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  1. I like the angry reactions ... They say a lot. They play well, the battles are intense
  2. He's a good guy but you probably shot him down 😂 I'd love to duel with KokS again, but I'm off the server
  3. The range is 2.1 km with some 85mm gunI checked the replay
  4. Theyre working hard... As in the popular saying of my land: "O apressado come cru" or The hurried eats raw A map needs to be well developed to avoid bugs that many players complain about from Rheinland ... Like anti-aircraft shooting under the ground or other things ... besides it's a heavy map it will take a lot of work to develop a good mission Lets wait and see...
  5. if it's historically accurate, yes, totally
  6. "AT guns are experten and max range for all or just Red side?"I asked that and got bannedI think It is common for people to ask this kind of question. It was not polite of me, I apologizePeople will complain (is also a natural behavior) on both sides, no need for overreaction
  7. I don't have an opinion on Alternate Visibility, but ... Do it the way you think it looks most real. Don't put to a vote, these things ... need to be chosen very calmly ... I think it's good to try this Alternate and draw conclusions after a while of experimentation
  8. Your videos are beautiful. Well... this "fraps.com"... If you use Gforce cards you can record on NVIDIA ShadowPlay. It is a lightweight program infinitely better and easier than fraps Honestly 1C videos are very "hmmm" ... Your video is better than the official ones, deserves the first page of the game
  9. This LaGG is not too OP? And... @63RUS_WorM есть ли шанс включить Р-51 и Р-38 на Операция «Фрэнтик»? Ты знаешь... они воевали на советской территории Было бы неплохо включить эти самолеты, просто для удовольствия ... "Спитфайр IX" и P-47D вряд ли были актуальны на Восточном фронте. Но я знаю, что это не будет "дефолт", чтобы поставить P-51 и P38 ... но также был бы интересен вариант 190 A-8 P-51D 109 G-14 P-38J 109 G-6 La-5FN Yak-1B PO-2 BOS BOS BOK BOK + все танки https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Операция_«Фрэнтик»
  10. Well ... maybe I have found a new bug. I went to play with the T-34STZ the aim was totally out of control with no vertical option But ... after I restarted the game seems to be back to normal
  11. One thing I know... KOTA is a very realistic server. This eventually away players who want some easy support like to be guided on the map. But ... good players stay and they like realism
  12. Hello my friends and comrades in arms... The new Battle brings countless possibilities and options ... KOTA has battles that extend beyond traditional maps until Italy But I know that for a few days we will play focused on Bodenplatte and the Bondenplatte set. But when normal map rotation goes back Husky will come back too and it is important to know that modifications have not been used in Italy. The first modification that should be strictly prohibited in Italy is 150 fuel grade. And other modifications could not participate, the Spitfire IXe is replacing the VIII that was F or LF (no M70) and carried no rockets or bombs Another thing that may be an option ... In Husky the P-51D with only 4x .50 replacing P-51B and without options for 150 fuel
  13. With the Battle of Berlin, Normandy and several extra Allied collector airplanes it is possible to make the late war set of war birds IL-2 BATTLE OF BERLIN Set of aircraft Ta-152 H-1 La-7 Fw 190 A-9 Yak-3 Me 109 G-10 Yak-9U He 219 A-7 IL-2 Type 3 Ar 234 B-2 Pe-2 (1944 model) Completing the late war set I think the biggest question in this series is which Pe-2 to choose. 210 or 359 series? As I suggested the Battle of Normandy so the Liberation of Bieolo Russia is out of the question. Anyway the suggestion of the battle of Berlin that I am doing is important because it incorporates another jet that was used operationally during the WWII as a bomber and can also be used on the Rheinland map. The La-7 is an airplane capable of facing both the 109K and the 190D. The Ta-152H is not strategically important in east-front warfare where combat takes place at low altitude, but it is an indispensable aircraft that can be used in high-altitude combat against the Bodenplatte P-51D. The battle of Berlin shares the same planes as the 1945 Rheinland map Collector's La-7 with with option to add one more cannon 109 G-10 or Ta-152H-1? Map I haven't made the cut yet. I'm expecting players' suggestions Some pictures of Berlin battle and map from the internet Considerations This is an important battle, fundamental in the context of World War II, and it provides for the Reds later models of the Soviet Union as the dear La-7 and Yak-3, plus the IL-2 "arrow". Germany will have the full late set of fighters if it considers only the main models. It's perfect for interacting with Bodenplatte Here is the suggestion to discuss and make the necessary modifications
  14. I'll tell you something... KOTA has good missions to fly with Bodenplatte underdogs. Husky, Narval battle... etc... And I was happy because honestly the 1944 period interests me a lot And I thought ... well in operation Husky Spit.IX is unbeatable, but ... the German team is very combative and they are aggressive, the combat happens all over the map. So if you don't take care of yourself for 1 second you will be shot down. Spitfire pilots tend to be individualistic and pursue 1x1 duels, but in fact they become easy prey in combat because individualism weakens the player and the Spitfire IX is a good aircraft, but the Germans have good machines even in BOS So ... if you want to play as a team I recommend getting into the KOTA discord (address on first page of topic) and looking for allied players, there are lots of Spitfire pilots, RAF squad and FLAPS flying with Spit and several other players. You will find people in discord, good luck and good flight!!!
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