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  1. Hello friends ... new video with another big cat from Germany. Have fun!
  2. @super-truite thanks for updating this mission. Replacing the sophisticated AI with the simple one made this mission light, so it was possible to record on it.
  3. Tank Crew battle in the map of Bodenplatte. Cool adaptation and bloody battle... #AdvanceAndSecure
  4. In fact, this idea is not new. I took it from the server created by German players, the name is "Achtung Tank Prokhorovka". I think that maybe you played on this server, it was active for a few months when the Prok map was released. In some situations the Panzer III is better than the T-34. If the combat is in a city at close range they have the same firepower. In close-range combat the Panzer III can do well against all Reds tanks. The most difficult are the M4, KV and 152, but even the KV can be destroyed head-on in urban combat.
  5. Germans have an advantage with the "big cats", but at the beginning of the war it was the other way around... The balance is not possible, I think... But, a battle with just the medium tanks could be a lot of fun. Pz.3 and Pz.4 T-34, M4 and even the Su-122. If you want to do a battle simulating the war in 41 with the Panzer IIIM / L vs the T-34 and KV I would be happy. The Soviet vehicle will arrive first. Will the German team be able to use the Red Truck (maybe in winter camo) until the Flak arrives?
  6. This battle is cool, but I don't think there are many airfields in that part of the map. Perhaps they will add more airfields in the future. Velikie Luki 41-42 (Summer map) My next suggestion is a very good one. I've never heard of this battle before, but we have a special map for it, it's Velikie Luki. The name is funny, but this was a bloody battle in the sector near Moscow. The Germans used small tanks to defend this railroad, so ... if anyone for this suggestion in practice it is exclusive to the Panzer III. It is not possible to make 100% historical in relation to the tanks,
  7. super-truit when I wrote that "letter" I thought about it a lot and I agree with you. I heard about your server in the most famous video out there promoting Tank Crew, he mentions AI as something characteristic and positive on your server. I think it's cool to have a couple of AI tanks hanging around, AI can be good in limited quantities. The video:
  8. No need to kill, just show where the tank is moving with the machine guns to the lived-players can see. Eventually truit will find out how to make a great server with tanks. @super-truite Advance have the Dota 2 style of being. Players must follow a path (with the "AI troops") that leads to the enemy base and there the player must destroy the buildings in order to capture the base. It's Dota 2 in the first person. I believe that some people will like this a lot more than I do ... but AI for me is... well... you know... Advance is a good server. It's a server with a lot of personali
  9. I could hide better, survive and claim points by driving back to my territory. But ... I made these inroads in an attempt to challenge the Blue planes and use Sherman's machine guns lol
  10. you is funny, too spoiled. I don't like to rush other people's work, this is very unpleasant.
  11. I can't wait until they improve the DM and add API/HE for the muricas. But you need to be patient and wait a little bit... One step after other, one block at a time. I heard several times from several players that the .50 do not works, but .50 work if u aim good and use a good convergence. I made a video about convergence that was moved to this topic and even though I understand you, the people are very aggressive and toxic. I put the video as "not listed" so as not to create a negative image for the game with the negative comments. Why am I saying this? I heard that there ar
  12. Hello guys ... I did some offline tests. Honestly ... online it is easier to make kills since the players generally do not shake so much. I like the damage model. It's not perfect, but I like it.
  13. Better just remove all. The combination of "bad weather" with "AA using laser guns" is difficult ... The best tank battles have zero AI interference.
  14. Could you do a test with zero AI? AI... makes the server very heavy. I can't play, sometimes ... Is it possible to make a test? I think that without AI it's better, just leave the AT guns and static tanks, the server will be lighter and more fun.
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