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  1. How do you use custom options in the career? I can set the difficulty but I don't see the custom options. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone find the flak to be a bit too accurate? In the Stalingrad ground attack mission I only last a minute over the place!
  3. Would this problem actually effect flight characteristics or is it really just a cosmetic problem? My inner perfectionist really wants it to get fixed, but honestly if it doesn't its not a big deal unless it impacts the aircraft seriously.
  4. Will the HE-111 have something along those lines?
  5. With all of these new graphics being introduced into the camera settings I really would like individual graphics options back.
  6. Nothing new this week, it was mentioned in today's news post.
  7. Sometimes in Stalingrad they went days without eating! Your son and you can wait a few more minutes!
  8. Remember guys this is just going to (probably) be the announcement for when it starts, I doubt were getting it today!
  9. Uh...this game is just about the air war over Stalingrad...not some political leaning game showing the evils in any side.
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