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  1. @=LG=Kathon Thank you for even entertaining the idea! Talon_ would be the expert on the subject of 1 and 2 without a doubt, but without VVS, RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe units coded in IL-2 Great battles (like in IL-2 1946), there is no need to get that detailed. @Talon_ Please confirm my rough draft as of October '44. RAF Volkel had Tempests and Spits RAF Melsbroek had B-25s and Spits RAF Eindhoven had Spits RAF Gilze had Tempest and Spits Y-32 did not have an active USAAF unit until Jan '45 USAAF Y-29 (Ash) had P-47Ds and P-51s (not until Dec '44) USAAF A-92 (St. Trond) had P-47Ds USAAF A-89 (Le Culot) had P-47Ds USAAF A-84 (Chievres) had P-47Ds USAAF A-78 (Florennes) had P-38s
  2. Dude! What are you doing! You will get banished from the BLUE side for speaking such blasphemy! Seriously though - it was fixed while the British were still in North Africa, so that would be around early to mid '41. I am also 100% sure it was a female engineer that came up with the stop gap. The Brass Ring Found it!
  3. @JG4_Deciman dd you see that? new US static trucks without linked entity are indestructible.
  4. @SCG_VieiraIf an object is not linked, it cannot be destroyed as it not communicate to the map's rules/logic. The map's logic will not know what side the object belongs to or if it even exists, let alone know what side to credit the kill. Looking at the objects, the ones that are linked to the counter are in the artillery and tank boxes in red i.e. high value, the objects not linked i.e the truck in pink has no value. The question now is - How would one know this? I would make all the objects links period - don't waste time with "eye candy".
  5. @I/JG53_GadichAnyone with any common sense knows that practice makes you better. That is logic you can take to the bank! If you didn't understand that, I really question if you have any life experience at all (...meaning that statement is what one would expect from a 13 yr old). So now you have made me question not only your implying that you have flying experience, but your age too.
  6. @I/JG53_GadichIf you want to be good/better at anything, you have to practice and understand what, why and how things work - immerse yourself in it. That is advice you take take into the real world.So it is very similar! What we have now is perfect!
  7. Here is a good rule of them when it comes to setting atmospheric pressure: https://sciencing.com/range-barometric-pressure-5505227.html In an area of high pressure, the air is denser than the air surrounding it. Winds blow air out of a high-pressure area, causing it to sink. As air slowly descends, its temperature rises. The warmth of the air prevents water from condensing to form clouds. As a result, high-pressure areas are often associated with clear weather. Winds blow air into a low-pressure area and the high-pressure air rises above low-pressure air. The air cools as it rises, which promotes condensation of water in the air. Clouds form and precipitation may result. This is why low air pressure is associated with rainy or snowy weather. Air pressure rises and falls about 3 hP in daily cycles, regardless of weather. Meteorologists take these fluctuations into account when they analyze changes in air pressure to interpret if the changes are due to weather systems. A large drop of 7 hP or more in 24 hours may indicate a high-pressure system is moving out and/or a low-pressure system is moving in.
  8. So what do you suggest we balance the Me 262 with?
  9. Ok I do agree with you but that issue is on the developers right? They created a Me 262 for us that did see battle in mid '44 until the end of the war. If they had created a P-51 with the 1g advantage G-Suit as a MOD verses hard coding it, my guess is =LG= and STG 2 would have allowed it in this map (and disabling the G suit mod). Since TAW admin are simulating the USAAF 9tth and RAF 2 TAF units which were on continent, and as there is no records of the 9th using G-Suits until late '44 (remember the supply issues that also attributed to the Battle of the Bulge), they choose to excluded the P-51 for just for this map. That said, I am all for air starts over the North Sea at 7K (simulating 8th USAAF that had G-Suits in September) but without droptanks - that's not realistic either. Note: it's my opinion that the Tempest is much more scary to us Luftwaffe pilots than a P-51. I am not a fan of vulching and I find AAA not being able to keep up with Me 262s unless at ace level but then again Tempests can do the job of any P-51 LOL my wife say that all the time! This is my response to that - sure you are.
  10. In this two- dimensional space we have to work with (VR or not), you have visual acuity. It takes a few seconds to look at your gauges and controls. You will see the techno chat was just reassurance/ a safety net to confirm what you are already knew my Padawan learner
  11. The majority do not agree with you. TAW has hard settings, as it should as it isn't meant for beginners. As it was historically: You spend time looking at your instruments too long, you die. You mess up your airplanes setup for either fighting, cruise flight, takeoff or landing, you die. I think of this as a learning opportunity.
  12. Yeah - seeing RAF Eindhoven , RAF Volkel, RAF St Denis Westrem and RAF Melsbroek with the American star looks very "uninclusiveness"
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