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  1. Thx, for the new cloud settings. To Tank Crew don't get me wrong the tanks looks great, but to perfect / new. No bent mudguard, scratch or visible repairs. They don't seem to be used at all, but tanks where repaired a lot, even when they get disabled. Will we get some sort of camouflage like bushes or flags on top of our tanks?
  2. Okay which plane has the the biggest range and can we refuel at every airfield, so we can explore the whole map. To be honest I don't care about the new aircraft I'm more a bomber pilot, but I'm sure we will get the B-25 in some point even as collectors plane, because the B-25 C/D was used by the US, GB and Soviet Union so this would be a waste if we couldn't fly it at all. Can we also get some official skins with invasion strips and British markings for the existing aircraft like the early Spitfire and A-20B.
  3. That Teamspeak Adress doesn't work, update please Can I join as He-111 or Bf-110 Pilot?
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