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  1. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that also as I suspect that might also be an Fleet Air Arm machine? As the aircraft were apparently pooled together for the operation and VCS-7 was using British machines. And also The Squadrons and Units of the Fleet Air Arm gives the squadron code for 897 Squadron as being 4A+ in June 1944. The book states that the squadron was equipped with Spitfire L.Vb and was under 3rd Naval Fighter Wing (attached as the Air Spotting Pool of 34 Reconnaissance Wing) based at Lee On Solent, so alongside VCS-7. Oh that aircraft being painted gives me good hope tha
  2. WORK IN PROGRESS 26/03/2021 Faeces....................... Decided to download the template for the S.E.5A and start work on that. The navy in February 1917 ordered 49 aircraft from British Caudron to be given the serial numbers N6030 through to N6079. But this contract was then cancelled and the serial numbers reallocated. Seems this might have been the following month as there was an March 1918 order for the same number of Nieuport 17bis from Nieuport & General to be given these serial numbers but that then too was cancelled (does not state the numbers were realloc
  3. Do not believe so. The pool of aircraft at the aerodromes are replenished every 30 minutes. Unless that's what you meant. But for you finish your flight and get another aircraft (assuming the pool of aircraft at the aerodrome is not exhausted) the time you need to wait is either 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. Though there was also an 1 minute timer for ending flight.
  4. Rather sure I’ve seen that their skins are available on HSD. EDIT: phone fat finger autocorrect
  5. I'm rather sure that C Sector was also into Phase 3 also. I seem to remember that was just the tanks as the remaining obstacle. Saw those tank markers getting knocked down again and again by those defending there. I think Sector C was the first sector to go into that phase but also the one held there the longest? Sector B was into Phase 3 but as I transited southwards after A Sector was lost to the Germans it appeared that Sector B had not lost any of it's Phase 3 objectives to the Germans. Yep just checked Hot Lead's stream;
  6. Brief Description: Airscrew Spinning (With Sound) Without Engine On (Maybe During Repair) Detailed Description: Sometimes when sat on the ground other aircraft that are also sat on the ground and have their engines turned off continue to display their airscrews rotating (with accompanying whirling sound) as though the engine was on (but with no engine sound). In the example provided in the video below both aircraft @gascan were trying to repair their damaged aircraft (so engines were most definitely turned off) though whether it's related to repairing or not I do not know. Sorry but I've
  7. There is a Cross & Cockade article about James Glen in 9 Squadron RNAS that includes some quotes from someone's diary and one of these mentions Buckingham and Sparker tracer on their Camels.
  8. Brief Description: Bristol Adjustable Stabiliser Control Animation Incomplete Detailed Description: I'm presuming that animations for controls are covered in this thread. I've noticed that when using the adjustable stabiliser the control (the handbrake-esq lever on the right of the seat) in the Bristol Fighter that it's animated for just half of the axis according to the techno chat. The lever moves when the axis is in negative numbers but does not move when the axis is in positive numbers. I've attached a video where you can hopefully see this occurring. I've tried to look around the co
  9. SKINS ADDED 08/04/2021 The three schemes mentioned in previous post have been uploaded to HSD and are awaiting curation; As I've got some good source images from some Cross & Cockade articles I'm considering doing some late 1917 schemes for 9 Squadron (the ones where the fuselage cockades are erased out) next. Or maybe I will once and for all download and get to grips with the SE5a template to do one of the very few (and boring) examples that the RNAS obtained in March 1918 along with a personal scheme.
  10. Are you asking for your own curiosity or checking whether the OP also needs to find that?
  11. I bought a copy of The DH4/DH9 File (by Sturtivant et al) not too long ago in preparation for skinning the DH4 once this aircraft and it's template have arrived in Flying Circus Volume 2. Something I noticed in the in this book are that there are a number of images of DH4's with clear vision panels on them. Rather than the cut-outs seen on the Sopwith Camel these appear to be the transparent panels as seen on the Sopwith 1½ Strutter in Rise of Flight. The pilot for the DH4 sits rather squarely underneath the top wing (as in the 1½ Stutter) giving him a rather poor view
  12. What side do you wish to be on for the Operation Michael campaign? a) Entente Prefered b) Entente Only c) Central Preferred d) Central Only e) Either Side f) I am not participating.
  13. Yeh I realise that also. But then what’s the point in the first question even existing if the side preference is also for attendance. Just have one question. 😆
  14. Yeh that’s what the poll results state. The faults not on you. You’ve hit what you intended. Just for some reason the 4/3/21 Notice on the first post has a screenshot of a spreadsheet with the team assignments and has listed you in there for Ententes team along with four other pilots.
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