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  1. Yeh I was never (and am still not) into making them handle easier or less realistic, and prefered to keep the pitch up tendancies and etc. But was a useful feature in order to ensure that in a aircraft where the virtual levers are increased/decreased in one direction that you are operating your physical levers in that same direction, and that when you hop into another aircraft where the levers do the opposite your physical levers also do the opposite. Gave you flexibility rather than having to choose a control setup and stick to that one setup no matter the aircraft.
  2. The plane dependant curves combined with importing/exporting keybindings are something that I miss from Rise of Flight. Well not so much the curves themselves but being able to invert the axis dependant on the plane in use. They enabled me to change my controls setup to reflect the aircraft I am using with nothing more than a quick keybinding import and swapping the coloured knobs around on my two Saitek Throttle Quadrants. So yeah I would love to see those come to Great Battles, which is apparently the topic of this thread.
  3. Here you go; Pilot Notes for Tempest.zip The keybinding for that lever is just Wheel brakes and while using that keybind the amount of Plane Control: Yaw you give determines the amount of right or left brake used. Indeed its the same system that the Spitfire V, Spitfire IX and also the Hurricane (once that arrives ought to) use. If that does not work then theres something funky going on with your game as the Tempest works fine and just like both Spitfires for me..
  4. Here's the entire pilot notes then; Pilot_Notes_-_Spitfire_IX,_XI,_XVI.pdf I tend to do the same in game as @Dark_P states also. And that data seems to work a charm when in game, the engine modes the game states switch between cruising/combat/emergency as you switch between the continuous/climbing/combat settings that the notes state.
  5. Dunno about WW2 aircraft but some WW1 aircraft have the engine controls on the right instead. The Sopwith ½ Strutter such an aircraft that comes to mind at least judging from Rise of Flight. This thread has made me realise about some differences between some planes in FC versus RoF to query in the FC subforum. Just checked again and the Bristol Fighter also has it's throttle on the right (mixture on the left) just as it did in Rise of Flight.
  6. Since when? Continued to work for me on 4th December. Do not think I've had any updates to IL2 since then? EDIT: Just checked again and mine continue to work fine. So assume you've made a whoopsie somewhere. I dunno whether its case sensitive but my folder that I created as per Jasons path above was Worldobjects not WorldObjects. Within that folder is the fixcameras folder and within that is Planes and Vehicles. Perhaps you have included an extra fixcameras folder when unzipping? Also running in Mods On mode?
  7. Nope its not meant to be but mentioned yesterday in the Discord so they are aware.
  8. I do not believe your second image, with greater variables, shows the Bristol but instead shows the DH4, RE8, FE2B or Strutter (can tell due to where the fuselage blocks part of the bombsights view). The third image does but appears (poor image quality though) to show the same limited variables as in the Bristols bombsight in FC anyway. From my memory and also consulting the manual for Rise of Flight the same limited variables for the Bristols bombsight are evident there. Here is also the same image that your third one shows but in better quality zoomed to show the airspeed and altitude parameters, you can see same limited variables. So yeah I am seeing nothing wrong. The issue with the bombsight is just that we were given the Bristol Fighter rather than the DH4. 😄
  9. Sweet got a bit excited when I saw the changelog mention changing the Pilots dependant on nation assigned, but then realised my excitement was premature as was just only stating for specific aircraft (P51, P47 and B25 iirc?). Good to know that this is going to be rolled out to other aircraft which makes sense for also.
  10. My wishes are basically the Entente aircraft that were available within Rise of Flight plus the Shorts 184 with working torpedo.
  11. Yeh thats not up either. J99, Zoo Wings, Shooting Stars and Hot Balls are the choices being shown me at the moment.
  12. Going to pop on tonight also, for the 8-12 GMT window.
  13. Rhineland is Bodenplatte. That’s in the career feature rather than campaigns though.
  14. The downloads in the thread linked below, any constructive criticism welcome there also.
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