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  1. T-pose guy is the best!
  2. I am waiting for a good promo to get TC. Meanwhile I'm having fun with the "matchbox" (as Dai calls Panzer III). I hope you guys like it, in the future I intend to post more videos showing more tank battles and teamwork. New Sever: Advance and Secure.
  3. Guys, I really like playing with you all. Of course, I want to see EFront become popular and full all the time. I completed a mission on the new map, "Velieki", and found that there is no need to capture any more flags, just destroy the ground objectives and stay in the base territory. My team was also surprised by this rule, they didn't know how it worked. You guys like to play as a team, I understand that you have become "virtual brothers in arms". However ... I ask you to consider one thing. You play as a team and "Rus" has the mission and objective map in his head. It is a "fast" victory with "insider information", missions brief do explain the rules of victory, but I dont think most players undestain. And then you complete these objectives quickly, knowing "where to attack and how to win". The enemy team you face usually (noobs haha) don't understand how missions work, even with the short brief in the map. Meantime I think it's right for you to play together, you are friends, you want to win. But, I want you to consider that these "victories" are really something good. The game is not just about "winning". You could play against each other, but you won't because you became friends. But this creates a very large imbalance in the player experience and teams. Try to compete with each other too, to promote balance. If possible.
  4. I am going to tell you a story, I was supposed to have posted this before, but I had to take time to read my old Galland book and translating from Portuguese, is not easy. "My new mechanic in those days, Corporal Meyer, had incorporated an additional head shield, which I ignored. As a result, when I closed the cabin, I headbanged tremendously, even though the good man's intentions were excellent. I complained to him, but soon after I regretted it. In fact, on that same day, July 2 (1941), I returned to my combat activities and this first flight against the enemy narrowly was my last. This is how things went: a formation of bombers with their fighter escort attacked St. Omer. I led my entire regiment to meet the enemy; I managed to reach a favorable attack position; I gave the order to attack and launched myself, crossing the fighter escort, on the bombers. In a smooth right turn I opened fire on a Blenheim from a distance of 200 meters, until I almost crash on him. Plates and other parts detached from the fuselage and the right side engine, and the last thing I saw was flames and smoke, later its rests were located; I myself could not observe his fall, since I was involved in a strong fight with the escort (many Spitfire). While exchanging shots with one, I was hit by fire from the other and the situation got serious. My cabin was destroyed and again my head was "the lucky one". Blood was running down my face ... I then feared the "black vision". All that "cannot happen" is to lose consciousness at that moment! With all my strength, I managed to escape the Sptifire and land, even injured, but saved! My machine (109) had received several impacts and the new reinforced armor for the head, had exploded a 20 mm grenade. Some sutures at the Hardinghem hospital fixed my head; but there was no doubt: in the absence of Cape Meyer's shield plate, surgeons would have had nowhere to put the needle!" Adolf Galland on a 109 F-2, 1941 France. From my 540 pages Galland book. If Adolf Galland, who at that time was Oberstleutnant and a Big Shot at the luftwaffe, had to fly with this modification. Why you, which is a mere virtual official pilot would not fly with the extra armor to the head? Many blue pilots should thank WOL admins for prohibiting remove the armored headrest. I've landed so many times my 109 full of holes due the dogfight, the headrest may have saved many of my online lives. To do it justice, I separated two missions from the WOL in 1942 and analyzed the Blue and Red options. 1942 missions, in both ORDER_227-summer and South-autumn: 109 The only fighters I saw with totally free modifications were the 109 F-2 and E-7 "JABO mod". Half or almost 109 F-4 can remove the armored headrest. The 109 G-2 has as only option of modification the armored glass for headrest, which is the best of all. You can see its back and be protected by the armored glass. The modification for gun pods is almost non-existent, but one of the bases has some 109 F-4s with 15 mm gun pods. I've used this type of modification, it has always been very efficient. 