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  1. My P51 skins all are displaying some strange ripped stripelike thing (not a unit or invasion marking) that looks almost like somleone ripped the metal away like fabric. The location is slightly past the wing stem and runs completely fore to aft on both wings What's more this "rip" or whatever doesn't appear in the model viewer, neither in the default nor custom skins. Is there some solution for this? EDIT: Better google fu found me the answer: Yes, coming fix in next patch.
  2. It happens in SP too, and is not limited to A20 Happens on HE111 as well, just had it happen today, SP After 1 sortie, bomb sight will be rendered functionally inoperable until full exit and restart of game.
  3. Well first of all I have to thank you profusely 😌 for guiding me to, finally, a really great visual experience. I didn't copy your settings exactly, but I got a nice resolution with good terrain and shadow settings at a solid 80FPS with motion smoothing enabled for a really perfectly seamless game with no stutters at all. 😁 The cloud setting I can say I didn't even notice the difference between high and your settings, so I have to think you're right that it only affects distant clouds. The grass bubble removal actually helped me a ton when strafing. Having no grass at all prevents lots of frameskips and keeps the targets in my recticle coming in smooth. I have a few thoughts on the AA - Just before posting I enabled multisampling = 1 and got no FPS drop whatsoever, but if I bump up my manual resolution setting in SteamVR by 5% I DO get a slight fps drop. So either low levels of AA don't actually affect framerate for reasons I can't explain, or multisampling in the startup.cfg is a multiplier and not a state, all I did is multiply by one. Now that I think about it I'm going to check this before I look too silly, and post what I find. edit: Multisampling = 1 is equivalent to 2x AA, so I'm not a complete fool after all. Setting this to x2 ingame produced the same result.
  4. I haven't had much luck with P95 yet but if I can get a better FPS with higher settings by dropping my clock a bit, I certainly would try it.
  5. Wow! Something about your settings did the trick for the most part - I found my config file and ported over most of what you had, set my resolution to auto, and had a pretty rock solid 90 fps, with only a dip down into the 60/50s when I was chasing someone at point blank while turning and diving straight into the ground at 400 mph (that much expanding ground/changing perspective that fast makes sense to tank the framerate). I don't think thermal throttling was necessarily an issue (max temp of mid 80s on a few cores that session, usually much lower as I peeked at them) - My OC isn't particularly stable (can't run prime 95 at all) but it never crashes in games, and I can make it through superposition just fine. I may try downclocking to 5.0 though just to see if it makes a large difference here. I wonder what the magic bullet there was. Grass draw distance? FPS limit? (mine was set to 60 in the config file) The detail auto was picking for me was a little low for my liking (though no lower than some of the extremes I already tried with much worse results) but your settings at least gave me room to fiddle with things - massive improvement. I'm just puzzled as to why. edit: Actually maybe i was being thermal throttled at higher settings. I used your settings but just turned up the shadows and terrain by one notch each and very quickly started hitting 100c on my cpu. I expect with dropping my clock to 5.0 and / or adding better cooling I can achieve better results.
  6. System: i9 9900k OC to 5.1 all cores / 32g 3400mhz cl 14 ram / 2080 ti OC to 1950 mhz / Valve index Settings: 150% in Steam VR with motion smoothing and advanced supersample filtering on - in game settings 0 anti-aliasing, 40km horizon, no draw distant buildings, ultra shadows, no landscape filter, normal grass, simple mirrors, sharpen on, 4k textures on, clouds high, dynamic resolution full. Campaign settings down to scattered frontline activity to avoid having too many things for the CPU to track (seems to help) Changing graphical settings rather drastically has been tried, (changing the balance of ingame SS vs steam SS, lowering especially terrain draw and shadow detail) but while these slightly reduced the incidence of noticeable motion smoothing outside combat - in combat there seems to be very little effect of lowering detail with ingame settings besides making things look uglier for no FPS gain. I'll be flying along just fine at 80 fps rock solid, but the moment combat starts the FPS tanks hard and motion smoothing starts going nuts. Now I realize that rapid perspective changes will have a tendency to lower FPS but this is rather precipitous a drop for there not to be some other interacting factor. Even with significant graphics tweaks I can't seem to get much gain - For example just now I did a test of 100% resolution in Steam VR (down from 150%) with 3x terrain detail (down from x4), high shadows (down from ultra) still 0 AA, turned off ASW entirely, but still had long and persistent drops down into the low 60s while turning hard in combat. And (to me) low 60s without ASW certainly doesn't look much better than 40 with ASW especially given the clarity cost of the other settings. I've seen people post (on these forums) much better performance at similar or higher settings and I"m unsure what to change. Are there config files somewhere I should be editing? I just don't see how people achieve the near constant 80 fps I see reported, so I could use some tips, or some other form of enlightenment.
