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  1. When you played "Take me home", the gunner opened a Vodka bottle and.... 5:56 min.
  2. Thanks for sharing @Big_Al_the_Allo EDIT: I'm excited to see some Butcher in action! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  3. Fantastic music!!! Edit: And mission =P
  4. I agree with Red_Cat, lovely aircraft!! It has Inlet and Outlet cowl flaps, is needed to close (0%) the Inlet and around 50% the outlet. Remember to fly with escort!
  5. hahahaha me too!!
  6. Can I run it in a separate PC as a server, I mean, not the one that I'm using to play?
  7. When hosting a coop mission, what is the most important from host computer (High CPU clock, amount of CPU threads, RAM memory, Internet broadband)? Thank you a lot for the software.
  8. Hey guys! I'm planning to install a Statistics server to a friend of mine but I have a question: Does it need to be in same server that is running the missions?
  9. Beautiful skin. Nice kills!
  10. As Sokol1 says, it's not such as a keyboard shift button but a micro-circuit. It receives parallel inputs and send to computer as a serial input*. That's the point about ghosting. There aren't parallel input, so, no ghosting. *Shift register do this, the Arduino will complement the button box such a CPU with firmware changed by MMJoy2.
  11. @Sokol1 helped me with my Custom ButtonBox. I'm at work now but as soon as possible I will share it with you! It wasn't very complex and works very well. I builded it with Arduino PRO Micro, Debolestis Shift Register, some cheap buttons, switch buttons and potentiometers. I have some pics: [1] The project. [2] 2 x Shift Registers [3] The prototype. EDIT: IMO, Shift registers is lot better than Diodes and there aren't ghosting anymore. EDIT [2]: Here is the ghosting effect while using keyboard: https://youtu.be/m33DMV9gGIY and here is my prototype working without ghosting effect: https://youtu.be/oxG6YjayiBA Here is ghosting effect in my Dell keyboard: https://youtu.be/5uoB5ohKZnk EDIT [3]: Here you can find some useful command list to use in buttonbox and some already builded buttonbox to inspire you:
  12. IMO Duck isn't a great plane but it can do his job. I guess the mostly MP kills when flying on him is because: [1] There wasn't aerial superiority in attack area, [2] Flying as a lonewolf, [3] AAA in the attack area. I believe that flying with escort and after get down AAA, he can do his job. I'm not telling that it is easy but in MP we see lots of lonewolfs not playing the objetives and not in a common VoIP place such TeamSpeak or Discord.
  13. Thanks We would like to buy all from Website but US Dollar is too much expensive as we are from Brazil. Buying from Steam is cheaper, unfortunately.
  14. Hey guys! A friend of mine bought BOS from website and now he is trying to buy BOK from Steam. The problem is that Steam isn't enable the purshase as he haven't BOS from there. So, how to correctly buy BOK from Steam without BOS from there or, how to link up one to each other?
  15. SCG_ErwinP


    Something like "Hey, I'm in the other side, Ivan... lol" Or... "You are pointing your guns to wrong way"
  16. "We also started the research on making the aircraft and ships visible from several times farther distances. This task is very complex since it involves many various parts of the project - we can't make it at the cost of a significant performance loss in the graphics and network subsystems." ๐Ÿ˜
  17. With or without 2x30mm, he is great!
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