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  1. "Artificial gunners have been a controversy "forever". I was a founder of ICI (we did the game warbirds) and recall the challenge of getting game balance correct. History tells us that gunners were amazingly inaccurate. Number of rounds fired against number of claims of kills (adjusted for inaccurate claims after war) tells the whole story. My belief is the developers are trying to do there best but unfortunately there are flaws The gunner is optimized only when the opposing fighter is locked up perfectly at the 12 oclock position. Even then then they're not really accurate with the plane not being a stable platform and the guns not being a precise weapon when on full automatic fire. If it is a plane vs gunner shootout in the 12 position, I would bet on the fighters multiple weapons vs the simple MG the gunner has. How the gunner survives more than a second or two in the unarmored rear position in this scenario is beyond me. Accuracy falls off dramatically as the gunner has to shoot in deflection . Even 10-15 degrees offset from straight ahead (behind) throws accuracy out the window. Any more than that it just doesn't happen. Im not seeing the fall off in accuracy myself and those planes who have a broad (vs limited) traverse of guns have an unfair advantage. The PE from my limited experience is amazing effective in shooting highly accurate "extremely deadly" deflection shots. It makes it "overly" effective. Some will call it a cheat. I prefer to see the allied side taking advantage of the current modeling. The PE did not display the air dominance in the actual battle as it does in the game. If there are settings available they should be turned down to bring them more back into balance. bob (jokkr) jokk in WB, AW, and AH
  2. It levels the playing field. You can zoom in and out in the normal (non vr) version very easily. Using trackir is still the best way to play for score as the monitor is much more defined/detailed than any vr headset I've seen. There is hope some of the newer vr headsets level this difference. I have both trackir and a Samsung Odyssey+ and prefer the vr as its much more immersive, but my wing mates always see the opponent before me. bob
  3. +I think the issue is: the steam version is very unstable especially if you use VR. I've wasted a huge number of hours screwing with the steam launched version. The company (1C) variant is much more stable but all the collectable planes and game expansions are mostly missing. jokkr
  4. Reverting to a version of steam r seemed to help. Had this problem tonight
  5. a squad member suggested it might be steam. I did experience a steamvr upgrade recently. bob
  6. This is a thread I started on KOTA (Discord) that may be larger than a KOTA issue. I've edited a bit for brevity. JokkrToday at 1:57 PM Went up today and while flying to target, all my controls went dead. Joystick, autopilot, nothing else was responding. The plane flew on until finally crashing with me trying to get some semblance of connection back. This happened last week also. Is this a connection problem or something within my system. Impacted joystick, throttle and keyboard. bob JokkrToday at 1:58 PM I've had a connection problems recently with +/- 50% of missions having network crashes/ i was flying alone to intercept the fleet offshore. not even halfway to my target JokkrToday at 2:02 PM the irony is when it works everything is rock solid I was in a G6 in a slow climb at 5K M. I flew along with no issues. Looked at map and when came back all controls were dead. but plane soldiered on unti; out of trim put it in a death spiril spiryl speryl ?? brain fart -[HRAF]BubiHUNToday at 2:05 PM and you still saw the interior of your cockpit, am I right? JokkrToday at 2:05 PM perfectly -[HRAF]BubiHUNToday at 2:06 PM did you hear any hit sounds? JokkrToday at 2:06 PM Engine sounds. yes. Hit sounds none It occurred the same last week. I did test offline and everything worked perfectly... -[HRAF]BubiHUNToday at 2:10 PM dont worry about that, just try to give us as many information as you can. did you fly on kota? JokkrToday at 2:11 PM The plane I don't believe was hit. Nothing I tried worked, joystick didnt respond, autopilot didnt respond, and eject plane command didnt work. I was just along for ride. Engine sounded and operated fine. Plane just motored along somewhat in trip until it didn't (crashed into sea) JokkrToday at 2:14 PM only happens online, i play offline and works perfectly for hours and hours JokkrToday at 2:23 PM I was on KubanSummer1944 its 2:30 central daylight (USA), so I would guess 1:45-2:00pm when issue happened. its confusing as game should respond to my joystick whether connected or not but it only happens when I'm online and never when I'm offline and the game just soldiers on as if im connected but no input appears to work from any connected device (joystick, throttle, keyboard, rudder, ???) it only happened online and when it does the only common thing is the map seems flaky. I'm navigate with full map opened and when I go back I have no control. Its possible that' its a coincidence btw, who should I report this too? or should I even report ? -[HRAF]BubiHUNToday at 2:45 PM here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/ IL-2 Sturmovik Forum JokkrToday at 3:19 PM OK, Just did another mission. I flew a search and destroy mission east over the friendly lines and into enemy territory. JokkrToday at 3:29 PM I flew for a good 20+ minutes. While searching for a target of opportunity it was acting rock solid. 5 minutes later after closing the full screen map it happened again. I was well trimmed so I had time to do some trouble shooting. No device worked, not joystick, not throttle nor keyboard. I could do nothing. But I had sounds of the game, the video was fine, just no control. I'm flying VR and took my headset off. Little white window saying graphics exception report, something about loading a file FW190 ??/ I clicked the window closed and the controls started responding and it appeared all was good to go. A few minutes later it crashed to desktop, game gone, steam gone, even discord gone
