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  1. Not an answer to your question. But realise that tank guns are going to be part of Tank Crew rather than Flying Circus. There are no player usable tanks in the latter. The mods subforum for Tank Crew is probably the best place to find anyone that might know how to achieve what your want. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/142-mods/ Or the mods subforum for Great Battles series as a whole. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/114-mods/
  2. Eurgh I've not done too much flying in either the standard career nor Pat Wilsons campaign generator for Great Battles but in Rise of Flight that was my main grip with Pat Wilsons. Going about and seeing some artillery gun doing a Jesus lizard impression was rather immersion ruining. Despite that still ended up preferring Pat Wilsons anyway due to acknowledgement that royal naval air service pilots existed.
  3. Yes and no. No sure answer as to the colour for PC10. And could vary between chocolate brown and olive drab depending on the mixture and time spent exposed to the elements. Though PC12 is stated as being dark chocolate brown. At least that's according to Wingnuts and have seen the same stated elsewhere.
  4. Or at least was once they ceased to be 3 Squadron RNAS and became 203 Squadron RAF. Not sure what to make about that. Does appear awfully bright. But then again the earth in the foreground also appears awfully bright. And other areas of his aircraft look like they are being affected a bit differently by the light/camera to the other aircraft also, darker wooden fuselage panels, darker dope, darker shadows on the undercarriage struts. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Or rather perhaps an indication of the opposite. I do not remember where but remember learning that the varnish coatings can come out appearing quite dark in images (and tbh is noticeable in images). So maybe just that his cabane/interplane struts are darker tone (similar to the wooden fuselage panels) due to varnish on them while the others are lighter as they are unvarnished (or worn) or been painted over.
  5. To be honest I just wonder whether the apparent border is just the image playing tricks. Because to my eyes the image also shows a darkened ring around the unit marking (white circle) and cockade. And that does not seem probable. But do indeed cast suspicion upon that profile getting things reasonably accurate. I've not got much that I can source for question at hand (dare say adding more questions instead) but this is what The Camel File has to say about 203 Squadrons markings; Should note that Wingnuts seems to conclude that the colour used on the squadrons C Flight machines was grey instead as that is how they have depicted Edmund Pierces B7275 in March and April 1918. So could the marking be made up of grey (or some light reflective blue) with white border? Though he was squadron commander around this time right? So not sure whether he would be within any flight as such, and his machine might not therefore follow this same pattern as others in the squadron? Note on the serials and other details (some visible some hidden in the image) that might prove some use. D3417 was built at Clayton Shuttleworth and handed over by 17th May 1918. The machine reached 203 Squadron on 29th May 1918 and remained with the squadron come January 1919. And this is what The Camel File has to say about machines built at Clayton Shuttleworth; So the handling markings if you intend on including them (hidden on the photo) ought to be changed from white to black. And the marking just forward of the tailskid is Clayton Shuttleworth's builders mark. I've got a work in progress (just needs the eagle) of Edmund Pierces B7275 which is also a Clayton Shuttleworth machine and you can use the graphic I've made for this Clayton Shuttleworth marking should you wish. CLAYTON SHUTTLEWORTH.zip
  6. It’s the initial creation of the models and textures etc that was done through 3rd party contractors. Everything else about those modules is the core dev team. And dev team added features to Great Battles series that would flesh out those modules, binoculars and blip switches for example. So I would also not characterise them as spin offs (cautious expansion of the scope of Great Battles more like). It’s the same game everything is just content within that game. Flying Circus Volume 2 gets my vote also. Please add to the poll.
  7. Ah thank you that's done the trick. Am not a proper mission maker so excuse the editor newb. Just use it to have a mission ready where I can take images for skins I make.
  8. I'm getting the error when trying to open the .mission files in the editor. So unable to resave them through that. I presume this tool in the resaver folder is what I need to use instead then? Searching the forums now to find out hot to use MissionResaver.
  9. Um yep shows as available but I think you've uploaded the file from this thread here instead of the RAF 851ATH font.
  10. Do you mean the Avenger? Yes there were Avengers within the timeframe and area that Battle of Normandy is covering. These (Mark I and Mark II) were operating from shore bases. Also possible for shore based with the Fleet Air Arm in the area and timeframe for Battle of Normandy are Seafire L.III, Seafire F.III, Spitfire L.Vb, Swordfish I and Swordfish III.
  11. He meant the Spitfire and Tempest both having a different brake mapping compared to the Mustang that OP mentioned. Not when compared to each other.
  12. The answer is no. The Martlets and Hellcats keep being brought up as suggestions for Battle of Normandy aircraft. These were aboard the three escort carriers that participated (Tracker, Emperor, Pursuer). But quite apart from them being carrier borne during the operation theres the issue that they were not used anywhere we have in game. The carriers and their aircraft were some 130 miles further west than Lands End. The in game Normandy map would need to be pushed westwards twice the size to even get Lands End in.
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