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  1. If I'm right and third guns was configured, they can shot 30mm separately and when out of ammo, the ammo counters show a little white mark such like that.
  2. Out of cannons. Take a look at 00:20 seconds.
  3. I'm not telling about me. I have Bodenplatte since it was announced. I said... sounds like it... and not everyone can spend too much money in a game. People has different jobs and different wages. If it isn't expensive to you, it can be to others.
  4. I didn't disagree with his purpose but that C47 would be more useful such as in TAW campaign as Blue has Ju52.
  5. U-2VS looks fun but C47 would be much more useful, I agree with you! The BF 109 G6 is a great plane, It's a little slow but is much stable platform with 30mm cannon in the nose (unfortunately it doesn't have Erla canopy (that would be great)). If you don't have FW190 A3, buy it! One of best fighters in this game! I don't have Macci, so I can't tell about him. In Red side, I have Yak 1B - 129 series, it's faster Yak in this game with bubble canopy but isn't a plane for me, the flight style is such turn and burn and I like speed. I bought right now the La5-FN, so, I haven't opinion about him.
  6. All Collector Planes = 50% Off (Including the U-2VS)
  7. Sounds like pre-order is expensive and few months later he will see 50% off.
  8. After update 1903, my game is crashing a lot. I need to restart my PC all the time, i will install older version soon.
  9. I also use OpenTrack 2.3.11 without problems. I can't link up problems between Opentrack and Visual C++ but doing tests is important (BTW OpenTrack is much stable). I recommend to use 6 cores and 6GB RAM into VM. My best wishes for solving this problem.
  10. Give a chance to him, as said before, you can try VM. BTW, what is your hardware?
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