jokkmccarthy

    VR on low Tier PC; A Review

    might suggest a few items that may not cost you frames gamma to 0,8 target fps off you can try landscape filter to blurred. get rid of spectacular bright spots largely on ground bob
  3. jokkmccarthy

    Thoughts on Odyssey Plus

    on ground visualsI don't see a stutter and have O+ also. My only issue is the low contrast of the enema planes and I don't always see them as soon as I'd like I'm sure you've tried many of the suggestions. SS at 130 (never higher) AA on (2x or 4x, either works) hud is a killer (I normally leave off with a toggle on joystick to turn on by demand) and landscape blurred seemed to have biggest impact on ground viz. I have my settings on ultra (if you want specifics let me know) bob .
  4. jokkmccarthy

    Thoughts on Odyssey Plus

    I think if your shooting for locked at 90fps, then your going to be unhappy with VR. I run in the 60-70s most of time and i'm just fine. Turn up the graphics and live with anything over 50. My setup on occasion appears locked at 45 at times and it looks acceptable. Other times the fps shoots up to 80's and it too looks fine. Up high I see 90 but rarely down low. And its very playable. We have roughly the same machine. Your cpu is one gen newer. bob
  5. jokkmccarthy

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Runways are a breeze, ground taxing to runway is an exercise in frustration w/o rudder pedals and differential brakes. I was OK on keyboard but VR and keyboard don't work. The hotas stick and throttle fixes most everything but for taxing B
  6. jokkmccarthy

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Well the move to VR keeps on taking'' So I bought a VR headset Odyssey+ Then a larger SS drive Then all the games then a Hotas warthog setup Now a set of MFG pedals and a hundred+ hours of my life setting up, testing and playing the game offline Now I'm ready for online when the pedals come in... Cant ground maneuver worth a crap with vr headset on (no keyboard) oh yea , I'm having a blast bob
  7. Great idea, this one (256GB) is getting crowded. Thanks Bob
  8. I would have thought the same, but the install was huge and overwrote a number of files (D3x etc) that I would not have expected for a battle upgrade.
  9. OK, I don't know if this helps but I've been playing solely on the original BOS. I've tried everything I could find to improve my experience. Some were snake oil, others made a difference.. Not so much frame rate but clarity. I seemed stuck in the 40-50 fps level. I did notice when I made a change it initially appeared to help, but as the game loaded the processor it would go back to the old experience. Today, I said Fk iT and downloaded Kuban, It overwrote everything so I spent the afternoon getting all my settings back up. So on high settings with decent graphic settings, ground medium, clouds high etc I took my first flight. Holy shit batman, My fps jumped significantly. With the HUD off I was actually seeing 90fps for the first time, Average was 75+ fps in single mission. HUD does hit the framerate hard, but I was still averaging 20fps better than before. More importantly, with largely the stock setting I could SEE. Airplanes were now not only visible but the detail was far better and I could see the aircraft type. I could even see the props of the other planes a ways off. OMG. If your dealing with low fps in VR with a capable rig, try a reinstall. I don't know if there are improvements in Kuban, not present in BOS but for me it worked out . For fun, I did 1v4 against the IL2, me in a FW. I'm knocking the crap out of them, parts flying off on every pass. Seemed almost invulnerable, eventually the rear gunner would get my engine. Did they change the damage model? Bob
  10. 7700. Non k another thread mentioned it did support multithreading
  11. Mind sharing this hidden place in bios. Ive looked and no can find (Alienware MB)
  12. jokkmccarthy

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Does anyone agree with me, the plexi screens (windows) is killing the resolution, or more accurately the contrast. I often stand up in my chair into the wind to see around me.a cheat of sorts, but the windows are crazed and dirty. Bob
  13. Its the 7700. Non K Bob As a report of effects of changes I've implemented everything but for disabling hyperthreading. When I first launch the game in career mode I am seeing a significant improvement in frame rate. It's moved up from 40-60 to 60-90 fps I can see the difference. But as time goes on, after 10+ minutes or so the rates are back down tp my old experience. I don't get sick when playing in VR (scared occasionally) so what do the extra dames do for me. I tried single flight offline also. Same experience. Bob
  14. On an Alienware R6 and can not disable hyperthreading through bios any ideas bob
  15. jokkmccarthy

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Impressive rig. BTW We each have different goals. My personal goal is to gain some level of experience of history. With VR I scan the sky in segments, head constantly on a swivel. I can fly the plane looking anywhere without disorientation, unlike the 2d track view. My goal is not best kill death ratio. I can offer the fear is real when I'm performing a split S trying to escape and the windscreen is full of ground level detail and I'm wondering if I'm going to make it. Best part for me is the FW190 has normal sized cockpit framing not the blocking view, Bino vision also makes it real. I was a member of JG26 in the old days. Game design is all about pleasing the most customers, not alienating any if possible. Bob The Vr zoom does have a binocular template. B