109 F-4 or G-2 are king above 2k altitude, they are fast and well armed. 190 When you see the trailer about the battle of Stalingrad, it only shows 109 G-2. @GOA_Karaya_CRI*VR* know what i'm talking about. The 190 entered late 1942, at Velieki Luki, which is why this map (of the Moscow region) is included in the BOS. The WOL does not include the 190 A-3 on missions in the summer of 1942, but it is possible to fly the 190 in relatively high numbers on the "South42saut" map. The cannons that the 190 can add are those with 60 howitzers per wing, which makes sense since they were the first cannons available for that 190. The 190 is faster and better armed than any Allied fighter, it is incomparably the best and it is not historic to be flying over Stalingrad. Yak-1, Yak-7B, I-16, P-40, LaGG-3 and P-39 All those planes have rocket and bomb restrictions. The LaGG-3 and I-16 can add cannons as a modification, but they carry little ammo. 23mm for the LaGG-3 is allowed, it doesn't change the fact that the LaGG-3 is a terrible dogfight plane. MiG-3 All MiG have bomb and rocket restrictions. In both missions the MiG has gun pod modification restrictions. Only in the order 227 mission do some MiGs in the most remote airfield have gun pods, but (strangely) these MiGs have cannon and machine gun modifications blocked. La-5 It is a good allied fighter, but without the engine modification it is almost useless, it only works in winter. The modified engine became the standard, the first warmed up very fast, in the simulator this drastically interferes with performance because the engine heats up even in nominal mode! I consider the 109 F-4 and G-2 to be far superior to the La-5 without the engine modification. WOL only allow this engine modification in missions at spring of 1943 or beyond! Hurricane II Historically, it already had squadrons using 4x 20mm guns in Stalingrad, summer 1942. But this modification is blocked in the "order227" mission and only a small number of Hurricane II is available with restrictions for hispanos and 40mm anti tank guns. On the "South42saut" map the Hurricane has 4x 20mm options, but only on one of the airfields in limited numbers. Basically I think fair play on WOL. The armored headrest does not disturb as much and protects the pilot, the modification of armored glass I learned to use in WOL.
  5. Imagine a server that in the 1942 battles at Stalingrad, all German fighters had unlocked modifications. What would happen? This server would not be popular. Reds players, especially bombers, would migrate to another server. The German team would be bigger, but I bet it would never end the missions, it would be that boredom, those groups of Herich Hartmanns flying and destroying enemy fighters, all wanting to be a star and ruining the game. And if they lose a dogfight "it is not the fault of the skill, it is the fault of the game that is bias", etc, etc... I've seen it happen.
  6. I think this armored headrest seat was not easily removable. I have Adolf Galland's book, he flew using it, even though he didn't want to. Anyway, it could be removed, but not always. Do you really think that all 109 G-6s used the 30 mm cannon? It was limited, not least because it only entered service in August 1943, becoming more common months later. I think the 109 F-2 and the 109 E-7 are good enough to shootdown any Red BOM or BOS planes. But the 109 F-4 and 109 G-2 is far superior. This headrest armored protection can hinder back visibility, but not so much. So you're complaining, even flying the best planes in 42, you can't remove your headrest, but you forgot that this was the default for the 109. As if every month the blues destroy an average of 3,000 more planes than the Reds. "Oh, poor people punished by such an unfair 'bias server', oh cruel world"! It is the second time that you guys take "some part" of what I say and distort my speech. Put my full quote pls. Incentive players to use other 109 variants and block the option to remove the armored headrest are different things that can happen at the same time. And even yet they separate a number of these variants as "mod" that it is possible to remove the armored headrest. The point is that the armored headrest was standard for the 109 from 1941. When I said that, you didn't stop to think that all 109 could have this option (remove headrest) blocked. They may be encouraging people to fly models like the 109 E-7 or 109 F-2 on 1942 missions, but that's not all. Locking the headrest has three functions. 1 - It is really historic. 2 - It may be encouraging players to fly underdogs, remembering that the Red team only flies underdogs. 