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  1. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    DD today?

    DD Today?
  2. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Community invite

    It's a closed community that share all kind of files. Just registered members can see what files is there and share it just with another registered members. It's a safety way to get files without virus, adware, etc and others Internet worms.
  3. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Community invite

    Hey guys! I would like a invite to any torrent community. Thanks!
  4. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Collector planes

  5. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Collector planes

    Thank you all guys! If any designer can do it for me, I would be immensely grateful! My favorites are A3 and soon D9 (G6 and Duck if have time)!!
  6. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Collector planes

    I am referring to these:
  7. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Collector planes

    Hi all! I would like the FW 190 A3, G6 and Duck collector plane pin. As english isn't my primary language, i don't know if "pin" is the correct name of it but it's like the screenshot below. How can I get it? Thank you in advance! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taking advantage of the opportunity, is it possible for me to get such BoS and BoM pins?
  8. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I would like the Ju88 but I'm still learning how to level bombing, so if any 110 G-2 pilot give up, i would like one.
  9. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    You can improve your videos. When in your or friendly external cam, press F8 to keep camview in the enemy, when in enemy's view, press Shift + F8 to keep camview in you or friendly. If you keep pressing, the camview will change the target if it is nearby. If combating against Spit, try to do loop intead of a horinzontal turn and... a question? Why do you do head to head against Spit (you had advantage)??????
  10. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Graphic settings

    Hi guys! I have a graphic issue in my system that I believe it's just a setting in my graphic card, not a game code. Can you tell me what is it and how to fix it. Thank you guys!
  11. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Two spits engaged me, none of them hit me. So, thanks to Girogunsight?? hahahaha
  12. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    3./JG15_HansPhilipp videos

    New video published. Let's dance!
  13. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    HerrMurf Benevolent Society - Round 6

    Will the rules be the same? I don't comply with requirement #7
  14. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    DD today?

  15. 3./JG15_HansPhilipp

    DD today?

    I'm relaxed waiting for my Dora!