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  1. @US93_Talbot That's fair point on the elevators I guess. Did consider that a bit. The post was starting from assuming control wires assumed as Tycoon was querying you. Is there a common bar going right through the wings to connect and control both upper (or both lower) ailerons together (well of course there's not) also though? Because again at least from what I've seen we loose (jam) both sides at once. Is there fourteen there? Some of those pointed to do not appear to be these connections that enable the bar to freely rotate. Your SPAD in the game appears to show three such connections on each elevator.
  2. Even then assuming its indeed referring to the cables/blocks/fairleads/attachment points getting shot through one assumes those were not resulting in the flight control surface getting jammed stuck in whatever position they were last in (as they are here and having to fight against). But rather would result in the flight control surface not being held in any manner, its position being determined due to the aerodynamic forces acting upon them. Becoming some useless wobbling appendage. I guess perhaps once shot through could get snagged on something? But that would be another level of rarity after that. Also using the Camel as an example for each elevator there are two wires coming from the control column (via blocks and fairleads). They do not exert any push force on the control surface, just pull forces. So one cable pulls the elevator down to enable us to pitch down, the other does the opposite. Getting the one leading underneath the elevator shot through is going to put a stop to us being able to pitch further down, but we ought to continue to be able to pitch further up as the cable that handles the pitching up for that elevator remains. But when we here are getting our elevators controls shot through it's both directions at once, and also both elevators at once, so four cables are getting severed at once (must be the blocks and fairleads) and then stuck fast. That's what I do not get about the new control systems damage. If I take a knife to the mainsheet on my fathers tempest (along with him being livid) the boom and main is not going to remain where it was, that things going where the wind damn well wants it to go.
  3. I gather your not using anything such as trackir or vr as the answer would then be just move your head and look into the thing. 😉 There are controls for moving your in game heads position about. You can find those in your control settings under the pilot head control section. But moving your in game head each time you want to use the sight in this manner would be something of a bummer. So the answer is to setup some snap views so that with a single press your head gets moved to whatever position you define. Here's the instructions for setting up snap views from an old game manual;
  4. That really is not the sense that I got listening to the recent WarGameGuru interview.
  5. Dare say how the channels are intended to be used is up to the server operator. I do not think the combat box admins have decided upon or informed us yet whether we are to use theirs in any particular manner? i wwould just continue on as you are unless you see something stated in mission briefings or from the servers admins themselves (whether in person, on forums or discords).
  6. @JG1_Butzzell Seems might be an issue with one of your missions. This ended after 10 mins without much happening in the mission. Saw the German AI bombers get schwacked (and I chased and shot one down / it collided with another player). Then the mission ended, here is the one in question; http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/mission/2678/
  7. Not quite, at least according to the server instructions on the first post, as those state theres a server setting to make the radios work in either half or full duplex. If the person running the server wants people to be able to talk and hear at the same time they can disable the Realistic TX Behaviour setting.
  8. It is the data folder as the guide and Habu states. Also to correct you on something, note that startup.cfg is a file not a folder. Have you ever used PWCG. As you have to edit the same startup.cfg file for that also. To enable mission logging. EDIT: Bah Kestrel got there before me.
  9. I've written about this before as others have suggested them before. But for squadrons that operated in the map area and time that the module covers (808, 819, 848, 854, 855, 885, 886 and 897 Squadrons) you are in essence restricted to these types; Seafire L.III Seafire F.III Spitfire L.Vb Swordfish I Swordfish III Avenger I Avenger II There were carriers and squadrons using the Martlet and Hellcat that were supporting the invasion (shown as receiving the battle honour) but these were quite some distance outside the area that the module is giving us. Emperor, Pursuer and Tracker were in the South West Approaches and had on them Hellcats (800 and 804 Squadrons) and Martlets (881 and 896 Squadrons maybe 846 Squadron also) and Avengers (846 Squadron). There are other squadrons (816, 838, 849, 850) that also gained the battle honour but during the invasion these were for most part just using some of the same aircraft as in the above bullet list and based outside the modules proposed map area. Data gained from The Squadrons and Units of the Fleet Air Arm through seeing what ships and squadrons were given Normandy for Battle Honours. And cross referencing listed bases with the modules proposed map area. Is a chance I've missed something though.
  10. I'm now wondering whether that's modelled in FC. As there has been times in my Camel where I've used the blips in combat to ensure I'm not going to go over 1600 rpm. But shortly after the combat I've realised I've damaged my engine anyway. Heard the same story from a couple of other pilots recently also. I've always assumed that I've just put the power back on too soon at one point and my speed had not yet dropped to somewhere safe enough. But now wondering whether this is modelled and in those times I've damaged the engine because I've kept the switch on too long instead?
  11. There's no voice activation in this release from the looks of it. So that's a number of those listed groups already muted unless they intend to actually communicate something. Should note I'm not against voice activation in games though so long as those using the modes are setting things up to eliminate such annoyances and reckon voice activation would suit intercom for some aircrafts for example the ones in the circus.
  12. One presumes that one such interaction between the game and software (in addition to which team your on) is realising that someone is in the same aircraft. So that gunner and pilot can talk to each other over the aircrafts intercom. Not tested this though.
  13. Nah that’s normal. Not that I’ve ever used them. It’s just a sight similar to the Aldis but for night usage. You can see the same modification in the Rise of Flight store; https://riseofflight.com/store/modifications/fokker-dviif-mod/
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