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  1. but the 109 tropical was also used in Russia this is taking too long
  2. Close the topic. Case solved! And Congratulations to 1C as it is not just a Hurricane, there are several! I'm still a little curious about version D, because as far as I remember the most notable performance of this variant was in El Alamein using the tropical version And that leads me to other questions as well ... Will the other planes that have tropical versions receive them as modifications, like the 109 or Spitfire V?
  3. If it's a "super" version of Hurricane ... I'm happy Now about the "D" version... was used only in North Africa, as far as I can remember
  4. It will be tropical or standart, or both?
  5. The Hurricane is incluide for Eastern and Western front, but is more a Western variant since is 4x diferent britges variantes and 1 Soviet. Of course Russians did not used the D version, so... this version is for desert at least. Hurris fly over France and UK, why not on BON map? Check Dev Diary 237
  6. When someone goes to buy the Hurricane, his shadow is the standard version, not the tropical The carburetor air intake is small, but the desert version is huge and causes drag The Battle of Normandy will bring an ideal map to fly with the standard version of Hurricane in the English Channel... So ... why are we getting the desert version? I'm starting to think that the only reason we're getting the desert version is that the next Tank Crew is probably going to be the battle of El Alamein, where the HurricaneMk.IId/Tropical version was used
  7. this mission is entirely possible to be done
  8. And I need to prove that there was air combat over Berlin in the greatest war in the history of mankind? Oh boy... So there was no air combat in Berlin, what's next? The earth is flat? Please carry on sabotage in my post. You made great contributions like "The battle is on sky" and an unnecessary misinformation. Try searching more, you will find several air combats over Berlin the war has not stopped just because you think so
  9. I consider it a great idea, too ... although I prefer a Battle of Finland because the variety of options is quite wide they used some allied planes I think... a lot of people want to fly the La-7, Yak-3 and Ta-152 5 minutes of research will not gonna kill you before saying any ignorance that comes to your mind.
  10. Pls remove Venlo and Gilze airfields in a bridge too far mission. This mission is professional and perfect because the distance is important to simulate a natural map difficulty.
  11. All the missions honoring Y-29 I've ever flown online have failed... The maps aren't bad, but the "way" the mission happens fails to recreate a P-51s scramble situation against a surprise Luftwaffe attack. I will tell how this happens and someone please tell me that I am wrong because this is what I see, people not starting at Y-29 base, the fighting happening at high altitudes, some times people flying at 10k and instead of the Germans attacking the US bases and for last is the Americans who attack the German bases... How this will work like Y-29 situation? Well it won't work because first I didn't see an online mission with people taking off from Y-29... For Y-29 to work, the mission would have to have "nasty" things and permissions, mainly because the servers have no intention of having this kind of feature 1º Y-29 would have to be an active base for players and at the same time an frontal airfield objective 2º To exist the surprise. Germans need airstart. And Aistart is not a feature appreciated by fully realistic servers, while it's the only way to create a situation like Y-29, a fight above that airfield. I always say that, "American players are paying to be shot in the back at this airfield", because you know... it's historic and fun... 3º Exception to the "do not shoot planes on the ground" rule. Only one exception and people would be contaminated with the habit of shooting planes on the ground, repeating this in other missions ... I'm sure and that's the problem with that exception So I did this drawing for a while now, but as it will "never pass" anywhere, I brought here for us to discuss The distance to this airstart would have to be calculated by testing. A sufficient distance for the Germans to reach Y-29 with time for some P-51 to take off.P-51 taking off from Y-29 with special gasoline because they are heros, and a "back base" in St. Trond if people want take off more safely. And finally, if the Y-29 and Y-32 aerodromes were destroyed, the Reds couldn't take off from them I would love to see this kind of mission, even if it was to be a weekend thing... Y-29 was a cool history, but not happened at 10k alt...
  12. If I ever kept shooting, even after you died ... it's not me, it's my girlfriend. She is furious when he kills someoneI need to make another big video with the T-34 ... but it's so hard with so many Tigers around! We need to talk about the amount of Tigers available per mission. Now I want to spend some time playing on the red teamHave the developers made Tiger "too strong" to encourage players to use / buy the Su-152?
  13. I want to thank all the players who participated in the video, these are tough and very intense battles!
  14. I like the feedbacks, that's why I'm responding. I appreciate the tips, but the issue is the format of the video which in the case of the shape I want can not be explaining much. I like this super straightforward format, it's not a complete tutorial it's a quick tutorial for people to see and the next minute take off the P-47 with maximum performance Learning new things is part of being smart, isn't it? I contribute to the death of many Axis riders including myself, these tips I give never fail would not be strange for someone to use the "P-47 fast" against my 109
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