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  1. LOL a blast from the past. I wonder where he got off to?
  2. GB's P 40 is easily overheated on T/O, you really have to be quick on the controls. I can't compare but I suspect GB's 40 is a tad too dainty.
  3. I learned to chew tobacco while we were tactical at night. Gotta satisfy that craving somehow.
  4. radiators about half open I open mine all the way until I'm able to get the prop pitch and ATA where they should be after wheels up. And as someone mentioned, toe brakes without rudder input are better to use to go merrily down the R/W. Not too much though.
  5. I agree with you Snap, I like VR but I wouldn't want to see the community suffer lose because of lack of choice. Just like the snap view or panning options, all tools need to be retained. Now if they'd only allow an in game panning view (BOS) for VR users, I'd be a most happy camper. My 60+ YO neck has issues.😉
  6. Just to clarify, and not wanting to beat a dead horse, but comparing TV sales to VR sales is comparing apples to onions. There's probably a TV in every house by now, therefore the sales of TV is greatly more pronounced than a toy that only a smattering of the population as a whole entertains itself with. And when I say toy I'm referring to PC games of any genre. Now, whittle that number down further and you enter into the flight sim niche. We are a minority within a small population. Esp. when you consider how many fans of video games are of the console type. Funny, I won't spend the money for a colossus TV, but I'll spend more than I probably should for a game. And as the previous poster said, will in the future just to stay ahead of the curve. Nvidia isn't helping this terrible cycle either.
  7. Sorry, I don't agree with your percentages. Not that I have any idea of the real market share of VR users in flight sims, but I would have to say that it's at least approaching half of those who frequently fly on BOS. In fact, I left COD only because I purchased VR, no other reason. But for actual numbers, I don't really know, and unless an erstwhile study is done I don't think anyone can. Perhaps it was done and I haven't seen it. One thing I am convinced about, as with TrackIR, so too with VR. It's an advancement that has yet to see it's peak.
  8. though granted within the flight sim community in particular would have a higher ownership percentage And isn't Tobruk a flight sim? Seems to me there are enough sales of VR gear to warrant continual development of same. I'm one of those waiting to see if VR is implemented in COD before I pull the trigger.
  9. We fly allied on Combat Box, unless the numbers are totally skewed the other way. https://twcpilots.com/
  10. Neither one works for me, and FreePie doesn't work for me and another squaddy of mine (a neighbor of yours), we're using Odyssey +. I don't know about anyone else, just seems the 6 view (FreePie) for Odyssey+ was porked after a certain Steam update. I suspect it may be that the software used for the Samsung is tied to the Steam supplied apps. more than others. That and MS, when the 2 update anything can happen. But I could be wrong, as is often the case with anything PC related.
  11. Didn't think of that, good to know, thanks. ALTHOUGH, if I hit a plane on the deck with a bomb is that considered vulching?
  12. I for one enjoy the challenge of bombing from 10,000 + feet. Now with the safe zones I can. These safe zones act to simulate a rear area bomber field where air superiority was usually total for the bomber force. I said "usually" understanding the circumstances the Germans faced near the war's end, but this is a game so we also have 262's protected from the number 1 tactic used against them, catching them on or near the ground. I'm playing a game, and now I am more the hunted than the fish in a barrel, and I like it.
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