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  1. It does change the prop pitch. But just as Fernando already stated you do not choose the pitch you want but instead choose the revolutions per minute that you want and the aircraft has a governor that then changes the airscrews pitch in order to achieve that chosen speed.
  2. Yep saw that thread also when searching through.
  3. Was that the format? Any skins that I made in Rise of Flight were not put up for approval but just made for personal usage in PWCG. But judging from the skin packs that I downloaded (community historical and official) in the past many skins were not using that naming format. Just small sample of those that did not meet that format; And cannot see that format mentioned in the stickies on the Rise of Flight forum either. Just the format <brief aircraft name>_<brief skin name>.dds being mentioned. But maybe am being pedantic.
  4. I agree and would hate seeing ZZZ at the start of each skin. I would have suggested an * given that its unobtrusive and ought to place the skins together at the end/start. However file naming conventions mean that / \ : * ? " < > | cannot be used. Therefore I suggest ^ for the same reasons, relatively unobtrusive and ought to affect the skins ordering. Need more than just squadron/service (but agree that should be first) and pilot name. There would be many cases where your painting an aircraft that the pilots are not known. Thats going to mean multiple skins just named just no. 1 sqn. rnas for example. Or perhaps painting multiple aircraft that were used by the same pilot. Basically going to end up with duplication of names with just those tags. So I would include serial numbers as thats specific to a paticular plane, then you could follow that by an optional tag for pilot/battle/date (or other defining characteristic of the skin) for variations of schemes that aircraft has used during its service (or for when serial is not known). How about service_tag squadron (serial) characteristic. Some example Camel and Spitfire (and Seafire) filenames; rnas 3 (b6401) lloyd breadner rnas 9 (n6616) rnas 10 (b6299) norman mcgregor faa 736 (pa103) faa 761 (nx957) faa 801 (mb358) peter hutton faa 801 (mb366) faa 801 (mb366) operation torch faa 842 (pa102) bennet raf 277 (bl591) air sea rescue I just voted for the options about standard thread post. More important than the skin naming system would be that the manner of posting in the threads. Would imagine that standardising (format and naming conventions etc) the way someone posts them in there (and policed) would solve (to a degree) having to sift through for skins as the search function could then be used to find skins for what you want.
  5. Yeh that was the origional advice that Sneaksie gave. But later updated his post. Just removing the updates folder worked for me also.
  6. Presume the 3.102 update from July that your having trouble with right? As not been another since from what am aware?
  7. No thats alright, the reason I query is that my work rota is random each week. Am considering trying to book the dates to ensure that I can attend (at least some of them). And so was checking that those dates are not subject to change before I do go ahead and book them. Was signed up for one of the Rise of Flight campaigns (not sure which) but could not attend any in the end, and would be great to be able to attend the first one for Flying Circus instead.
  8. To be honest was going to add that would be great to be able to change skins through the generator, along with settings to use the WW1 aircraft instead. But did not say so for not being one to want to badger with more requests.
  9. I've only used the sight in the Bristol Fighter so far. But erm his screenshot does show a knob on the right for bomb doors in the open position.
  10. Think he meant did you try editing this tools generated mission using the regular mission editor, and changing the skin through that rather than editing text files. I've opened up some of his tools missions in the mission editor and changed the skins through that before with no issues.
  11. I realise it is just wiki but I found this useful for knowing what markings I could keep and remove on vehicles when I was editing some texures in another game called Combat Mission. Basically good for knowing how the British Army marked its vehicles. For example from that know that the orgional posters tank ought to be from A Squadron because of the yellow square. Also this has a few side profiles for some tanks. Do you have any frontal images for that tank? Just wondering whether would have bridge rating sign, formation sign and arm of service signs on the front? What division or brigade were they in at the time? By the way I've not got Tank Crew and tried the skin out but looks good in the screenshot.
  12. Thats what I did also, was mentioned in the update thread. The advice there seems to have changed since though;
  13. Nah not much, out of interest looked through some books, one describes two engagements where 881 shot down two Potez and three-four Moranes, another mentions that in total 881 and 882 together managed to shoot down seven aircraft, so that could be what a possible three engagements with air to air victories? They do not mention any air to air victories from the other fighter squadrons involved.
  14. NGL despite the non existent opposition and that being intended as a humour post, I would purchase that with gusto for the Albacore, Fulmar and Swordfish. 😁 Oh wait from your wiki link;
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