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  1. I'd say that is highly unlikely. Takeoff behavior is hardcoded (i.e. flight control and engine settings before takeoff roll). That's is a mission construct error.
  2. True statement. However, there isn't any other map we have/will have this year that the Spit XIV saw a majority of manned aircraft vs manned aircraft combat on.
  3. Not to be that ungrateful guy, but... Knowing we will be using the Rhineland map with the Spit XIV, why wouldn't most of the stock skins be representative of the 2nd TAF. Units that were actually based on the map we have would have been nice? Plenty of skinners here that know the material and the research required to at least get the markings right. That said, thanks for the hard work team! It's all about shots on goal and you guys keep doing that!
  4. This issue has been fixed. I have made several single missions were AI Fw 190Ds have taxied from their parking area to the runway and taken off with zero issue. However, there is a lot of testing involved to make it work. That said, once I have them doing what I want, the logic doesn't spontaneously break. The issue with your mission is in the takeoff logic has an error in it. Thus, I will chalk this one to mission builder error.
  5. @Alonzo I like the idea of a Operation Market Garden map in rotation. Looks very good and plays well. If I may suggest to the team to tweak the weather as on of the failures of Monty's plan was the weather. According to my research for a single mission I created, this was more like the weather forecast for the combat area:
  6. I will have to agree with the folks that went with the P-47. I my opinion, you want the ability to through and fighter around, which is why I like the 109. The P-47 was initially designed as a high altitude fighter but was repurposed to a fighter-bomber when it became obvious it wasn't going to be successful in its intended role. However, it was very successful in it's new mud moving role without a doubt. That said, a few USAAF pilots were very successful in the P-47 and became high scores too, Gabby Gabreski comes to mind.
  7. This has helped me out a lot: I always go with Platinum Plus 80 https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator
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  9. Just wanted to mention a thing or two about Tactical Codes feature. It would be very beneficial is this was implemented within the Mission editor as well as the "Career Mode" and historically accurate. Also, this wouldn't just apply to the user's unit but the AI units as well. This also means the providing the ability to limit a single/multiple skins to all aircraft, both the user's unit aircraft, friendly AI and enemy AI as well. I am not sure how much value there will be for us users if this was available in 'Quick Mission". There's a doubt that this application hasn'
  10. @RyanR LukeFF is 100% accurate. The type of missions the Career generates for JG 26 are on point. However, if you referring to the location where these missions took place, that's about 50% off and it increases to 70-80% as the war progresses. JG 26 patrolled the Cologne and Aachen area mostly when I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 transitioned to the D-9s. IMHO, this needs to be tweaked in the career mode. I have a few historic single mission created and with out drop tanks, you have to manage your fuel big time. That said, JG 26 for one was pulled of attacking the 8th USAAF the later part o
  11. You don't need it. Since Win 7 it has automatic support. You just can't program the buttons externally, that's all.
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