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    My Online

    Well done!! Keep it up and... try a 190 sometime
  2. I have a LG 29" 2560x1080 75Hz ultra wide monitor and I would like to replace it because of the low refresh rate. At nowadays I should recommend a LG model 34UC79G-B Ultrawide 144Hz 34" FullHD (2560x1080) IPS, Acer model Predator XB1 XB271HU Wide 165Hz (overclocked) 27" WQHD (2560x1440) IPS or Samsung 27´ Widescreen Curved, Full HD, 144Hz, LC27FG73FQLXZD VA. I don't tried 4k yet but I will not buy anything with less than 120Hz. There are better monitors (such Alienware Ultrawide 120Hz 1440P Ultrawide curved) but they are too much expensive. EDIT GTX 1060 isn't strong GPU to run at 1440p but you, probably, will replace it (GPU) firstly than other monitor (after new one) so 1440p still a good option. SCG_ErwinP *English isn't my primary language. I still learning it.
  3. I believe that isn't the right approach. IMO you need to fly with others players, in common VoIP such Discord or TeamSpeak and learn how to do the Mission's objectives. If you wanna fly K4, try to cover ground attackers or bombers and when faced by a P51, do a combat as a team trying to take enemy out of combat. English isn't my primary language and I still learning it, so sorry about potencial errors. All planes has positives and negatives characteristics, so don't try to fit it into your preference but learn about airplanes engine management and their limits. Regards, SCG_ErwinP.
  4. Great pics! Great Server! Ow, this video... Beautiful! keep it up!
  5. 3./JG15_Eich_1

    My Online

    You never disappoint us and... ...Poor P38's. keep videos up!
  6. Thanks for sharing! Awesome music, keep it up! Salute!
  7. I did a small and simple video about distance view when in Beta test. I think that I can share it now: When playing is a lot better to see than recorded video.
  8. 3./JG15_Eich_1

    My Online

    Beautiful kills, as always! How I didn't see this before?? Poor VVS.... poor VVS!!! Keep videos up!!! Salute!!
  9. I have a 75Hz 29" ultrawide monitor (LG 29UM69-G) and when possible (far away from nowadays) I will replace it with a 240Hz Dell monitor (AW2518HF) or something like this. I tryed a 4k 49" Samsung TV and, obviously, it's very big and image so good but it isn't for me. I'm "sensitive" for frequency and I'm using FreeSync at 75Hz-73FPS in Adrenalin software. It's hard to choose and I'm not experienced with curved monitor.
  10. Beautiful screenshots and camos, as always!
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Very cool!! No react left =/
  12. Happy birthdwolololo birthday!!! I think pony would be a great birthday gift!
  13. Is this too old? I still listening at 32 years old
  14. Beautiful landings!! Very enjoyable to watch!
  15. Hi Tip! I would like a F4, as always, I'll be there 1 hour late. =(
  16. I will be ready one hour later because I will be at work until 20:00 UTC See you!
  17. @II./JG77_motoadve Beautiful!! Keep it up!!
  18. Hi Tip, I'd like to be as a backup for Axis. Any plane* (except Ju-52). Thanks! *Preferably if a Me 262 can be fitted
  19. Thank you guys @rowdyb00t and @HappyHaddock, make sense!! All the best for you and devs!
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