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    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I did a test with 109K today ... In a combat with a Spitfire9 I hit it at least 3 times, but without causing any serious damage. I kept altitude and distance and returned the base, thanks to the powerful engine of the 109K (super, no doubt). Upon returning I realized that I was not able to start the game with the cannon ammunition, and this bug happened only with the 109K

    IL-2 Battle of Normandy (BOBP cousin)

    I disagree, incidentally, I think it can be fun to use the V-1 10 years ago in the old IL-2-1946 specifically on Spitvs109 server we had this mission in late 44 to destroy the bases of V-1 Rocket. At the same time, the server occasionally fired a few rockets for people to intercept. Our mission took place on the French coast and many dogfights happen. At the same time some players could intercept the V1 in the route that it did in low altitude This type of mission did not happen in the summer of Normandy, it happened months later. And it was absolute fun, conditioned by the creativity and good work of those who modeled this type of mission I answered with a little haste the first time. I am editing the post list with the feedbacks you are giving, but I think it would be better to create a poll...


    WINGS OF LIBERTY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK Map Vote Poll https://www.facebook.com/groups/1822857407768953/permalink/2045319685522723/

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    The reason is very simple. It would be nice to have more than one option, not just 1 single set of aircraft Fewer people play KubanSummer1944 with the 109K available. It is a disproportionate senary, in the summer of 1944 the 109K did not even exist, so why not make more than one senary and separate by layers? No, you're not following my thinking. This is for yourself @56RAF_Talisman I understand, you are correct. Just ... I think it's good to separate two things. The introduction into combat and the period when the airplane becomes numerically relevant ... I think Tempest should be allocated along with the 109K and 190D, they are very competitive planes. Tempest is the best allied fighter of the BOBP

    IL-2 Battle of Normandy (BOBP cousin)

    V-1 would be fabulous. Already have in IL-2-1946, could be used in offline campaigns and other things! I do not believe that any server was doing the Battle of Normandy with Tempest V. But the idea of the V-1 rocket could be great for the Spitfire XIV and P-51D I would very much like suggestion of German bombers, with the full name of the models ... If the Typhoon is released separately, it would be nice to replace it on the list by an American bomber The solution: It's the closest step we have. Normandy complete Bodenplatte

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Changing the subject ... Any plans to make an alternative Balaton Lake mission? We do not have Yak-3, but the 109G14 could fight LA-5FN and Yak-1B on an alternate mission in this scenario! I would also like to suggest constructive ideas for missions... Western front cronology 1944 1944 Summer (Normandy as a fantasy using BOBP map) D-day (6 June) Operation Cobra (25-31 July) 1944 Autumn Operation Market Garden (17-25 Sept) Battle of Hürtgen Forest (19 Sept -25 Dez ) Battle of the Scheldt (2-8 Oct) 1944-45 Winter Battle of the Bulge (16 Dez - 25 Jan) Bastogne is surrounded (18 Dez) Operation Bodenplatte (1 Jan 1945) Airplanes for the scenery and notes Summer 109G14 was indroduced in the summer of 1944, but the 109 recommended for this battle is the 109G6 / late. The 109G14 can replace it, since the 109G6 late has a very similar performance, both use MW-50 P-47D-28 was introduced in the summer, maybe even a little earlier. But it's a plane to be used in the fall of 1944. Since we do not have the P-47D22 or D25, it could replace these models P-51D-15 was introduced in this period, but in limited quantities. I do not recommend using it in summer, the ideal P-51 would be the "B" version, but ... the D version could be a substitute Fw-190A8, P-38J and Spitfire Mk IXe are full operational airplanes for Normandy Autumn Tempest V, 109K and 190D went into service in this season 109K and 190D began to be delivered in mid-October. But this amount is extremely limited The 190D9 of 1944 had no MW-50. The full version only came into service in 1945 The Tempest Mk V was in use since Summer... but made only a one-off participation in Normandy being more used in home defence (against the V-1). It was introduced on the front line in mid-autumn, but in very limited quantities In my opinion these airplnaes (109K, 190D and TempestV) versions should be used on winter (44-45) or in the spring of 1945 Me-262 case... Well... That jet was very limited at the end of 1944 ... I think he should be allocated on the last possible missions in the spring of 1945 and in VERY LIMITED numbers I hope you like the suggestion, for every text I write I spend hours checking information

