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  1. Hey guys, I received my new virpil throttle yesterday and am absolutely loving it. I've tried mapping the oil/water radiators to two of the three encoder knobs on the bottom right and am having some issues. Each click won't register and instead I'm having to turn the knob quite a lot for only a 1 or 2% change. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the feedback - I was having a few issues initially getting anywhere near those scores. STMark was definitely run at 4.7 - checked using Argus monitor before running the tests. I did think it was weird at the time seeing 94 as no one else had gotten above 91, any idea what could have caused it? I've got MSI Afterburner installed now. In regards to the Supersampling values, that was one thing I thought was quite strange. Setting my (SteamVR) SS to 150% results in a different eye render than what is displayed on the instruction page. At 150%, mine says a render of 1626x1940 per eye. Is that normal? Cheers
  3. Hey guys, super new to IL2, been trying to get my VR up and running and finally have a score worth posting after some trouble shooting! Game Version 3.010b Motherboard ASUS Z270E STRIX Processor I7 7700k @ 4.7GHz RAM G.Skill Trident Z 32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz GFX NVIDIA FE 1080ti Storage (for the game) Samsung 960 EVO m.2 NVMe VR Headset Oculus Rift CPU MARK 10675 CPU single threaded 2605 Frames: 8633 Time: 120000ms Avg: 71.942 - Min: 43 - Max: 91 I've just put a custom watercooling loop in and have been having some issues with CPU temp. I know the 7700k is notoriously bad for this, but I'll be draining it this weekend and reapplying the thermal paste in an attempt to get a higher clock. Thanks! EDIT: Decided to disable Hyperthreading and turn up the overclock a bit. Running it with Hyperthreading disabled and a clock of 4.9GHz resulted in the following: (Note: My average actually went down slightly while my min and max both jumped up.) CPU MARK 11406 CPU single threaded 2837 Frames: 8540 Time: 120000ms Avg: 71.167 - Min: 49 - Max: 94
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