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  1. Hi developers - Just a reminder . Would it be possible to keep the following aircrafts in mind? RAF: Spitfire II (A & B wing), Early Hawker Typhoon (Car Door), Blenheim Mk IV and the Westland Lysander (maybe?) Luftwaffe: Fw 190A-2 and the Fi 156 (maybe?) as a possible "Empire Strikes Back" Pack to go with the up and coming BoN map later down the road? Big fan of the "Learn toward Europe" phase with the Circuses, Rodeos and Ramrods. This map would be perfect for it as daylight raids over London were almost non existent from '41 on which would could be named BoD (Dieppe).
  2. What I think is most interesting other than is his comparison of the handlining differences of the Fw 190 and Me 109.Was the story about Heinz "Negus" Marquardt (Thanks @Bremspropeller) landing in a field behind his parents house with Erich after a mission.
  3. Copy that! We all the same thing - correct (corrected) data used where reasonably possible to correctly simulate flight and weapon characteristics of WWII aircraft. I think the developers are doing just that.
  4. We will let the developers come up with there own Your calculations are all all incorrect as the pilot can't recline past the headrest. See below where the magenta line is:
  5. Hey guys since RED has 37mm in '43 maps, why no 109 with 30mm?
  6. Several things to point out here: You don't see parts flying off aircraft with .303s RAF air aim a tad suspect as you can see tracers crossing the convergence range behind the aircraft.
  7. I was escorting the ACG squad flying Bf 110s to hit some tanks a few days ago. @ACG_Smokejumper alerted me that my Bf 109E was venting (bellowing smoke because my radiators were not set correctly). Unknowing, he used my favorite movie line ever! After apologizing for "ghosting" them and managed through the mission, I landed and went offline to figure a way around the issue. I found out that I can eye ball the deflection b/w the fully open and full close positions for both the oil and water radiators. Way to go @Han and team for adding those little details! In this case, I really didn't need techno chat to figure out my radiator settings. Even in the He 111, I can read my gauges to figure out RPM thanks to my "Cheat Sheet" mod from @SAS_Storebror but I know there are other things you need techno chat for that are not modeled, but how crucial are they. Exactly! Aion could see Cocho's tracers but decided to attack anyway.
  8. @E69_MijasThe E69 guys are pretty stand up so it must have been a case of mistaking a Pe-2 for Bf 110 (.i.e. new guy). That said, the clue is always that AI will not shoot at friendly, even when attacked, so if the gunners are not firing at you - it's a friendly!
  9. I call Spitfire Ia and Ib (complete with jamming tendencies).
  10. The issue here is where did his data come from? Authors of non fiction tend to site their sources. This guy doesn't have the work numbers like Peter Rodeicke so he is just regurgitating "something" he read and calling it fact.
  11. Ahhhh! Thank you! I was looking at the min operational weight of the A-8 vs the A-3 and A-5 and noticed a 6% difference. I figured the A-8 must have had a bigger tank, but it's an additional tank instead. I see!
  12. LOL is it just me or did this statement just support what we "The Against" this conversation have been saying all along. .50 cal needed at least 2 sec on target. You do know the gun cam footage we see is in slow motion right?
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