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I would very much like to say that the KOTA P-47 pilots are the BEST IL-2 pilotswhen they added the P-47 I was very excited, but ... after some tests at Berloga against de 109K I realized the Jug it would only make me be a great target I was impressed with some pilots and YouTubers that face the P-47vs109K challenge, I could watch happening live (on the Spitfire seat) hahaMy online experience with the "Jug" in the old IL-2-1946 was so ... 109G2 / 6 and 190A5 against the P-47 with the ugly roof, which had an iron bar in front of sights. summing up ... the 109G6 and 190A5 (from 1943) easily destroyed many P-47s ... it was a map where the only American options were the P47D-22 and the P-38J. This P-47 has the same performance as the D-28, the D-28 is slightly better and has a buble canopyThe 109G-14 easily shoot down both the P-47 and Spitfire IX. On the deck, the 109G14 makes 575 km / h for 10 min while the Spitfire IX only 540 for 5 minutes

    IL-2 Battle of Normandy (BOBP cousin)

    I am listening carefully to everyone's opinion. Let's build this map together 🍵 🚬 📖 ✈️

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Maps with layers of historical and technological chronology would be interesting The technological difference between the 109K and the Spitfire IX 16lbs is enormous. 16lbs is the 1943 variant.I honestly think that Blue players have a very easy game with this set The only one capable of competing with this 109K is the Tempest Mk V which also exceeds 600 km / h on the deck, but ... the 109 is more maneuverable and fast at high altitudes

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I like many KOTA historical missions. Moscow 41 and the Battle of Kuban in 43 are excellent I would ask for more varieties as in the battles of the east, for the battles of the West. After the introduction of the 109K, all battles simulating Bodenplatte have the same set of aircraft. But ... the 109G-14 was indroduced in the summer and only became numerically relevant in the autumn of 1944. The 109K is a variant that was most used at the very late end of the year 1944, being more common its use in 45 until the end of the conflict. In addition the 109K has a very late engine modification and makes it much faster than the P-47 and Spitfire could follow. All airplanes available at the Battle of Bodenplatte were introduced by the Allies in the spring of 1944, while the 109K and 190D entered later. The 190D was only equipped with MW-50 in versions that came into service in 1945 So ... would be good map variants with the underdogs of the battle of Bodenplatte and a way to estimate their use, in particular of the 109G-14 and 190A8 that are the shadows of the other later models

    IL-2 Battle of Normandy (BOBP cousin)

