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  1. I found one way of avoiding being accused of cheating, get shot down a lot.
  2. Com'on Sp00k, this is where it all began for you and I, in the mud eating our rats.
  3. Is there anyway to play as a commander and give orders for the crew to follow? Last time I played it seemed you had to occupy each crew station when you needed to see an action completed. Yes, like Panzer commander.
  4. TWC_Target

    No fog mod

    Because haze is a real atmospheric effect. But haze everyday?
  5. Place a fan in front of you. I have a ceiling fan going sometimes and it can really set the mood if your canopy has a few holes in it.
  6. https://twcpilots.com/ We're fly whatever the lesser numbers are. Sometimes we don't, but we fly together.
  7. Track IR is like a hat switch now. Nice vid.
  8. VKB Gunfighter w/bigger and better grip, and Crosswinds peddals. From my understanding of VKB pedals they don't operate like the real deal, more like a car's gas and break pedal. Extension on the stick fits without monkeying with it, as my mate Sp00k had to do, much talk of doom during the time he was attempting to fix that major malfunction. Or maybe it was whining. A Pro stand is a benefit. I don't really have a desk, more like a station. With my stick purchase they sent me a nifty hat as a bonus, a fez w/a remove before flight tassel. I had a twist stick a couple of times during my fledgling period, just be aware of the tendency to twist your wrist w/out really thinking about it. It can be a natural reaction when moving the stick. One more thing that's necessary, a squadron affiliation, such as TWC. .
  9. Same here, head gets stuck in center with Odyssey. At least 2 others in my sqd. have same. One has a HP headset. I'm told if you rotate your head to the limits of the 6 degrees of movement it'll reset properly, that's from the guy with an HP headset. What I do is alt tab to the DT and recenter using the win. mixed reality portal setup. (Where you decide if you'll be standing or seated.) I've noticed that for some reason there are at least 2 versions of the portal, 1 w/a screw driver icon in the lower left of the portal window and 1 w/out. I've tried 3 times to get that portal window through Steam and MS's site I have failed every time. Look closely at both sites and you'll see that icon represented in the picture of the portal on both sites. Why I don't get it is beyond me, but I wonder if you have it, because another member of our sqn. has that icon on his portal window and never has the head stuck in center issue. And he's running an Odyssey. Look at the left side of the portal, I only have 3 icons top and 3 bottom. One solution I'm currently trying now is to have my desk chair lower than I had, so the top of my head is in the same plane as the top of my monitor. Its frustrating and annoying but they have me hooked. As for the reticle, I close one eye like shooting a rifle. I'm running 3D Migoto w/out setting it up for 1 eye or the other as it allows you to do. The game just naturally sets me to aim with one eye.
  10. anyone else have this happen? (The reflected image on the sight.)
  11. TWC has a couple of Aussies. The XO is among them, here's our Discord server https://discord.gg/ here's the forum http://forums.twcpilots.com/
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