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  1. I am British also. So let me just say I am not in agreement with your statement. Anything more could say would break rule 7.
  2. Some people seem to attach meanings to them. Though I would advise not to attach any meaning onto flares fired from someone else. Just attach meanings to those fired from yourself and your wing mates.
  3. Indeed I've responded to such posts before with "dear god no".
  4. To be honest yeah, if he is referring to the "community unanimously agreeing" that the DM we got with FC was better than RoF then Arthur is right. As I have every now and then in the developer diary discussions seen some people wishing for the old wing shedding. I am definitely not one of them though. Other than the glass wings everything else that I am seeing and hearing when playing the new update is good. But yeah the wings are rather fragile now. Seems would be better now when attacking someone to cause some limited damage to the wings (they either try evade to shake you off leading to them dismantling themselves, else try to keep themselves in one piece through careful manoeuvring leading them to be an easy target for you to continue plugging away at defenceless) rather than going for meat and metal. It's not the same DM as in Rise of Flight of course. But the end result does to most of our eyes appear similar.
  5. Yeh the Bristol does seem to be more sturdy in the wings than the Halberstadt. Bristol does soak up more rounds than the Halberstadt but relatively easy to get the wings to crumple on them also. Sorry for the poor video, game performed much better than the video suggests. The Bristol does have an extra pair of struts so indeed perhaps the Halberstadt is more lightly built in the wings. Quick disclaimer do not take my videos and etc as knocking the developers, am very grateful for all the improvements that they continue to bring us. Some of the visual damage I'm seeing now I've never seen occur before and the sound reflecting what has been hits great!
  6. Just flown again some. And that's one thing indeed lots of holes. Also something that I've not been noticing before but am now and can also been seen in your screenshot: struts shot away!
  7. Alright going to shoot up some Bristols then. And yes indeed definitely. I also tend to defer to the dev teams changes. Just the much rarer crumpling of wings (along with the crumpling wings due to excessive G) that we have so far had in Flying Circus has been much more preferable to what existed in Rise of Flight. Felt better and more varied shoot downs. And I realise this is just early initial impressions also.
  8. Initial sorties I am seeing somewhat the opposite unfortunately. Camel against Halberstadt and I am going through their wings as a knife through butter. The new sounds that I am hearing when my Camel is hit or damaged are most welcome though.
  9. Should do. It’s been asked and said many times before that the new damage modelling is going to cover all 50-something aircraft in the game.
  10. rather sure the answer is no, its the name that differentiates one skin from another in the game
  11. You mean the cockpit photos? They are 1024 x 1024 saved as DDS (BXT5) images. Though the entire image size is not used. So suggest copying and opening one the existing cockpit photos and working from those to figure out your workable area.
  12. In your user settings; https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/212517297-Text-to-Speech-101
  13. Are the repair/rearm/refuel features supposed to become disabled as you pass through the various war stress levels? Because last night the time came that Redman, Hagar and Zatch were being forced to use the rear aerodromes, so war stress 3. I was able to continue my sortie a little longer. But later landed at Lealvillers to discover that I was still able to use the repair/rearm/refuel on this aerodrome, get back in the air without needing to respawn in the rear aerodromes, and rejoin the others as they became engaged with the Poles around Beauquesne. Here is the logs from my mission should they help. Though repairing/rearm/refuel actions are not logged, just the landings etc each time, and I am unsure at what time each war stress was achieved. http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/sortie/log/46397/?tour=11
  14. ^ This in essence is my mixed feelings. It's a well done video, some interesting camera angles (amazing what some can achieve with the same tools) and etc. But something strange about various footage. Too many observation balloons. Various sounds seem changed from in game or at least tweaked to me. The scene destroying the observation balloon with the flare pistol. Along with what Larner noted. So for a promotion for FC does not quite seem to represent FC (nor the Great War) in my eyes.
  15. Yeh this was in the developer diary two hours ago. 😉 I've mixed feelings about the video to be honest.
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