3 - Balance. Although the headrest does not affect the performance of the 109 at all, I have always flown with it and never had any visibility problems. I have known the IL-2 forum for a few years, this cry about headrest is quite old. When I started playing IL-2 online on Blue's side at WOL, I understood that this claim is totally unreasonable. Let's take "MoscowKlin41maut" for example. At first it was supposed to be a 1941 map, but some people don't have BOM. The Red team takes off with a lot of MiG, P-40, I-16 ... Is it fair for the German team to take off with the 109 F-4 (almost only this model) and have all the modifications released? This MiG has limited weapons. 109 F-4 with or without the headrest remain far superior to any Soviet airplane until 1942. But... if you think that the server is "RussianBias", my friends ... I have been playing IL-2 for over 10 years. On the server "Spit vs 109" of the old IL-2-1946 the owner of the server who was a British gentleman put the 109 F-4 to fight against the Spitfire VIII (in 42 missions). Yes ... and Spitfire VIII is better than Spitfire IX. WOL is fine, it is actually quite advantageous to fly with Germany. I read that in 1942 the Hurricane MkIIC with 4x cannons was already available on the Soviet front and being used by some VVS squadrons. But on the Caucasus summer mission, that Hurricane modification is not available. Are you seeing anyone complaining that the Server is GermanBiased? No. Because people understand that there is a concern with the history, with game balance, etc ... Perhaps the Hurricanes IIC were not available in considerable numbers in the Caucasus, or ... perhaps the Server will only release Hurricane's "C" weaponry in 1943 missions, to maintain balance. And I didn't even expect that they would remove the 4x cannons, considering that the Hurricane II is so slow, but that's okay ... I can see that restrictions are normal on almost all planes. When a "German" player starts to complain about the server feeling wronged, the motivation is usually the same, there are people who have this concept of injustice regarding the game and servers already pre-established, and I see this happening all the time. WOL Hurricane options at "DefenceofCaucaus42ksum". Also, some skins are locked:
  7. This modification may have this function, but you need to look at it from another perspective. Basically the Luftwaffe has only 1 aircraft until 1942, the 109 with versions E, F and G. On the other hand the Reds have the MiG, I-16, Yak, P-40, etc... Red planes are different from each, with different characteristics, but with performance equal to or inferior than the 109 F-2. When the red team has a lot of bad fighters options, they are slow, so ... Removing the head rest is an incentive for players on the blue team to choose other planes than the best 109 F-4 and 109 G-2. But, even these variants can remove the head rest, not all, but usualy some are separated as 109 "mod" and with this option. It's not that difficult to play with a armored headrest, sometimes I forget to remove it.
  8. Adolf Galland used this modification, against his will. But the armored head rest saved his life.
  9. The 190 A in 1942 was the best aircraft in the world. Was faster and better armed. Never flew over Stalingrad. The point is not to be 100% historical, the real point is "there is no 'advantage' to the Reds". All missions until the summer of 1943, the Luftwaffe has the best equipment. The limited planes are the 109 F-4 and G-2 in 1942, some do not have the option of removing the headrest or adding extra weapons. To be honest I don't feel at a disadvantage flying with or without the head rest. The 190A has some extra cannon limitations on the first missions they appear, but it still has more ammo than any Red fighter. After 1942 missions the 109 usually has an option of armored headrest glass, this modification allows Blue pilots to see behind and still protects them.
  10. No offense, but... You are a kind of noob. The KD is worse on Red side. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilot/18878/Lolrawr/?tour=65 You want to compare the best fighter in 1942 (190 A-3) with outdated La-5 and Pe-2 in 1944 vs the 190 A-8 and 190 G-14. "Nice"... But, I don't remember seeing Soviet planes on the "Ardennes" mission. If you are talking about late east front missions adapted on the Bodenplatte map, this is the most common thing that exists in any simulator or server.
  11. I made this sortie with this beauty British plane.
  12. I captured an immense attack by the Reds and some moments of action in the WOL. The Reds managed to complete the goal, the 109 appeared at the end. It was a great battle.
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