    I did not put a map size or limit. I just showed the distances between the beaches of Normandy and some cities
  12. Following the Battle of Bodenplatte and expanding on the West front in this late period of war I come through this post to suggest the: IL-2 Battle of Normandy Set of aircraft P-51B (Mustang Mk III) P-47D-22 Spitfire Mk IXc (M61, M63 and M66) A-20G Mosquito FB Mk VI Fw 190 A-6 Me 109 G-6/Late (Erla Canopy, MW-50 engine mod) Me 109 G-6/AS (BD 605 ASM and new coverage for MG's) Me-410 B-2 Do-217 + Typhoon Mk Ib/Later (as an individual early extra collector for Normandy) Artificial intelligence B-26 Marauder V-1 Rocket (Can be used in individual missions, campaigns, online battles where they can interact with the scenario) Others airplanes related to Normandy Douglas C-47 (It will probably be developed as a separate collector that can be used in many battles including Normandy) Collector Aircraft options and thoughts P-51B because it was a variant that fought in Europe and the Pacific Spitfire Mk IXc was the most produced variant of the Spitfire, and may be the 1942 version. Modifications like engine M66 could modify the air intake of the Carburetor for model V of 1943. I would like to see this complete Spitfire, with the late engine modifications making it possible to cut the wings and equip with bombs Do-217 and smart bombs? Me-410B-2 ? Other planes thoughts Mosquito FB Mk VI capable of attaching RP-3 rockets Do-217... I did not choose a variant, but it would be interesting to be one with the options: Henschel Hs 293 and Fritz X. I remember there being such options in the Packs of the old IL-2-1946 Me 109 G-6/Later is a 109G-6 modified in late 1943 with MW-50, G-10 tail and Erla canopy. Also an option AS, which would change parts of the fuselage and the air intake of the carburetor. During the Battle of Normandy the 109G-6/Late was the version in use. The G-14 version entered service in this battle, but only became numerically expressive in the autumn of 1944 The 109G-6/AS was a very fast variant, but the engine was short-lived. The engine had a life of 12 hours, few 109G6AS were developed Map area (400x350 km) Map specifications From Utah until Le Havre we have 100 km distance. From Utha until Paris the distance is 270 km D-Day map Reasons to do Taking advantage of the extensive research done at the Battle of Bodenplatte I believe that it would be easier to also research the French maps of Normandy Many of the aircraft are already created in their bubble canopy versions, P-47, P38... Also the Spitfire IX.. All these planes of Normandy could be used in Bodenplatte, so I believe it is so important to create this battle. It would complete the late set of aircraft and maps from the middle of 1944 until the last days of the war with Bodenplatte Logistical issues with the airplanes choice Fw-190A-6: This particular plane was used in the Battle of Kursk Me-109 G-6 Later: This variant could be used in an eventual offensive of Minsk (operation Bragation) Eventually the allies have more planes than the Germans, which limits Germany's options in developing battles. The tropical variants of 109 could create many new battles in the desert, but the European variants of 109 are divided between the East and West Fronts Most likely, part of the allied aircraft will be developed and sold separately... Other battles Normandy and the Minsk offensive take place in the same period... I've already suggested 4x Battles for the desert and one at Finland ... For others battles I have not made the suggestion yet , but I've already thought about how to close the European set between 40 and 45 In total I planned 8x battles for Western Europe and at least 2x for Eastern Europe (Finland and Berlin) It will be necessary to make a decision on how to spread the 109 and 190 variants between Normandy and Byelorussia Here is the suggestion to discuss and make the necessary modifications
  13. Hello pilots. I would like to introduce a suggestion that could be practical in several aspects Following the West Frontier and the Battle of Bodenplatte. This variant of the P-51 could both be used in battles of 1944 as well as in the final battles of the war. It was a P-51 introduced in combat in December of 1943 and that took action of this period until the end of the war As a collector's aircraft the P-51B could facilitate players' access to the late West front P-51B Modifications: V-1650-7 Malcolm Hood V-1650-7 25lbs and Malcolm Hood (to turn it into a Mustang Mk.III)* 2x20 Fragmentation Bombs 2x 250lb Bombs 2x 500lb Bombs 2x 1000lb Bombs 2x 75 Gal. Droptank *V-1650-7 25lbs and Malcolm Hood modes automatically turn the P-51B into the C version for use by the RAF as Mustang Mk III Mustang Mk III version is the P-51C (most were from that version). P-51C-10 has an additional self-sealing fuel tank of 321 liters behind the pilot Technical specifications This variant of the Mustang is very fast and slightly more maneuverable than the D version In our beloved IL-2 1946 we also have the P-51C-10-NT version. This version uses the engine V-1650-7, equivalent to the Merlin 66 and is equipped with Malcolm Hood P-51B/C with Malcolm Hood It was used by Polish aces in the RAF

    IL-2 Battle of Italy (43-44)

    Good call
  15. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We know that the Pacific can take years to develop, but ... I am sure that IL-2 will go through the years expanding and developing, so I made this list as a suggestion Send me a private message to discuss this post with me and others Questions @Vig : I like the list but Guadalcanal is too early for the Hellcats. Replie: I'll explain a little better how I made the list. Guadalcanal is not the main battle. The battle is New Guinea (Rabaul?) in 1943. All ("") as extra maps Many battles of the pacific happen in small islands, without alteration of seasons. So... MidWay is the battle of 1942 and Coral Sea, Pearl Habor and WakeIsland as extra maps, because they are small maps, the majority being water making it easier to build several maps. The Guadalcanal airplanes are mostly present at the suggestion of the Battle of MidWay indeed