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  1. I can't imagine the work to create this video!! Fantastic!
  2. Hello everyone! I was thinking about buy a Blue Light Blocking Glasses but I don't know who has one to tell me if worth it or his efficiency. Does anyone here has it? Does it work/worth it?
  3. Thank you for sharing this video! Very enjoyable to watch... what beautiful mountains (outstanding place)! I would like to see you landing this plane! Great video, keep it up!!
  4. In the first page, I got it! I will wait! Regardless of the result, thank you very much and congratulations for the initiative, you are very generous!
  5. Here we are ^^ Thanks for the opportunity Allo! Will there be a list? I would like Tank Crew, Ju52 or Yak 1B (one of few Red's that I like)...
  6. Take easy and wait when giveaway comes. There is a lot of them during the year.
  7. Thanks! I appreciate your kindness! In my case, this game is expensive... same to hardware, I spended ton of money that I've been saved to build my PC + peripherals. I'm really happy with his performance to be honest! That is why I try giveaways!
  8. I don't got it... Can you clarify it to me? Is it a popular saying?
  9. Today, after work I went to shopping with my nephew. Here we are!
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