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  1. Mikie..32 bit will install on a 64 bit system...and I'm still locked out of our website. Merry Xmas to all. -Surf
  2. Ahh...looks like a global thing. Didja get the disk? -Surf
  3. Volcom and I did some BoS runs on the Syn server Saturday. I've been focusing on Transport runs in the He111. LOVE that aircraft. Mikie...I've been FROZEN out of our server, fyi. -Surf
  4. I used toe brakes exclusively to taxi German aircraft. I don't touch my stick until nearing rotation speed.
  5. Although I'm running a 6000 x 1080 desktop I'm running BoS @ 1920 x 1080 on my center display. Due to the navigation challenges I like a map on my left monitor and key mapping for my Thrustmaster MFD's. My frame rates are great, but for me to run BoS at my desktop resolutionI would need to ramp up my GPU more. Once I graduate from training mode Eyefinity will become an attractive option. Bigger PSU, two new GPU's and I'll be good. But not until I can figure out where the heck I am!
  6. Just curious...how are everyone's navigational skills progressing? VFR is fun...but most challenging in BoS. Love the He111 and this software.
  7. I love the sound of the APU spooling up on the He111 prior to cranking. And the sound of the of the engines purring a cruising speed from the nose gunner's position is...ahh...quite immersive.
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