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  1. I ask because I am running some tests on AI taxing and takings off and it seems the way the line up on the runway for takeoff has changed. They line up now as they would on a carrier. Just wondering!
  2. @KOHTYP Thanks for sharing. Interested in doing any European Theater Skins with D-Day markings? Here Are All The C-47s Flying To Normandy For D-Day 2019
  3. Lies! This never happened! Photo was shot on a Hollywood lot.
  4. I would rather have Berlin '45. I am not sure this games engine is equipped to handle the altitudes nor bomber aircraft (B-29s, B-36s and B-47s).
  5. What I am about is pure logic. If any of the field below are checked in your or the servers "options", you do not have a case.
  6. I was referring to the "Bf 109 standing on its tail" video. If you didn't make the video, I wouldn't post someone else's video to make an FM argument without knowing the game settings of said video. Happy (virtual) hunting!
  7. @-=No.66=-Griff1999 All I am saying is that your settings matter and the settings of the server matter. If one is flying around with anything checked other than unlimited fuel, ammo and warmed up engine, you will see some weird things! That is just fact!
  8. https://en-gb.topographic-map.com/maps/3ct4/Rhineland-Palatinate/ Rhineland: United States Mid:
  9. Nice work! My biggest issue is with the topography of the Rhineland map. It looks more like the plains of Kansas but my guess is there was a frame rate tradeoff.
  10. I am sick and tired of people posting these videos of unrealistic flight characteristics without more detail of their settings (or the settings of the server). What happens is two things: Those that are not smart enough to think on their own or had doubt before loose faith in the flight model/game to provide an accurate representation of reality. We send the developers on a wide goose chase to look for issue where there are none, taking time away from the next update. This is how rumors start that IL-2 GB has a crappy/unrealistic FM - which is a lie and will mislead people and cost 1C revenue! If you are going to post videos or make claims like these both your settings and the server setting if the anomaly occurred online. Here are my settings and I have never seen such behavior. ...and not doctored/edited video to prove your point (we want to whole video next time RG!)
  11. @E69_julian57 and @MarcoPegase44 Great work guys!
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