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  1. Odyssey + here. Since this technology is in its infancy someone has said to buy with an eye to upgrade, meaning you might want to consider cost when, after you get hooked, you'll be looking for the next greatest and latest in VR tech.
  2. Just curious if anyone is having connection problems with the server? I can fly in Wings and Knights of the Air w/out a problem but in Box my Discord connection goes down and my game will lock up.
  3. Anyone else have corn row clouds down low after update. I've had the stutters since I bought my new machine but that's because of the RTX 2070 I'm running. In case anyone is contemplating buying an RTX anything, don't.
  4. It's already enabled in the server (on map icons), you may need to enable it on your end.
  5. RTX 2070 has good FPS but stutters w/ground objects down low and sometimes when on ground and a plane passes overhead (the passing A/C stutters then). Tried new drivers, old drivers, drivers from Nvidia, drivers from Zotac, and several other suggestions from others having same issue. To no avail, not sure RTX tech. is ready for all applications (works without a hitch in ED). I'll also have the game flash out to the loading screen for several seconds on WOL, as well as have the VR headset flash to my 6 and other directions w/out looking that way. Making first time adjustments on the map while in the cockpit can cause the loading screen to come up for several seconds. I'm thinking some of this might be due to ping. To be honest though I'm not sure I'd recommend any RTX cards yet, the stutters happen w/out any frame rate drop, which I think would be part and parcel of stuttering. Specs. A new rig. OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 ASUS_MB_CNL Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Mode UEFI Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB Total Physical Memory 15.9 GB Available Physical Memory 13.0 GB Total Virtual Memory 19.9 GB Available Virtual Memory 15.2 GB Page File Space 4.00 GB Odyssey+ VR RTX 2070
  6. I fly Russian and know for a fact there are times when the locks are on the modifications for the plane I fly most. The rear turret for the PE 2/87 for one.
  7. How do I, as an English speaking person, register on the forum? I need to reset my password for the website, if this post is enough to do the job I'm fine with that.
  8. Bump, and new web site at, https://twcpilots.com/
  9. I understand why fighter pilots are young, for one, their necks are more limber (as with all the other joints). I'm past the age of qualifying for flight school, by a few decades, AND I use VR and can't get enough of it. Even though I have a hard time turning my head much past 90 degrees, (age and a disability). For this reason I would like to see a reasonable (Rea-son-able) snap view for VR users such as myself, call it an youthful tonic. Perhaps just 120 or so degrees, can't see through some of the headrests anyway. But I have founds a solution until snap views for VR users come along, (snap views were some of the first options and continue to be so for flightsims so why not?). I fly bombers for the most part and let the guy in the back seat watch my 6. These games are going to have to address the issues of the Geritol crowd since we seem to be an aging group for the most part.
  10. After 2 or 3 months with an RTX 2070 I have the same issues that you speak of. Have had it since day one, I've been attributing it to a high ping, as if the connection with the server is lost momentarily. Now, after being told what RTX stands for I think the new technology trying to communicate with the old (the type of graphics in the game) may be contributing to that weirdness and the micro-stutters with ground objects. I also have the map issue upon the first zoom in on any map.
  11. Having been in the Marine Corp I found the background to the opening credits( I'm assuming that's what it was not understanding Japanese) very interesting indeed.
  12. https://forums.twcclan.com/index.php More than a couple of East Coast pilots. Besides other climes. Scroll down for BOS section of forum.
  13. Experience unnecessary, Time zones include people from Germany to Australia (even New Zealand I think.). Come one, come all and bring the dog.
  14. Thx, Boo, I'll give it a goo.🙂 Srry couldn't help myself. Feel free to shoot me down.
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