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  1. Is the blue on the rudder also changed to black? Something kind of Germanic about it not sure what. 😄 Considered outlining the G to make stand out more? Like was done with the cockades?
  2. Was not sure on what I should answer. Though I went for damage to controls in the end. Because the chance that this form of damage occurs to me seems to be quite high. And though the damage is often not the direct method of loss would estimate that for a fair number of other times the secondary cause was this control damage. So you know control damage making landings more problematic, or unable to manoeuvre and become flamed or shot in the head as you attempt to sideslip or circle back to Entente lines. Control damage tends to be an "alright returning as am combat ineffective" moment. Damage to engine, airframe or wounded tend to be lesser concerns.
  3. @bad_grant What version of photoshop is that? As if its CS6 or later (am on latest and works a charm) then the Intel Texture Works Plugin is another option; Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop* Using that plugin you save as normal choosing Intel Texture Works (*.DDS) and another window is then presented where you choose the format for your DDS. There is a readme included in the download that gives instructions for various things such as installation; ## Getting Started (Installation) 1. Close Photoshop 2. Download the IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4.zip file and expand it on your local computer 3. Copy the desired plugin from either of the following unzipped folders * .../IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4\Plugins\x64\IntelTextureWorks.8bi * .../IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4\Plugins\Win32\IntelTextureWorks.8bi 4. Paste the plugin into the appropriate Photoshop Plugin folder * D:\Program Files\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Required\Plug-Ins\File Formats * D:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\File Formats 5. Copy the cubemap scripts from: * .../IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4\PhotoshopScripts\IntelTextureWorks-ConvertCubeMap.jsx * .../IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4\PhotoshopScripts\IntelTextureWorks-CubeMapGaussianBlur.jsx 6. Paste the cubemap scripts into: * D:\Program Files\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Presets\Scripts
  4. Ooops my bad then. Though I gather was not a willing participant for your screens. 😉 The gold and black stripes makes me think of bees. Quite apt. The Camel does seem to buzz around. An angry buzzing bee.
  5. Meant to be bit in jest mate. I can see the differences in those images and when up close. And when bit further away from the could also tell the difference, mainly due to the difference the dope colour, otherwise the markings that stood out on my screen the other night was the two white G’s on the wing and identical blue bands that’s all. Lots of other schemes are going to have similar markings and look similar when flying along from a little further away and above. Meh so what. It not a criticism of you guys personal skins, they are personal and be what you want. And after all mines just meant to look like it could be a historical 10 Squadron scheme (and would not mind seeing a virtual squadron full of them) where the only thing telling most of their planes (from the same flights) apart are serial numbers and sometimes designs on the wheels or slogans/names. Basically impossible to tell unless your next to them.
  6. Good thing with the black and gold. Remains easier to tell you and Gascan apart from a distance in your Camels. Have trouble telling your Bristols apart. 😆
  7. Thought you mentioned at the weekend that you was using my Camel template passed on from Gascan? Because the edited weathering and etc was included in that (and some of the fixes made appear to be visible in the screenshots above that is unless you sorted them also). It's not a new weather layer included in that template though just numerous fixes to the original one. I did intend to start with on uploading at some point for the entire community to use. But kept finding more little niggling problems and never got the template (with regards to the weathering layers) reorganised so that I considered was fit to be shared about for the entire communities consumption. Other things have gotten in the way since and to be honest have now lost the determination to do so. Have lost track of all the various small niggling corrections that I've made since doing the Camel skins but some of the more noticeable (and even then, apart from three, most are not noticeable unless your looking closely from the viewer for problems, and just one visible on your own plane from cockpit) that I remember are; I was just wondering again based on you mentioning at weekend using the template I sent to Gascan. It was the 10 Squadron parts that he was wanting for his and Kotori's personal Camel schemes. So the template I sent across was just the fixed default Camel along with the 10 Squadron relevant bits. Anything else relevant to other schemes I've done was removed. So that had just the two alpha versions included, the default (but fixed) one (named Alpha 1) where the cowlings/panels are bare metal, and then one (named Alpha 2) where these are painted over instead. Have another alpha version that has them part painted. But as that's intended on being grey paint not bare metal and your using your own alpha instead then never mind. 🙂
  8. Camel also featuring metal added back onto the tail skid, some fixes to the alpha, and countless fixes to various weathering layers. 😉 On the silver one for your mate is the metal side panels over the engine part intended to be bare metal? Did you catch these pieces for the coloured tails on the Camel? They are just the corners of the elevators, and corner and underside of the vertical stabiliser.
