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  1. Could you change the name of the mission in Italy to "Anzio" or "Operation Shingle"? Operation Husky took place in mid-1943, in the invasion of Sicily. Op. Shingle happened in the spring of 1944 when the Allies landed in mainland Italy in a northern area (Anzio) to reach Rome. And ... the planeset we have best matches this early 1944 period
  2. I made this beautiful documentary and it also has English and Russian subtitles! As in the other two videos I made this one has 5 wartime songs and has historical images and videos as well as simulator gameplay with this wonderful aircraft 📷
  3. Explain this logic to me: Cloud at 500 meters altitude Weapons that fire at 2 kilometers with absurd accuracy. And this anti-aircraft gun is made of 4x low caliber machine guns I made two "attempts" on ACTIONS, the first one the AA killed me inside the cloud. Do you think anyone will want to waste time on this?
  4. ACTIONS will stay dead if you don't fix the computer vs human issue I see people coming in and out of this server within 5 minutes of realizing it's an unplayable server AI guns with absurd range and bad weather, do you think this is a "hardcore" server? This is foolish People will not play against the computer because there is SP for that. Imagine I have half an hour to play online. Will I play ONLINE to destroy the computer? For what? The idea of MP is to play against other players, but it is difficult if you put weapons with maximum range and absurd accuracy in the rain The people who told you to do it this way, they don't play on your server Everyone knows the ACTIONS option for battle with tanks, but they will not play It's not because players are missing, you made an unplayable server
  5. Да, пожалуйста!
  6. @63RUS_WorM не могли бы вы увеличить предел пинга?
  7. The last time I had this problem I talked to the server admin and he increased the ping limit I will talk with the admin again, hang on
  8. Just one thing ... we won! Pre-Purchase Battle of Normandy
  9. Great mission. Good team work. @ROCKET_KNUT where are you my dear mission winner? re
  10. On Flamand Summer. Following the video.... "It was very hard. Flying in formations of 12 or 24 aircraft, the Tempest faced the Focke Wulf, even at their airfields. Sections of four sets made shallow flights to Berlin several times a day, leaving the congested railroads of potholed locomotives en route. On the way back fighting against the Luftwaffe a merciless ambush war. Tempest pairs were kept on immediate alert, cockpit pilots with their fingers in the ignition, ready to take off as soon as a Me-262 crossed our lines. " (Pierre Clostermann)
  11. As always in my videos ... a lot of lag and a lot of violence Starring me and HRAF boys flying Tempest and ... 72AG the luftwaffe huge sqd involved
  12. In VR it must be a pain, in TrackIR it is much easier to do the "owl neck". IRL I do "owl neck" all the time
  13. The 109F-2, MC.202 and Mig-3 with no 20mm option. And the LaGG-3 with standard weaponry only
  14. Need to fix the amount of goals in a bridge too far. Before the Blues won, now only the Red win. Please fix this http://combatbox.net/en/missions/?tour=15
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