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  1. will flying circus ever have a career mode? I'm asking because ROF does
  2. I deleted the update folder and got as far as the installation,then the same shit,update failed. maybe the servers are over loaded,lol
  3. yea,it's doing it to me again. last time, turning off my anti virus solved the issue but this time no.
  4. problem solved.but I had to do total reinstall.
  5. It didn't work for me.still have the problem
  6. 4driano you are correct.if we are buying the updates directly from them,they need to fix this.I just submitted a ticket,you should too.
  7. somebody needs to report this to the Devs.
  8. not only did it take 4 to 5 hours to download,it only got half way installing then it stopped saying " failed to update". I have never had a problem downloading a patch for IL-2 before.its not my internet connection either.
  9. never mind. geforce experiance was causing it.
  10. In BOM in campain mode,the game seems to freeze where you pick starting point on map say's please wait but two or three minutes later????
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