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  1. Just like when IL-2 AEP hit the shelves back in the day - introducing the P-51, P-38 and Tempest V has been a success. I am solely basing this on the number of multiplayers I see online (KOTA and CombatBox), so I maybe wrong. In addition to the subsequent decline in players on the WoL server has also been interesting as well, which might be a time zone thing rather than a true a change in taste (...one of the factors that affect demand). Anyway, my point (...if I am correct) is if 1C Game Studios is look to make some coin - I would look at making Spitfire XIVe and Ta 152H-1 as collector planes (quick win) or go big and developing a Normandy map (which could double for '40 - '44) with this graphic in mind: Allied Raids '40 - '45 I would really like to hear an argument for the Pacific Theater of Operation or Eastern Europe (where I was proposing before noticing all the Allied fighter jocks in the RAF/USAAF mounts).
  2. Like I have said all along, more hard don't equate to more realistic. That said, this is a game so all the more challenging the better. However get I an "Amen" that this fatigue affecting bailout need to be turned off ?
  3. I don't see a need for a separation either. If the issue is " time continuity", you could be a factitious fighter pilot (Allied) that flew for Mother Russia against the evil empire b/w '41 - '43. In '44 moved to a USAAF or a RAF 2nd TAF unit for whatever. On the Luftwaffe side, as plenty of fighter units were pulled from the Eastern front to the West after D-Day it's more plausible scenario. If the issue is about balance, I'd get the developers to add the Hurricane Mark Is & IIs or other aircraft, so people can fly what they are passionate about. It's not my job to balance servers, I purchased this game to fly what I want, when I want. When we get the Pacific War, my guess is people will be all on our case on why we don't fly IJAAS or IJNAS. LOL Not sure it impacts any reason behind doubling the workload of the team to manage two projects simultaneously. Matter of fact, if this new map was incorporated into TAW, I will renew my contribution to TAW even though my small donation won't have much financial impact
  4. About to hop a flight and I figured I do some light reading on the plane: This what I pulled of the bookshelf! Got this when there was talk about Operation Bodenplatte. I think this is a very good read and provides insight on what the end was really like. Both sides had brave men and women. It's one thing to continue to fight when you smell victory. However, it takes a different mindset to continue to fight when you smell defeat.
  5. LOL Fox New LOL uh? I guess you would know because you were there? Sarcasm is for people that don't have the guts to say what really on their mind.
  6. The fact is just because you have the word 'Tester" under your assumed persona doesn't make you all-knowing! Again back to my point, some pilots wore the suite, some did not - thus It would be inaccurate to model the effect of G-Force as if every USAAF and RAF pilot wrore one in WWII.
  7. Here is the issue with simulating things like fatigue or reliability, it ultimately it boils down to percentages and probability! As a programmer how do you determine that? based on what numbers 2/3 , 1/4, 2/5, 1/100, 1/1000 or 1/1000000 of what? It's all subjective and in my opinion - should be left out. With G-forces, the argument is a less subjective - or is it? We know for a fact the amount of G-Forces the average (...I say average because some guy apparently withstood over 40Gs) is dependent on the pearson's composition (FYI women on average can withstand high Gs than men) and the sitting position of the pilot. I read that Josef "Pips" Priller 101 kill in 307 mission (all against the RAF and USAAF) supposedly could withstand G-forces higher and longer than most because of his stature. Not to mention the seats in 109s and Fw 190s were pitched at an angle almost 25 degrees in addition to a to heightened foot rest to reduce "black-out" in high G maneuvers. Yes there was the Frank G-Suite but not a lot of RAF and USAAF pilots wore them, we also know this for a fact. Don't think my guys in the VVS had either inclined seats a nor G-suits So whatever assumptions and calculations derived have to be aircraft specific at least or keep it the old way. ---the update as a whole is a major win! I had no idea the map would be this big!!! We know B-17s and Lancasters were based at Ursel, maybe we could those as a christmas surprise
  8. The most important thing about acrobatics in a combat simulator is knowing when to use which one in a dogfight to put your aircraft in the desired position (...be it offensive, defensive or neutral). In your next videos, you might want to address that to make these videos truly useful for anything other than mucking around. Very good video editing though!
  9. Well look on the bright side - here in the west we can simulate bombing any city of our we want and it not seem like a betrayal or insult to our countries. Count your blessings guys and move on!
  10. Talisman - You bring a very good argument and I respect you stance on your posts, even when the don't agree with mine. I agree the developers have done good so far. However, I would have hoped for expanding the last Russian front a bit. I think with the success for the original IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles series, which really taking off with the ACE and Pacific expansion packs, brought more people across the globe into the fold. For this reincarnation to see the same success, they will have to do the same - i.e. stick to what you do best and capitalize on that! Here is what I would suggest: Continue with Bodeplate (completed by YoE 2019) Late War Winter, Summer and Spring Maps of Northern Germany (Berlin), Poland (Warsaw) and Czechia (Prague) with Il-10, Yak-3, Yak-9, La-7 etc...(completed by YoE 2020) Redo Wings over Dover and expand into '42 maybe '43 (completed by YoE 2021) Pacific War ('41 - '45) (completed by YoE 2022) Normandy to Operation Market Garden (completed by YoE 2023) To me, this would keep everyone interested. On the GUI side, I would build in a chat capability like Hyper Lobby so you have everyone at the same place that is in Multiplayer. If you are looking for an investor, ping me we can talk.
  11. I will have to say hard "no" to the Korean War area. DCS's flight engine is designed for jets. This flight engine would be like what we have in DCS and WWII fighters - the mathematics, physics and aerodynamics are all just wrong for crossing eras. The Me 262 isn't as sophisticated as the F-86 and MiG-15. Please don't be like DCS - trying to be the "one stop shop" for flight simmers. However, like 2-in-1 shampoo, it ends up not not great at either.
  12. We only what aircraft based on data driven performance - and some opinion some 90 yr old going off memory. I was as at the Air and Space museum in DC years ago talking to a pilot (owned a F4U Corsair I believe), he was talking about how he found it hard to believe that a Spitfire I could out turn an me 109E because of the slats. It was pretty funny - he kept repeating "...but it had slats!" and "we still use that pioneering aeronautical engineering today!" Just saying - he is no aeronautical engineer so we we can't go by that.
  13. I was referring to the excerpt from the book: ...In flight the tempest was exhilarating He lost most after that, from that point on, this was a "My plane is better than your plane" argument.
  14. My grandfather-in-law migrated to the US from Austria after WWII (...in which he fought in and was captured in the Battle of Rome/Ansio (...we (grandchildren) debate that topic every thanksgiving). Anyway, to this day be believes saw jetpacks in use - Yes actual jetpack!
  15. ...I agree, but only where they have been validated! Can't be making stuff up or going with "I think", or 'I feel" - we need hard facts backed by verifiable data.
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