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  1. I think it could work. But you need to see the plane set, the Japanese bombers are cool, but the Spitfire VIII and the Zeros I suggested in other battles.
  2. I would like a suggestion of planes to put in a Burma battles. If you have ideas of planes it would be a good battle, here is my list of the pacific.
  3. Concept map of possible battles for IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. _____E-FRONT_________________________________________W-FRONT_________________________________PACIFIC/ORIENT 1939_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BO.Finland BO.Khalking Gol 1940_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BO.Britain 1941____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BOW (Moscow) 1942____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BOS (Stalingrad) BO.Malta BO.Midway TC.El Alamein 1943____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BOK (Kuban) BO.Tunísia BO.New Guinea TC.Prokhorovka 1944____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TC.Minsk BON (Normandy) BO.Leyte Gulf BO.Rome/Italy 1945____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BO.Berlin BOBP (Bodenplatte) BO.Okinawa TC.Reichstag BO.Honshu Malta it could have the Gladiator Mk II, CR.42 biplanes and also several Italian planes like the Reggiane 2000. Spitfire V, Baltimore, Beufort and other bombers could complete the set of planes. The map could be the island of Malta and southern Sicily, perhaps a little bit of North Africa. Minsk would be a battle with tanks, variants of the Panther, Tiger and the first T-34-85DT and IS-2. The map could be used by air servers and complete the Eastern front scene. The new VVS planes can be added in a future Battle of Berlin with the Yak-3 and La-7. Italy in 1944 is possible with the Spitfire VIII, P-40N and several planes of the allies. Also planes like G.55 and MC.205 with cannons, late versions of MS.79 and 109 modified for Italians. Reichstag modeling the city of Berlin for a tank battle.Latest models of Tiger and German tank destroyer, Su-100 and the later models of the IS-2 and Soviet tank destroyer. Most Japanese battles with extra island maps. Example: New Guinea + Guadacanal map, Midway + Pearl Habor map, etc. Feel free to discuss the topic. I'm going to expand the post further, but I think about it since 2019 ...
  4. This can be useful information. I tested some BOBP bad boys, P-51, Spitfire, 190, 109 and Tempest V. In the video I showed Tempest, Spitfire and 190, but the information is there.
  5. This video can function as a tutorial of how to destroy jets in the mission "Battle over Eindhoven."
  6. I realized that the Combat Box removed some warnings in the objectives. Well ... I hope this has happened, "surprise" is important to battle and that people need hunt each other without the help of warnings.
  7. SB-2 vs DB-3 vs Su-2 We have these 3 options, but only 2 places available. Which ones are the best?
  8. @=E95=DenLarik, the P-51's (and others) camouflages are blocked in the BattleOfArdennes44sum mission. The 190D only participated in the WWII in 1944 late autumn. Battle Of Ardennes is a good mission, thanks.
  9. Hello everyone. The game lacks players, but I think that in the coming days we will have more people playing online. I would like to make some suggestions. First. Put cool names for the missions, this is important! "K" means Krymskaya. Put Krymskaya 1943 so that we know the location and date of the battle. Krymskaya - 1, 2, 3, 4 ... replace the numbers by secondary titles. So it would be: Krymskaya - (secondary title) - 1944 (season). WOL does something similar by putting the name of the map or mission, date and season. Second. Turn Zarubovka into a "half western" map. Make Operation Frantic with the P-51 and P-38 for the Allies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Frantic List of vehicles and aircraft for op. Frantic The Americans used bases in Ukraine to attack the germans and romanians with bombs using the P-38 escorted by P-51. Third suggestion. Download the WOL mission that takes place in the fall of 1943, the "Kerch–Eltigen Operation". You could delete some airports and add tank bases to that map.
  10. I don't know if it was an update or you changed the mission start time, but Y-29 with the bright sun became very beautiful. The map seems to be another one, I'm excited.
  11. The_Rhineland_Campaign mission with the airfields unprotected is fantastic, I played it yesterday. I also draged a 109 for my base on "Eindhoven" mission. People called the guy a vulcher, but ... he was lured into a fight that took place over a red target near the base. I would not want him to be kicked if he killed me, even if I attracted him to my base because it would be unfair and strange. The AA killed the guy, anyway, this is one thing to consider.
  12. Overall CBOX is the best server. If I’m complaining or suggesting it’s because I care, even if I’m a little annoying.
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