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  1. As a pilot doing the missions I presume rather than the technical mumbo? You basically just have to fly over the target a number of times. You have to be between a certain altitude range, can’t remember what those are but hover over the icon on your map and should state them. Want to say it’s 5,000ft to 10,000ft and the closer to 7,000ft the fewer passes you need to make. As you go over the target area a message will inform you that you are taking pictures. Once you have left the target area another message informing you that you have left and to make another pass. Keep doing so until it informs you that you have the pictures and can head home or something to that effect. Return to your airbase and land the aircraft. Another message will inform you of your success. Be aware though damage your aircraft and you end up failing the mission once you land instead.
  2. How about DTXBmp? I used to use that (back in my Rise Of Flight days) as I had problems with saving DDS from GIMP (image quality problems I seem to remember). From your chosen graphics editor you save your skin and it’s alpha as separate Bmp images. The open them up in DTXBmp and it allows you to save the two together as an DDS image. https://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm I use the latest version of Photoshop now and use Intel Texture Works plugin to enable me to save DDS images. That plugin supports CS6 and later though so won’t help you.
  3. Thanks for the announcement. I am probrably going to purchase the Hurricane as anything used in the commonwealth tends to be a case of "take my money". But I've no interest in Russian types. I hope that he is right about that also. But for me it's because the C variant is the Mark II that I want to use. Just because I want to slap some Temperate Sea Scheme on mine and pretend it is a Sea Hurricane and as far as am aware the A, B and D did not have Sea Hurricane versions.
  4. Erm rather I was backing up your statement that the devs were not planning a career for this when OrLok asked for a source given that he was not aware that this was the case. So that he was the one not having read the devs very clear statement about what was planned with this product rather than you.
  5. Had fun on the server tonight. I'm not a VR owner but I am prefering the non-alternate option at the moment.
  6. He went down easy, that your first run at him or made more attacks than in the videa? Had a similar experience last night against a Jerry. But as in this the Gunner took no action against me as I attacked. Mine took more passes to take out though and not sure whether managed to kill the gunner on the first pass like you did.
  7. 1600 in the Camel. I do not remember for the Bristol but they are stated on a plaque.
  8. Sorry no Mustangs. MB366, NX957 and PA103 are the first aircraft that I've tried to reproduce and the first that I've ever made the step to go ahead and share out. Before that, it has just been adding simple text names onto aircraft for my own usage with Pat Wilson Campain Generator in Rise of Flight. So your thoughts and some constructive criticism are welcome. I realise that they are quite simple schemes compared to the ones that some of you are releasing. Just as anyone who ever uploads any skin does, I ought to thank ICDP for his templates.
  10. https://www.seawings.co.uk/images/colour charts/British Aviation Colours of WWII.pdf
  11. Aye. Take it that the content of the actors lines are sufficiently different from their other lines that those cannot be reused (not make sense to the messages shown on screen) either then. Or are important enough that they cannot just be erased with the sound of nothingness? I mention the latter as callsigns (at least that’s what I gathered they were) seem to exist at the start of each message in the Russian voices, and these seemed to remain Russian in your old mod also. And this was something I noticed was different when the new American/British voices were released; I hear no callsigns given in their messages .
  12. Okay, I assumed that when you say about there being an Russian/ German actor that does not have an equivalent British/American actor that this meant that for example there are 4 different voices for the Russians but the British/Americans only having 3 different voices. So was wondering for example why not have British Pilot 3 be both Russian Pilot 3 and 4. Presumed though that it was not that simple, as would have been done already, so wondering the reason.
  13. Sweet will give this a go on my next evening off work. Take it just having duplicating one of the British’s/American actors is not a solution for still having a Russian in the radio?
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