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  1. anyone else have this happen? (The reflected image on the sight.)
  2. TWC has a couple of Aussies. The XO is among them, here's our Discord server https://discord.gg/ here's the forum http://forums.twcpilots.com/
  3. WC now has a Flying Circus contingent.
  4. I'm getting the same, the game stops when this message comes up. I'm running 7.4.0. Is there a manual on how to create a coop? I saw Requiem's vid but that's not the same as it's for BOS. Thx.
  5. I was crashing out of Combat Box after following this net advice in the hopes of better VR performance. "Change your virtual memory page file to 4096." I reset it to Auto and haven't had a problem since.
  6. I did the research, packet loss ends at 1472, but a web site I found says to add 28 to this number to reach the optimal setting, which returns me to 1500. 4 up. 4 down, all gone. I also have to wonder if Discord might not be the culprit. I had it starting automatically with my PC, switched to manual start up and upon first boot up it loaded 8 or 9 updates, which tells me it wasn't updating when it should've been. Flew on Box tonight without Discord running and didn't get disconnected.
  7. Big and red, zooming in on the map seems to trigger the condition, only flag icons bleed through the red and the red always contains 90 degree corners with the corners defining small and large areas stack one upon another. Not always restricted to one side of the map or the other, can cover left and right, upper and lower areas of the map. Anyone else have this?
  8. I can't stay connected to Box. I get all sorts of error messages having to do with D3D, certain objects not available and a host of other reasons. Sometimes I'll be booted out f the server, sometimes the game as a whole (to include Steam) and sometimes Discord will disconnect at the same time. I don't have any of these issues anywhere else. Average connection time is 15 mins to a half hour. Any suggestions?
  9. What I meant by old technology playing with new is that the RTX card is using new graphics technology while the game is using old, the game hasn't caught up with the RTX card. I know some running 1080 Ti's w/out a hitch. I'm not sure if this is relevant, I just played for 30-40 minutes on Box w/out an issue, only difference was no Discord connection and I flew a Tempest rather than a P 38, which has been my go to plane in there.
  10. New system here, if it was overheating, dust etc. it would happen across the board, but I can play on Wings w/out any problems. I'm going to try to get on Box later through the BOBP exe. that came directly from this web site. In other words, not through the Steam library, I have 2 other of the games that are Steam purchases not shown under my avatar. I guess access to those other plane sets will be unavailable during the time I'm playing via the official IL2 exe. since the Steam link is one way street, or so is my understanding. I'm wondering if the Steam link may somehow be the culprit. Steam likes to run a bunch of crap in the background if you're not careful, one being the friend app which I have yet to figure out how to shut off. Newbravado I have an RTX 2070, I don't like it, micro stutters in IL2. I'm not sure the newer RTX technology plays well with the older. Just my experience is all I'm saying.
  11. Is there anyway to check how strong or weak the link is between my Steam account and my games bought on this web site? The game is crashing trying to play on BOBP servers while all other versions run as they should. I see the names of all the game versions I bought in the start screen after starting the game through the Steam library, but I'm not sure that that's a true representation of what's really going on. I seem to be losing a file on a regular basis after doing a Steam validation, though which file they don't say, unless I'm missing a link, button, etc that will reveal the mysterious file. That might be helpful in this frustrating situation.
  12. I crash consistently in the Combat Box server. Same as yourself, I'll last 5-20 minutes before the error messages come, usually something about 3D3 and out of memory. Many times I'll find that after validating the files on Steam I'm missing one. It doesn't fix it though, and I'm wondering if it isn't something to do with the linking of the 2 accounts.
  13. Odyssey + here. Since this technology is in its infancy someone has said to buy with an eye to upgrade, meaning you might want to consider cost when, after you get hooked, you'll be looking for the next greatest and latest in VR tech.
  14. Just curious if anyone is having connection problems with the server? I can fly in Wings and Knights of the Air w/out a problem but in Box my Discord connection goes down and my game will lock up.
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