  7. Just to add support to what the others said, it makes a very large difference in quality in 4. You will know where your money went immediately. If anything the one excuse for not getting a big 4k monitor and playing everything in 4k is that not all games can achieve 60fps in 4k yet even with the best hardware. But now you are spoiled and anything less than 4k looks blurry and awful! On SMALL monitors it makes very little difference. For example I have a laptop that can achieve 4k speeds for many games and a small 15.something inch 4k monitor on it, however at that small size 2k/4k makes very little difference in picture quality. It is barely noticeable.
  8. Smeggles

    Future for VR

    What about revisiting CloD with VR with an updated version with additional features they can charge for - find some way to work it in with a paid expansion of BoX but give a sizeable/complete discount for those who had purchased it previously as a loyalty bonus Then also sell some collector's edition planes, and an add-on campaign or two. Then they could split the difference - make money on it, even from current owners of the game, while still updating it with VR mode and current graphics/engine and adding more stuff.
  9. it's an interesting thought, thanks for that, although for the price of getting a cheap used 7700k and swapping boards I could just slap a 3700x in what I have and do just as well. I think i'll just suffer with mediocre performance for now and wait for the zen 3 chips to come out and buy a good one. See if I can't make some headway optimizing for what I have in the meantime.
  10. I think this PC may come a little short on GPU if you want to play in 4k Ultra all settings max with no dips, but if you're staying at sub 4k resolutions, or can tolerate small to modest FPS drops in 4k it should be more than sufficient. Could even save money and go with a Ryzen 5 and spend that money instead on lower latency ram. Im not certain about VR suitability. I have a VR setup now but I'm still finding the limitations of my system and trying different configurations so I don't feel qualified to comment on VR.
  11. Wow that is fascinating, I would have expected that it worked differently A nice surprise, that all the maps are linked in this way
  12. That's unfortunate news for me for the short term, as I've opted to go with a 2700x until the zen 3 chips come out, and there's little point in overclocking Ryzen.
  13. I'm interested to try these settings because I had a devil of a time trying to get an acceptable balance of clarity and FPS and rid myself of judder last week. I have a 2080ti, 2700x running at 4.2 and 32g 3400mhz cl 14 ram driving a Rift S with the game on an 860Evo and in Kuban my system does not do so great sometimes. Anything less than 2.0 AA looks bad. But it seems like people with more modest systems are able to get much better performance at the same settings I'm seeing in the screenshots. It's definitely playable but especially dogfighting close to the deck and strafing gets a little choppy But I only learned about tray tool this week, will have a chance to get home and mess with it thursday morning, and these .cfg edits seem interesting to try. I hope I can get my performance pushed up.
  14. Oh this is good advice, I will keep this on hand in case I ever run into this problem again My first foray into the forums has been very helpful, I think I will like it here!
  15. Answering my own question in case anybody else runs into the problem: Select channels tab, right click new, name it anything really (let's go with Alpha 1 since that's what everyone else does). Then you'll need to right click on your new Alpha 1 channel then "edit channel attributes" set the opacity (I went with 55 because that's what the other skins I use use), then set the color (i went with typing in the HTML notation ff0000 since that's what the others use). Then unless you already know what you're doing you'll want to find a suitable image for the mask. it will look like the plane in the skin file, and will have been specially made for it. You can use a blank grey square the same dimension as the skin if you want, but everything will be equally glossy if you do, even the chips, dirt, etc, so it'll look weird unless it's on a skin that's supposed to be a pristine plane with no dirt or chips or anything. Open whatever you decided to use for you mask with gimp, select all, copy, go back to your other image and select your Alpha 1 channel, then paste, then go to Layer > anchor layer that will put it in place. If it's too glossy you can re-open the mask file you copied and lighten or darken parts of it then paste it back in the image. There may be a way to edit the mask directly from the skin file once you've pasted it in, but I haven't found a way.
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