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  1. Now if they would just tell the ground crew to clean the frinkin windows. please.... JG51_jokkr When I changed headsets and installed the specific 3Dmigoto to my new headset it was removed. Is there one for pimax' jokkr
  2. I'm beyond estatic with VR now that I can see. How the "F" do we get the ground crew to clean the windscreen, side windows. Tired of glare. When i open window everything is so lifelike. When I close windows its too hazy. It's the last piece of the puzzle for me. It's so much worse in VR than with trackIIR. When the sun is high in the sky on a clear day it's almost unplayable. There used to be a mod but I can't get it to work in recent game builds. Jokkr
  3. Geez. The 9900 is the last of a generation with no mb upgrade available for future chips. Damn I didn’t know that. im on a 270 now with my 7700 setup no longer upgradable. sure makes amd more attractive. FM jokkr
  4. I’m in same place with same goal, ie pimax 8k ive been looking at AMD 3950. Would anyone share there thoughts, experience on the comparison in IL2... jokkr
  5. I agree with the idea of a rear snap view I have a neck injury that's killing me playing this game Suggestions include a VR view of the mirror expanded to full screen (or virtual mirror for planes w/o mirror) or an actual snap view fixed in fov or anything that does not require such a twisting of my neck bob
  6. I decided to wait. Figured this week CES might be worth seeing before jumping thanks to everyone bob
  7. Thanks for the info/insight. It's a R6 so mobo is Dell. Unique and can't be changed. I'm going to start over with maxi build. I knew I made a mistake buying a pre-built. But if I were rocking a monitor it would be a non issue. But VR requires plenty of cpu/gpu. Appreciate all the advice B
  8. To emphasize, I am using a Gen 1.5 VR headset. The box is an Alienware. First time I bought a pre-built and I spec'ed it up with cooling, oversize power supply, etc. It's capable but not expandable. Motherboard is not standard form factor so I can't replace. Only path is to overclock i7700. Wondering if there is.any significant framerate available doing that. B
  9. I currently use a well equipped computer, now approaching 3 years old. I'm a vr user and have noted over time my framerate Is on the ragged edge. The computer was built with a i7700. It has water cooling, fast memory, and a 1080 ti. 2 gig SSD (m2) also. I was starting to spec up a new box, but a squad mate suggested over locking the cpu might be the cheap ticket. concidering the way flightSims are designed this might have merit. Should I just buy a 7700k and be happy for a while? Anything newer is not going to work. Mother board is at the end of updating with the 7700 generation. Bon
  10. "Artificial gunners have been a controversy "forever". I was a founder of ICI (we did the game warbirds) and recall the challenge of getting game balance correct. History tells us that gunners were amazingly inaccurate. Number of rounds fired against number of claims of kills (adjusted for inaccurate claims after war) tells the whole story. My belief is the developers are trying to do there best but unfortunately there are flaws The gunner is optimized only when the opposing fighter is locked up perfectly at the 12 oclock position. Even then then they're not really accurate with the plane not being a stable platform and the guns not being a precise weapon when on full automatic fire. If it is a plane vs gunner shootout in the 12 position, I would bet on the fighters multiple weapons vs the simple MG the gunner has. How the gunner survives more than a second or two in the unarmored rear position in this scenario is beyond me. Accuracy falls off dramatically as the gunner has to shoot in deflection . Even 10-15 degrees offset from straight ahead (behind) throws accuracy out the window. Any more than that it just doesn't happen. Im not seeing the fall off in accuracy myself and those planes who have a broad (vs limited) traverse of guns have an unfair advantage. The PE from my limited experience is amazing effective in shooting highly accurate "extremely deadly" deflection shots. It makes it "overly" effective. Some will call it a cheat. I prefer to see the allied side taking advantage of the current modeling. The PE did not display the air dominance in the actual battle as it does in the game. If there are settings available they should be turned down to bring them more back into balance. bob (jokkr) jokk in WB, AW, and AH
  11. It levels the playing field. You can zoom in and out in the normal (non vr) version very easily. Using trackir is still the best way to play for score as the monitor is much more defined/detailed than any vr headset I've seen. There is hope some of the newer vr headsets level this difference. I have both trackir and a Samsung Odyssey+ and prefer the vr as its much more immersive, but my wing mates always see the opponent before me. bob
  12. +I think the issue is: the steam version is very unstable especially if you use VR. I've wasted a huge number of hours screwing with the steam launched version. The company (1C) variant is much more stable but all the collectable planes and game expansions are mostly missing. jokkr
  13. Reverting to a version of steam r seemed to help. Had this problem tonight
  14. a squad member suggested it might be steam. I did experience a steamvr upgrade recently. bob
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