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  1. I think there are 22 3090 cards on Newegg's website as of today so saying 3090 alone doesn't help as this maybe a card specific issue and not all 3090's are equal. Hope you sort it out.
  2. @=LG=Blakhart I must say the new plane set is exactly what I had been requesting for awhile! Thanks for finally implementing this into the game! There is no universal gain to automatically give everyone a particular collectors aircraft as an upgrade if everyone doesn't have it. Awesome job in finding away to fix that issue.
  3. I have been wondering about this myself! Actually, The Bf 109K-4 and the Fw 190D-9 were equipped with a windscreen cleaning mechanism. let's make this happen development team!
  4. We are all regurgitating different versions of the same points over and over. Short of turning X-Plane into an air combat simulator - the best we can ever have to choose from is either IL-2 GB or DCS to recreate WWII aerial combat with some sense of realism regarding flight modeling. To everyone, sorry your favorite aircraft doesn't quite meet your expectation - it's not a fair world we live in.
  5. @PatrickAWlson is spot on. Fact is, we are not recreating historically accurate air combat. The P-47 was designed for high altitude escort (hence the big ass supercharger) and it was at its best > 30,000 ft. (9,000M). I promise you, no one in any game is flying that high, so you WILL be flying by yourself . Between 1,000M (~3,300ft) and 2,500M (~8,000ft) the G-14 (The second common German aircraft used on late '44 servers) has a significant rate of climb advantage over the P-47D. Since this is where almost all of online combat takes place, an experienced 109 online p
  6. @PatCartier Nice work! Time to work on the Dec 17th 1944 combat mission b/w I. and III. JG 26 against P-47s the 404th FG and P-38s from the 474th FG.
  7. Well President Jimmy Carter(the 39th). However, we were too dense for it to stick! Counting in increments of 10, makes since to me!
  8. @Denum You cannot definitively say one round is too effective or not effective enough until you have all rounds used in a particular aircraft modeled. Until then, you cannot make a correct comparison. Thus, the only argument I think is valid is the need for the API round. If we had the AP round modeled, then we could say the issue is with a certain round.
  9. I'm am looking for a EVGA FTW3 ULTRA or a ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090 and I am not paying more than MSRP out of principle. I don't mind waiting until July to build my rig. I am not buying a bot to shop for me, nor am I camping out anywhere! I hope all you scalpers out there take a loss on their loot and choke on those losses.
  10. Word of advice, just do a quick Goggle search before you go throwing out assumptions. You loose creditability that way. FYI, $250 USD is chump change for some of the people here (not me ). Also, sleek is in the eye of the owner.
  11. I am very happy with my setup so I don't dream. @SharpeXB However, they are much closer than you think.
  12. The fact is there is no substitute for the real thing. Even with VR, without a fake in cockpit hand with tactile or haptic feedback to simulate where your, there will be no way to make the idea truly realistic. This is the sole reason I don't use VR and every will until a force feedback glove that is integrated into the VR environment. When we get to that point, I can see the developers investing time and resources on something no more than 20 - 30% of the community will use.
  13. If you paste the mission in here, I will be more than happy to fix it for you
  14. JG7_X-Man

    B-25 Poll

    Sorry - The game engine is too advanced for 4 engine aircraft. LOL economic models and flight models have more than numbers in common. Building it doesn't necessarily mean "...they will buy it". Thus, one might as well be working for free.
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