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  1. Well looks like you guys have a vision - hope it works out. I guess is no Me 262s online until the P-51 and Tempest come online. Which is why I think the Spit XIVe would be a great addition too!
  2. Very interesting! I would never had though the Me 262 would be that much of an issue. Even at 700 Km/h Pe-2 gunners have not problem with them - I would think all the only thing RED pilots have to do it turn when the Swallow is in range.
  3. OK Talon - Statistics 101 "Correlation does not equal to causation". Remember that statement whenever someone throws a stat into a conversation. The reason RED players are not joining maybe an issue with other factors, and not the aircraft that is available on the BLUE side. Let me toss some other reasons: How many players and ratio of RED vs BLUE are flying on your server versus other servers with similar settings. Number of aircraft (and mods available) for their "prefered" aircraft type available when they join your server versus other servers with similar settings. How much time is left on your server when they join in relation to the above stated reasons. What map is currently playing when they decide to join. I (...and I seriously doubt others) have never checked a server to see what aircraft the "other" side has available before joining. On the other hand, I have checked to see if the Bf 109s have "hood removed mod" available or if the late BF 109s have the 30mm cannons available.
  4. True - However, that was the old days when you walked around best buy, fry's or micro center and stumbled upon it. These days you actually have to know what you're looking for. My notion regarding '44 Normandy needing allied heavy bombers because they played a major role:
  5. Great conversation! However there are a few issues. #1 - Although a western theater map would be great idea, I don't see such a product working with the current line of maps. I think Bragaton or Berlin would bring more closer to the Eastern Front than BOBp and the concept of Normandy. Not to mention the IL-2 aircraft/brand wouldn't be so catchy in the west as the IL-2 isn't a household name is it is in the East. Thus it will not get any "impulse purchasers" without rebranding the game. #2 - I heard the current engine cannot handle the # of gunner positions in the B-17 and B-24. #3 - As the CoD is still on the market, creating a western map would cannibalize their own sales. Making a product to compete with a product you already have out there is a MKT 101 no no.
  6. LOL a sucker is born every minute LOL
  7. LOL JG51_Ogg! You just made my F#$%! day! You have now be upgraded from funny - to funny as hell! Haha
  8. There were one offs, but nothing warranting any missions. Thank you acknowledging RADAR would be a requirement do do it correctly. I am sure there would have been more mission flow at night by "day" aircraft in real life if they could tweak gamma settings of the night sky LOL!
  9. Well it is not very realistic for "day" fighters to fly at night, which is why no serious server intertain night missions. Aircraft have to be equipped with the correct equipment to be and effective weapon. Example: Assume any aircraft that does not have an attitude indicator is "100%" a day/fair weather fighter. There is a reason the RAF didn't launch fighters against the luftwaffe bombers during the blitz. They literally "watched the fireworks" from the ground. My guess is during the early days one or two did but quickly found out it was an futile concept LOL (...you can't kill what you can't see nor find).
  10. None - until the IL-2 developers made the AI Pe-2 gunners marksmen with deadly aim not affected by turbulent air, unstable mounted surface (...even when the pilot is maneuvering), fear nor battle fatigue. Don't bother with the flames or rationalization - heard them all.
  11. Oh no! I remember him from the 'ol IL-2 FB days - may his soul rest in peace! Our loss!
  12. No dude - a nightmare would be to be to find yourself in real life combat and somehow make it out alive. Today being Memorial Day in the US is the day we pay respect and give thanks for all of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. So as you play make believe, remember real people died, Thus, when you use the word "nightmare" - it is a bit much as truth be told, you can just turn your computer off.
  13. Well I have read all your posts about the RED side winning both maps and I think there is only three true facts. This is just a game created by humans from a bunch of 1s and 0s and thus it will never be perfect. One side will either win or draw with multiple reasons for either possible outcome. None of it all really matters at the end of the day because it if just virtual reality. The 1st of which was brought to us by Marie Antoinette - bless her heart!
  14. The next time you get snipped by an AI gunner immediately log off and throw yourself off a bridge!
  15. Hey admin - can I throw a suggestion out there, if you don't like it - please feel free and throw it back Since I do not own the MC.202 and have no plans of purchasing it, can those of us that don't have the "collector's aircraft" have the option of getting the same number in the downgrade or a split? So in this case the option to have either 1 F-2 and 1 F-4 or 2F-2s. If it would cause too much of a headache to program - I totally get it. Just a suggestion.
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