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  1. Hi! This is my YT IL-2 channels list. Kill, ground attack & GunCams 3./JG15 Waffenbruder Vade 3./JG15_ Kampf JorgeHFJ DR1FT3R (ex-SCG) StG77_HvB Stug 41 Ricardo Guimaraes (SCG) History, Tutorials & learning The Air Combat Tutorial Library Col Ninny SkyLord Bob
  2. Nice gesture! I'd like to participate! My channel is here. I've liked video before in YT page. Keep it up, this one was a great editing!
  3. SCG_ErwinP

    My Online

    Very enjoyable to watch and great video editing!
  4. Wolololo incoming!!! Ops, I mean 262!!!
  5. I would like to participate but it's a little bit soon. Anyway, nice to see FNBF back All of the best to event!
  6. I hate to attack Peshka but I will try to focus on tail! Thank you!
  7. All of them together? I don't think so.
  8. Hello guys! I was flying at CB right now and after mission ended. Servers list is gone. No, mods are disabled. What could been happening?
  9. I can't imagine the work to create this video!! Fantastic!
  10. Hello everyone! I was thinking about buy a Blue Light Blocking Glasses but I don't know who has one to tell me if worth it or his efficiency. Does anyone here has it? Does it work/worth it?
  11. Thank you for sharing this video! Very enjoyable to watch... what beautiful mountains (outstanding place)! I would like to see you landing this plane! Great video, keep it up!!
  12. In the first page, I got it! I will wait! Regardless of the result, thank you very much and congratulations for the initiative, you are very generous!
  13. Here we are ^^ Thanks for the opportunity Allo! Will there be a list? I would like Tank Crew, Ju52 or Yak 1B (one of few Red's that I like)...
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