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  1. Nice mission! Thanks everyone, thanks Tip! I was just returning (alone) from my last mission in a P-47, when I was checking my mirror thinking "this would be the perfect time for one of those 262's to jump up on me." I don't think I finished the thought when I yelled out as I saw a 262 pop up in my mirror! Riksen got me good but atleast I was able to crashland it. Nice flying, see you next time!
  2. hi Tip, JaVA would like: 3x I-16 for Biggles, Zeredbaron and myself 3x P40 for Jumper, Keben and RedDevil. Cheers!
  3. Apologies for that.. I had spent quite some time preparing for yesterday and at the last moment it turned out my squadmate had himself signed up for a tank he doesn't own so he wasn't able to play. I was a bit disappointed and not really having a lot of fun on my own. I should probably just have joined the P47 voice chat and see if they could have supported me but I was was a bit annoyed and bumped out. I love the vid Hummels made! The tank mission in itself is a real nice addition to FNBF I think!
  4. Tip, could you give my P47 to our new member Java_Zeredbaron? I'll be taking a gunners position with some lucky guy in an A20..
  5. Keben is with us so I can't make any promises about that!
  6. Hey Tip, can you place all of the JaVA boys in the Spitfire freeing up the P-47 so we can fly together? I think Rednek also understands some dutch so he can understand when we start cursing eachother again! (don't worry Retnek we'll stick to english as much as we can because we speak it very goodly)
  7. That was a lot of fun, although we had our problems with hooking up with the A20's initially. Really love the P-47, especially as a ground attacker! Very versatile aircraft. Thanks everyone, thanks Tip!
  8. Really loved the old Fridaynight action after so long! Unfortunatly I am not a very good fighter and only got an assist and an airkill from a stationary JU-52, but atleast I managed to get myself killed just once and fortunatly it was just within the mulligan. See you guys soon hopefully!
  9. I won't be flying tomorrow @[DBS]Tx_Tip so there is a PE-2/A-20 free if anyone is interested..
  10. Sorry, I will not be flying tonight so I'm giving back my bomber cockpit! Have fun everyone!
  11. Thank you! Should a place not open up for the bombers I wouldn't mind flying a Spit.
  12. That's a shame tip.. thanks for the fun then I guess. I'd like a PE-2/A-20 if there is one.
  13. Exactly! Even if supply runs aren't the most exciting missions in the world it still feels good to take one for the team and get the job done. This event is more than just scoring the most points, thanks to the awesome feel of this campaign.
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