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  1. multiplayer event like black september last year was
  2. Fairey Fulmar Short Type 184 As for the other question unsure. But the Airco DH4 was an aircraft that I rather enjoyed in Rise of Flight. And imagine it would be cool to use as a torpedo bomber. So the Airco DH4 modified to use torpedos.
  3. Yeh did not know where else to mention these (no dedicated thread for the templates unlike for example the Spitfire Vb). Waste of its own thread. And have seen others mention issues in here so figured to add here also. I shall private message him instead then, cheers.
  4. And I will do for mine (as I said small issues). But figured should mention. Or rather that I say nothing? Not let others know and keep it to myself? Noticed these are not covered either in their metal texture like the defaults;
  5. Just noticed couple small issues with the Sopwith Camel template; The struts have large random dot covering their alpha. Looks as though this was from the roundel on the aileron beneath but not excluded from the struts? Some of the struts are missing the metal disc on them. I've also provided screen shots showing the difference between the struts on the default skins compared to the skin produced with the template.
  6. Yeh I’ve seen the motion sickness in game. There was videos in the general part of the forums showing the same thing. So went and tried it myself also. That said I’ve not experienced it when I’ve just been flying about on servers and etc. Maybe I have succumbed to the motion sickness and just not realised though.
  7. I jumped onto the JG1 server shortly after 20:00 and there was none. So after a sortie or two without anyone else hopped onto J5 and then about ten other pilots turned up. Even though its not the kind of numbers seen on the Sundays was great fun, for most part because got to use voice communications with another pilot and work as a team.
  8. Given their chosen ride the likely folder to place them is going to be; \1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\skins\Spad13 The thread for that skin pack does not mention any other aircrafts other than the SPAD 13 either so yeh chuck them in there.
  9. Going to be there (bout an hour later).
  10. I was on the Discord last night also Hagar. I was on my own to start with also. But GCF then came on, later departed onto another Discord in order to have Uriah wing up also (must have been before you jumped on). Having comms last night with one or two others was great. I think it’s a great multiplier. Anytime I jump onto the server I will be hanging on the Discord.
  11. Some great flights and fights tonight.
  12. Sorry no, I no longer understand. I read and checked out the diagrams when you posted them, and have done so again to be sure. I understand the things you are saying there. And I've always understood these things to be behind the reasons for having the missions in game include an optimal altitude where you need to do fewer passes to complete the mission. But Sizzlorr has stated that this is not a factor in the missions, this seemed to contradict other information and is reason I quoted the changelog. So for the missions in game which is the case;
  13. Yes I get that but was rather more the "optimal altitude to minimize passes is 2100m, but you can run it between 1400m and 2800m" part the in the changelog (continued to be reinforced by the maps tooltips and other players prior advice) as that mentions that optimum being to minimize the passes required. But as its now being said this is all nonsense then the closer to 2800 meters is instead the optimal for minimizing your time (so long as one can be accurate) over the target area. I shall adjust my own conduct of recon missions accordingly then.
  14. I've got the edtracker pro wired and the settings that I've settled on are having the scaling variables at thier lowest, and the smoothing at its maximum, also have response mode set to linear. And rather than assigning the edtracker axis to the pilots head keybindings you run opentrack (or similar) using the edtracker axis as the source (joystick input) and that gets sent to the game as though its trackir.
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