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  1. If you're into skinning you can clean the glass by eliminating some of the dirt layers. Then you can fly on mods off servers w/clean glass. Of course that's a lot more work than using this mod. Which is something this lazy pilot always welcomes.
  2. I wonder whatever happened to him. Perhaps he lurks among us.
  3. I preferred the ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket over the little a/c of Cape Air. I once watched a DC 3 fly over the station with one prop feathered. I also had the thrill of having a P-51 buzz the town right where I was standing, how he got away with it is anyone's guess. So many pilots spending their pre-flight time in the airport bar out there, different times. Rather float than fly, I can swim.
  4. That's pretty much how they figured the Edmund Fitzgerald went down, improperly dogged hatch in heavy weather. I've been on a couple of vessels that were taking on water, not a good feeling.
  5. Well since this is a flight sim forum and not Dr. Ruth's.
  6. VR, I don't leave the ground without it. Even in ED, which can be scary at times.
  7. TWC_Target


    I would think you'd add an icebreaker in there.
  8. Don't you know? Killing the bailed pilot will prevent him from ever flying again. Oh wait, that was in RL. Is it a bigger score on that stats page for a PK after the plane is shot down? Come to think of it does the score change at any point for a PK as opposed to a shoot down w/a bailout? Or are people just nasty gits.
  9. Ray Of all the boardings I did, never had I ever boarded a boat with side view mirrors. Are those required there?
  10. Helo's can suffer catastrophic failure if the rotor is hit.
  11. The experience of Col. Kearby, Ace Thunderbolt pilot, against one Japanese Hayabusa as told in John R Buning's "Race of Aces." "He made a tight 360 and went after the Hayabusa. The pilot was either wounded or so green he froze at the controls. Either way, he took no evasive action as the P47 climbed up his tail and Kearby laid on the trigger. Six seconds and 450 bullets later, the Hayabusa staggered and caught fire a second time." A damaged Japanese A/C, known for it's lack of armor, shot at by an ace, took more than a few .50 cal. rounds. Outside the charts, ballistic
  12. I've noticed new names, might be ignorance of the rules. Like the guy who attacked the safe A/F I was at and strafed everything, indiscriminately it appeared. Luck was his only saving grace.
  13. I was Discoed twice last night as was everyone else the first time it happened. When I came back into the server, the map was just the same as it was when everyone was disconnected. I had just attacked Antwerp port and destroyed 14 (IIRC) buildings. I checked the stat page and noticed the hits were recorded but not the score. I repeated the attack and hit more buildings and on RTB was disconnected again. Upon re-entry to the server I again saw my stats reflected the buildings I destroyed without a score. I hit more targets and ended with a personal best (the JU 88 can do a lot of damage if it
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