  9. I was thinking the answer was this also. But looks like for the ‘38 the guns flashes are just there unanimated the whole time. They never appear for the Spitfires and Hurricanes either it seems. More configuration in the viewer would not be unwelcome in my eyes, such as choosing modifications.
  10. IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\viewer\Viewer.exe It's just for viewing the aircraft and tanks in game that you can make custom skins for. Not for viewing any objects that are in game, so no static planes, trucks, buildings etc.
  11. Your forum pins shows that you have those as non-premium interestingly. I'm guessing its going to need the advice Cardboard gives.
  12. He could also edit the bump map (another texture file) for the aircraft. That can also help to improve the faux 3D appearance Beebop mentions. But the downsides to doing so is that (iirc) would require mods on for the edited ones to work. And the same changes would be apparent when using other, non recon variant, skins. It's a one bump map per aircraft deal in Great Battles.
  13. In my experience that should be enough to prevent the engine breaking during dives. I've heard about the full power full mixture trick but never tried it before as keep forgetting about it. So just gave a go doing three dives in the quick mission from ten thousand feet. From start point setting the engine and then nosing down into the dives (something around 70 degree dive would estimate, was diving on enemy flight that was set to be two and half thousand meters ahead at five hundred meters height). First one with full power normal mixture ended, quite soon, with dead engine which was not a surprise. Second doing my usual reduced throttle with blip switch (releasing now and then just enough to keep engine alive) which came rather close to sixteen hundred rpm (over that would go poof) but the engine survived. Then last the full power full mixture trick which lasted quite some time but near the bottom of the dive ended up breaking the engine for me also? Is it during the dive that the engine becomes damaged or are you noticing afterwards on the pull out? As was often the case (sometimes still is) that I would power back up after the dive and then discover that my engine broke at some point. Seemed to be that was putting the power back on too soon. Though @kotori87 found when doing some tests that when the engine is overcooled (which does tend to occur on some dives with reduced throttle and blipping) the engines rpm limitations are reduced so when powering back on afterwards (and the blips during dive) your limits less than the norm. Imagine that the full power full mixture trick its less likely that the engines going to overcool so prob one advantage to that. EDIT: I see Gardimus just touched on that also. During the three dives that mentioned above (well on the latter two of them at least) I checked my airspeed and the needle was against the stop. There was quite some shaking going on but did not break the plane apart, damaged the engine on all but the one where I reduced the throttle and used the blip switch.
  14. Thanks for the advice. The screenshots were taken using a mission that I quickly made along with some edited the fixed views. So that all that was needed to do for the many screenshots was to run the mission (remaining paused) and cycle through the three fixed views taking the screenshots, restart mission, change skin, and repeat. Ensured all would be from the same viewpoints, scenery and lighting etc. No fiddling about in flight needed to get the views that I wanted etc. Ease of use. Assuming I remember correct I fiddled with the weather and sun because I wanted more of a dull grey cloudy appearance to the scenery. The sun in them all is actually coming from in front of the aircraft, rather than in front of the camera, but you are correct about the time of day being used. Odd though then that the screenshots that are taken from the port quarter look the best for lighting in my opinion? Perhaps its due to the haze then making the background the "strongest light" in the profile shots and putting more shadow on the aircraft then, when the port quarter view has the darker sea for background instead? I probably cannot (or rather would prefer to not) have more missions (or do the shots manually) just so that the sun can always be behind the camera. I've got a couple of 8 Squadron schemes that should be ready in the not too distant future so can try change the lighting for them as a start and see what you all think. Try change the time of day then. Maybe see whether less haze has any effect? Would having the sun from the rear of aircraft be better than front of aircraft also?
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