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  1. Actually - If you look at the % of aircraft lost on both sides, they do not support your hypothesis.
  2. Actually - you are incorrect, this is exactly what you would expect where fuel/ammo/engine reusability were not an issue. This will always be the issue. I have said it time and time again. We cannot simulate the reasons Luftwaffe lost the war in an online game.
  3. Yeah why read where I can just show you That said - I understand what you are trying to say. A 30 mm round hitting a wingtip of a 4 engined bombers will not bring the aircraft down but as you can see from that video, the Spit now has the same flight charastics of a brick. 2-3 rounds will bring a B-17/B-24/Lancaster etc.. down. No one is aiming for a wingtip dude.
  4. Ahh!!! See I had a feeling it was user error!
  5. Who excited? Me or the guy? I still flew over 53 minutes and landed at an active base? Plus - I lost my Fw 190D-9! If this is just flying for the hell of it - that's cool too, just let me know.
  6. So I guess something is broken in TAW. I shot down an A-20, and the kill was registered - but no kill was actually awarded. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=25530&name=JG7_X-Man What was really weird is the guys was flying with his gear down. Not sure if that is some sort of bug that was being exploited.
  7. I don't think it's dumb - but it depends on a few factors: It's about not playing at a disadvantage, by choice LOL How far you sit from the monitor makes the most difference. I have noticed with my 55" at 8-12 ft you need to be 1080p to be competitive online. Offline, it's just you and AI so 4K is OK. In debating b/w VR and an Ultrawide, I chose an Ultrawide and at 3ft away, you can run this at 4K and still be highly competitive online. I personally will be holding out on VR until the technology matures and games will come fully integrated with the VR headset and haptic and force feedback gloves. However, I do appreciate all the early adopters keeping the cash flow going. To think my joystick choice was made in 2010, while my 2019 VPC MongoosT-50CM2 sits in a box tells me all I need to know about how this may end.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I too had only been using this in sound mode only. 100% agree - this is now the best thing since sliced bread!
  9. I just purchased the Samsung CRG9 49" and I love it! My flying has gotten better too as I can see the bandit earlier than with my 55" LG OLED. As any of our resident aces will tell you, starting your offensive maneuvers (i.e putting your aircraft into the most favorable shooting position) before the other guy is the key to any successful engagement. Which is why the F-15 and now the F-22 is the king of the skies. I am 3 ft from my screen at 5120x1440 @120Hz is perfect! With my LG 55" OLED, I had to set it to 1080P sitting 12ft away.
  10. We moved to a new house and the room my wife gave me to game in is quite bigger than my previous two 15x15 rooms so I had to go back to a desktop monitor. After reading several reviews, I went with the Samsung CRG9 QLED 49" and I love it! Does anyone use this beautiful beast? Any tips on graphic settings?
  11. That's what I read and the fact is the aircraft has two uses - Ground Attack (B-1) and as a fighters (A-1). Not sure what restricted use is required. I was foremost debating the use of aircraft not to mention it's the last 0/1 inline so only a few will have that plane before the map rotates anyway.
  12. Exactly! The issue is cowards die multiple times before their actual deaths.
  13. Copy that sir! The thing about opinions is that everyone has one. Just because you have one doesn't mean yours is correct. You run your server the way you want and let TAW admin run their server the way they want. If you are looking for someone to blame - I would say IL-2 development team for not making the Me 262 a collectors' plane (... I am glad we have it! I like the late ware stuff anyway). However, the aircraft did see combat in WW II thus it should be in the TAW PERIOD! One of the SCG guys made a very good observation - most will blow up/crash on takeoff and those that manage to take-off will not use the aircraft to its strength and will more than likely get shot down anyway. Only a handful of people will be effective in that aircraft so I were flying RED - which I don't, I have no reason to be so scared.
  14. Guys - what's the deal with the map? Cleared cache same issue.
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