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  1. Здравствуйте, спасибо за создание E-FRONT. Мне особенно нравится ваш сервер Я создал этот пост для E-FRONT и был бы польщен, если вы можете присутствовать. Спасибо PS. Этот переводчик лучше
  2. Hello everyone ... Tank Crew is under development and the best Tank server we currently have is Efront It is a Russian server and I did not see any official post so I am creating this unofficial post for us discuss Here is the stats website The server is managed by RUS63_WorM
  3. Take it easy. For now is the best tank server we have Instead of complaining about allied pilots, you should work more as a team
  4. Congratulations! KOTA is known to be the lair of the Blues. It was a very beautiful gesture accompany the new players, very good!
  5. Beautiful video!!! It is not listed on your channel... I can see only by your link Last video I made on KOTA was against "Fear the 110". Every stop on KOTA a new video is born
  6. It's me and * UFO "all the time". I very much hope that the ACTIONS will be filled as it was last year. Any chance we could choose the amount of fuel? For example, the P-47 carries a lot of fuel compared to other fighters
  7. The Kuban1943 maps are monumental. Good job Herr BubiHUN. One of the best online maps that exist I would like to propose two suggestions for the future. I want to know what you guys think I believe it's a win / win situation Many years ago I played a map only with the P-47, P-38 (models of 1943) and the B-17. "The enemies" ... 190A-5 and 109G-6. The P-47 was the razorback model. This is a very difficult mission for the allies, but it values two very popular underdogs, the P-38 and the P-47 I think the P-47/38 pilots will like it and the Luftwaffe pilots will like it even more. Just these planes as fighters and some bombers. It would be good to wait for the P-38 and the launch of the Bodenplatte map The other suggestion is not mine, it's Rani's idea It's the same suggestion, without the Spitfire IX. The Spitfire V is enough fighting at low altitude and can help the P-38/47 in dogfight. This map in Italy without Spit IX would be very good. I know that Spitfire VIII / IX fought in Italy, but this IXe version only came very late A map with the name "Italy" would automatically be popular mainly with the induction of the P-38
  8. WOL is the BEST server to fly with Blue German airplanes are stronger without need for modifications
  9. The server has few players. When someone changes sides is penalized being literally kicked out of the game by a waiting line... Many goals, lots of things scattered across the map. Please remove the tanks and cannons scattered exaggeratedly by the map ... the server has turned into a singleplayer game of humans against the computer. Fewer bases to capture and less AI, please
  10. They (aircraft) can be exchanged I like to solve everything with polls
  11. Well... Ju-88 is a obsolete bomber from 1941 with defensive armament of Top: 7.92mm MG 81 / Belly: 2 x 7.92mmMG 81. In other words, only a very weak machine gun at the top. Underneath I went very fast to be hit by the others machine guns. P-47 8x .50. Powerful armament, heavy and sturdy airplane And for water cooled aircrafts like Yak, 109, Spitfire and P-51 the engine stops with only a single shot. Yesterday I was shot down by a He-111 inside the cloud. I was following a 190 and the 111 hit my La-5FN with the 20mm rear gunner. Attacking a He-111 H-16 I would never do the same thing I did with the Ju-88s I use 4 controls to zoom and some are mixed with head movement (forward and backward) 3/4 for zoom out (and head moviment) and one for zoom in with head moviment forward. It is super complex Yes you are right. Let's hope what kind of version will come, if it's going to be 11lb. Tempest is the best airplane!
  12. Tank players need a compass and map It's difficult, yes it's difficult. But ... I honestly learned to navigate with tank playing IL-2, after the tanquer learns how to move on the roads it's easy Another alternative for tanks is to limit aircraft armament by restricting bombs. Only 3.7 cm guns and rockets, maybe small bombs Rainy weather sometimes, to hinder aircraft when attacking tanks Now the game has a lot of artificial intelligence. That prok43 map has many goals and it's a map that goes empty and lasts for hours until it finishes I made this video and it's been a year since I joined ACTIONS. Great Server!
  13. If you really want new players, remove the GPS Select battles at daytime and in good weather Remove the bots. This encourages individual players rather than multiplayer battles Make missions simpler Create historical missions and some alternatives Do not limit fuel First La-5FN kill happened in 8 July near Kursk. He participated intensely in the battle of Kursk, but I do not know if he participated exactly above Prokhorovka. In any case 190 did not participate in Stalingrad and Kuban
  14. I played several maps recreating battles in late war, but of all the servers and maps I've played D-Day, June 1944 is the best. Thanks Alonzo, this map is wonderful!!!
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