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  1. Hoosier (Born in Indiana) Lived: Indianapolis, IN Mooresville, IN London, UK Miami, FL Hollywood, FL New York, NY
  2. Listening to Beevor's Stalingrad (kindle/audible whispersync), and just finished an interesting Audible title - Life and Fate: The Complete Series - by Vasily Grossman Many actors read for the title, including Kenneth Branagh. The story basically follows some characters around Stalingrad and elsewhere as the Germans approach and attack Stalingrad. It's kind of like a play in the theater, read aloud -- and very well done IMHO.
  3. Living in Vegas? Are you looking forward to the new DCS map featuring Las Vegas? <-- Hoosier Indianapolis, Indiana United States of America
  4. Thanks for the replies Noticed I can get "Iron Cross" edition for $39 from amazon.com -- then noticed my local Fry's has the same edition boxed for $29. Looks like I'll be visiting Fry's this afternoon
  5. Thanks Furious -- really something to look forward to then -- and in meantime, I'll check out ROF! Any advice on which plane to start with, the SPAD or Albaros? No worries Tone -- but please chime in on which plane I should try first!
  6. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, as I put the IL-2 series "on the shelf" after the "Pacific Fighters" release (not because of anything I didn't like -- just moved focus away from flight sims for a time, and when I came back I focused on DCS.) I keep seeing references to ROF (rise of flight) and CLOD (cliffs over dover?) -- I had heard of Cliffs over Dover, but was never sure if it was part of the IL-2 family, or even produced by the same folks -- and as far as ROF goes -- never had even heard of it (somehow). Sounds like it is a WWI simulation? Is this also considered part of the "IL-2" family? Can ROF still be purchased? Finally, is everyone expecting this new IL2 (Stalingrad) to be comparable to the DCS P-51D in terms of flight model and engine management, etc.? Not trying to cause a flame-fest, just don't know what to expect -- I've listened/read the Developer's Blogs and it seems it will be just as "realistic" as the DCS P-51D -- or perhaps just a smidgen below it. I've already become a founder for a few reasons: I tend to support any combat flight simulation that comes out these days, to encourage and support the genre in general. I have much respect, and many fond memories of the original IL-2 series (probably had close to 2000 hours in it) and had produced a popular mod (English voice-overs) for it. Thanks for any replies!
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