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  1. You couldn't be more wrong! I would suggest you read up on the evolution of the use of aircraft in combat. There are great documentaries on the subject as well This is how it started - Initially, balloons were used for reconnaissance. Then aircraft took up the role of troop movement monitoring (scout planes). Eventually, these scout planes were armed and dispatched to shoot down other scouting (thus the pursuit aircraft was born). So if you were wondering, the "P" in P-40, P-39, P-47, P-51 etc... stand for "Pursuit". Using aircraft as bombers did come first - but contrary to what AI in this game would led you to believe is that bombers needed fighter cover to be effective (in daylight anyway). There is a reason why the USAAF came up with the 25 mission max for bomber crews. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-articles/wwii-b-24-liberator-hot-stuff-setting-record-straight.html
  2. The E-4 was more common than the E-3 (yes - I would love the nose cannon, but if we had to choose, I'd take the E-4). Hurricane IIA and Spitfire Ia/bs would have seen combat with E-4.
  3. For all you "Mossie" lovers out there - here is some news that may come as a surprise to you. Don't hate me, I just the messenger...
  4. The A-7 had the dual 131s vs 17s mounted over the cowling - which are more effective in bring down fighters so basically - NOT the same aircraft
  5. Just keeping with the period - JG 26 and JG2 (the only 2 units in the west) were flying more Fw 190A-7s in June of 1944, than the Fw 190A-6s which were being phased out Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen" and Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" Note: On D-Day the 1st Luftwaffe aircraft over the beaches were Fw 190A-7s from JG26.
  6. Bringing the Spit XIV was a good move - better late than never. Can I get some support for the Fw 190A-7 instead of the A-6 (which was more late '42/early '43)
  7. Sound business decision! Fact is - European Theater is where the money is! Good call guys Now you can use the money make to fund your passion projects. On a side note: Stab./JG26, I./JG26, II./JG 26 were flying an even mix of the Fw 190A-7 and Fw 190A-8s in early June of '44. Also, III./JG 26 were flying the Bf 109G-6 Late (with an even mix of the /U4 variants). This is according to Donald Caldwell's JG 26 Top Guns of the Luftwaffe. https://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg26.htm Bottom of the page Maybe the dev team can add the Fw 190A-7 too? I for sure will buy them all - and buying them for my homie RudeRapotor (Merry Christmas Buddy!)
  8. Is would be a great environmental effect that would be welcome. I have mentioned this before but as someone that uses Active Sky Next with P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11, it would be a great effect to add to IL-2 GBs For those that don't understand what I am talking about: When you are sitting in your virtual cockpit and fly though either clouds, fog or smoke - the view between canopy and wing doesn't fade as it would in real life. The visibility should decrease. This was taking back in 2013 - now, it's even more impressive.
  9. If the 8th USAAF bomber gunners were so effective - there would not have been any need for escort? I my guess is not to give fighter pilots something to do. ...it's hard to remember something that did not happen. So, I guess it boils down to the rhetoric you choose to believe, verses the use of deductive logic and reasoning to make your own conclusion.
  10. Well - I would say if the problem was solved - why are we having this conversation?
  11. Yes it does - but Teamspeak doesn't have a the game hosting function. Which is the most important part - they have to be integrated.
  12. The issue is with is with the setup. IL-2 BoX/GB co-op section isn't setup correctly. Co-ops rooms have to be interggrated with a chat functionality for that format to work with a measure of success. You need a lobby (Hyperlobby) where people gather around then hop into missions before it start. Without that funcuationaly, people will just join missions that is already in progress (i.e. Dogfight server). This is because we need a [place to congregate - "shoot the shit" so to speak Look at why HL was just a big hit back in the day. For co-ops to work, your have be there waiting in the slot before the mission starts. So you could shut the shit and wait for a "host" to take a slot. Or take a slot and wait for a host. With out this functionality - the co-op side will ways be a ghost town with tumble weeds blowing in the wind
  13. This is a video that shows what DerSheriff is trying to explain - it clearly shows what a miracle that human gunners hit anything at all. One thing the video failed to factor in as well - WW II are not like present day commercial airlines, they were not stable gun platforms. I think the aerial views don't tell the full story - 6:01 shows how unstable it is to aim from a bomber.
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