  7. Thanks for the help. I was able to set up the full page map. Works fine in vr. Even better was one can mouse drag and change area covered. Trim fixed, again thanks. Flew for the third time. I flew from a main field, flew behind enemy lines looking for a target of opportunity. Took bombs on a FW190. Its a lot of area to cover and I saw no enemy activity. Not many on early afternoon (USA). My navigation is pretty solid, almost too many landmarks, friggin rivers everywhere, but I have that under control. I chose to fly low (2kM) and in a straight line, inviting someone to kick my butt. I have no idea how well I can see with this vr setup yet. I few just short of enemy main airfields. Needed to consider fuel. DR'ed until close to home, had the radio loop tuned in and bang, game crashed to desktop... I hope that's not a common thing>>> bob
  8. This may be the wrong place and I thought I'd start here. My background in multiplayer began in the late 80's being an avid player on Air Warrior. We played on Keltons Flynn's creation by connecting with the network GEnie. Off peak it was $6/hour. My wife used to complain she could buy a nice piece of furniture every month for the cost of my flying. The game was crude by todays standard but I had a blast. It showed what was possible and in those days our dreams were something larger than a 320x200 window to play in. Expensive, yes sir. The wife went away eventually fwiw. I was so involved in the game I joined 3 other guys to found ICI. We developed warbirds. History was made. We won mpg of the year a number of times. Friction eventually had the group breaking up and selling to Bill Steakey. Kiss of death as far as I an concerned. Dale went on to form Hitech creations and developed Aces High. A step beyond WB. I moved over to driving sims, did NHRA Drag Racing and others. PC gaming was in decline and the retail side was a challenge. Eventually I moved on to greener pastures. Flight siming may be the very best simulation for multiplayer with the richness of history to provide a lasting foundation. Still the distribution model is split between centralized server (aces high) or player developed )IL2). With the coming of age of VR I decided to jump back in (as a player) I have a few hours under my belt now and my skills are really rusty. The learning curve is fierce as I have discovered. So I have some questions and observations I chose KOTA for no specific reason. It appears to have a stable foundation of players, that a good thing But the lack of in game aids is minimal. so here goes I'm don't mind dying if I'm learning but since planes are limited I'm being conservative. Some have suggested a training wheel server. I'm not inclined but I though Id pose the question. Is there a play server one would recommend. My biggest problem is the lack of a map in flight. I don't need the gps airplane symbol (Im a private pilot and map nav is a no brainer). Is there a way to bring up a map while flying. My M key is inactive. Remembering the features of the map is challenging the longer the flight <G>. I've done 2 preliminary flights on the server so far. I was able to navigate the terrain just fine. I even landed at my home base the second time. The first flight had too many airfields in the vicinity of my launch point and I landed at a close by one. But my goal was to burn gas and get a feel and not waste airplanes. I fueled 100% and flew the length of the battlefield as if I were doing recon. I stayed at 7kM most of the flight. With vr it felt lonely. Not sure if that was vr or I was not in an active area. Probably both. I flew for 2/3rds of available fuel. I like the radio loop on later model planes. I can always get to a friendly base it appears. Some of my key bindings are not working. Trim on the 109 is not functional. Something to sort out. I've been flying the Russian Yak offline so switching to German is bringing its own list of new things to learn. In Warbirds I was a member of JG26 and we flew 109's. I thought for now I'd begin there. I'd appreciate any insights and suggestions for an old newbie!! bob (Jokkr) jokk in Warbirds btw
  9. Honestly, the only negative is identifying friend or foe. In a furball its a mess. I can live with everything else. My frame rate is less than optimum, but its very regular not choppy so I don't see any issues. bob
  10. might suggest a few items that may not cost you frames gamma to 0,8 target fps off you can try landscape filter to blurred. get rid of spectacular bright spots largely on ground bob
  11. on ground visualsI don't see a stutter and have O+ also. My only issue is the low contrast of the enema planes and I don't always see them as soon as I'd like I'm sure you've tried many of the suggestions. SS at 130 (never higher) AA on (2x or 4x, either works) hud is a killer (I normally leave off with a toggle on joystick to turn on by demand) and landscape blurred seemed to have biggest impact on ground viz. I have my settings on ultra (if you want specifics let me know) bob .
  12. I think if your shooting for locked at 90fps, then your going to be unhappy with VR. I run in the 60-70s most of time and i'm just fine. Turn up the graphics and live with anything over 50. My setup on occasion appears locked at 45 at times and it looks acceptable. Other times the fps shoots up to 80's and it too looks fine. Up high I see 90 but rarely down low. And its very playable. We have roughly the same machine. Your cpu is one gen newer. bob
  13. Runways are a breeze, ground taxing to runway is an exercise in frustration w/o rudder pedals and differential brakes. I was OK on keyboard but VR and keyboard don't work. The hotas stick and throttle fixes most everything but for taxing B
  14. Well the move to VR keeps on taking'' So I bought a VR headset Odyssey+ Then a larger SS drive Then all the games then a Hotas warthog setup Now a set of MFG pedals and a hundred+ hours of my life setting up, testing and playing the game offline Now I'm ready for online when the pedals come in... Cant ground maneuver worth a crap with vr headset on (no keyboard) oh yea , I'm having a blast bob
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