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  1. Would be great to see those higher res OLED displays of the Quest on a 2nd generation RIFT. Wishfull thinking would be that the 33% increase in horizontal and vertical res could also give us some 20% increase in horizontal FOV (120°) and 10% increase in vertical FOV while reducing SDE at the same time. And a 72hz/90hz switch would also be great, especially for IL2.
  2. Agathos_Deimon

    Toying with the idea of VR

    Seems to be personal taste. I also use a RIFT and generally find the VR implementation in DCS and WT both better than in IL2. IL2 has great landscape detail, but when it comes to reflexes, scratches and other stuff on the canopy IL2 has overdone it. Not to mention that IL2 is lacks native RIFT support and its hardware hunger lets even DCS look as something that runs on a potato PCs. As a long time RIFT user i have to say, that the one thing that really impresses me about the RIFT is the ergomomics. The HMD is amazingly comfortable and there are just very tiny details that could be done better, i.e. cable routing (to prevent breaks) and some tiny cutouts for facepad for users with glasses.
  3. Agathos_Deimon

    Steam VR and The Stupid Chaperone Ring

    @BornToBattle Check this thread out to get OpenComposite running in IL2: I currently use it, but the advantages it has over steamVR are offset by the disadvantages. So its a decision of personal flavor.
  4. It is just the way OTT/Oculus Debug Tool handles PD/SS setting. If set to 0 for the tool 0 = default and default = 1. You can see that when you use the performace overlay and set it to lawyer. Than atlest for me if i set 0 or 1 in Oculus Debug Tool i get the same default resolution of 1344x1600 at which the RIFT renders.
  5. Agathos_Deimon

    Bad FPS and blurry in general

    I am the guy in question. I get solid FPS all around, my settings are based on the settings you will find in the threads pinned here in the forum. The issue you might have is the Ryzen compared to my i3 8350k@4,5GHZ. IL2 in VR is mainly CPU bottlenecked. Only with the latest generation of Intels 9000er series at something like 4,8-5 GHZ you will into an area where you will have GPU bottleneck. Your Ryzen 5 2600 has a single thread benchmark of only 2143. Even with the latest improvements in IL2 CPU handling, that a tad to low for consistent high FPS in VR. BTW in the video i never claim to have 90fps in all situations, just a solid performance all around with solid looks and acceptable spotting. And as stated when i launch into the missons, that i want to demonstrate the image quality and not that i have 90 fps at all time.
  6. Prien, dont forget that Zero (which gives same Pixeldensity as setting it to 1 or setting steamVR at 100%) in OTT still gives the RIFT some SS, as the RIFT on default does not render the world at its native resolution. To actually have the RIFT render VR in ins native resolution of 1080x1200 per display you have to ajust the SS below 1 . And i find there is a definite difference between no SS or a value of something like 1.1 -1.4 in IL2 AA will result in a very similar effect, while in DCS or WT i find SS the better way to improve quality.
  7. Agathos_Deimon

    Stutters with latest patch, anyone else?

    Gnaa...that takes so long here...😱
  8. Hi folks, after patching to 3.010 i experience a nice an smooth experience, seemed the patch did really make GUI rendering more efficient. This morning i patch to 10b and went for a test ride on WoL server and noticed stuttering. HUD on/off did not seem to have any effect on this. Also the stutter was not related to current FPS. Actually the stutter was most noticeable when FPS where steady 90fps. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Use Explorer, rightclick on startup.cfg -> Properties -> set to read only Not excalty sure about the english terms, as i am german and use Win 10 in german. But be aware, you wont be able to change any settings in IL2 that the game stores in the startup.cfg, this includes beside grafics, sound and general settings. Changing key bindings works, as those are stored seperately. Also if you have to change anything, you have to reverse the read only setting and than IL2 will be again able to override some settings. But for everyday use i find that much more useable than to avoid calling up the settings menu all together.
  10. I set the Startup.cfg to read-only, which solves the issue too.
  11. Agathos_Deimon

    Learning P-47 Thunderbolt acrobatics?

    Hi Voyager, can't comment on the entire charts, but on the part of pushing to maintain a certain turn. Yes, depending on the CG and the General characteristics of a plane, it is possible, that you have to release or even push on the stick to maintain a stable Xg turn. But you won't roll over and than push to go up, you would initiate the turn as normal and once you got your bank and turnrate correct you stabalize the turn by the necessary control Inputs. And if a plane has a tendency to tighten up a turn, you might need to push the stick to keep your desired turnrate/G-force. That can happen on basically any axis. The Tiger Moth is a great example for that, and because of this such a great trainer even novadays, cause you have to be very aware of what she does and how to fly her really well. As it has been a while since i flew one, i can not recall for sure if it was a left or right hand turn, but i can tell you, one of them you fly with counter-aileron, counter-rudder and even counter-elevator. And yes it is a hell of a weird feeling when you do it the first time. ;)
  12. Oh that really sounds great. Seems Pimax is currently making the smartest developements.
  13. dburne, be sure to check how LLC setting on your manufactures board works. Sadly there is no standard. i.e. on my MSI board i have LLC from 0-8 where 0 is the most "powerful" and 8 is the the "weakest" LLC curve. On ASUS boards is usually exactly the opposite 1 is the weakest or default loadline and 8 the most powerful. Personally i would avoid powerfull LLC curves. Load line is there to protect the CPU from voltage spikes during load changes. If you choose a powerfull or agressive LLC you might get peaks during load changes that exceed recommend CPU voltage andtherefore damage your CPU. Especially if you overclock to near max Vcore in order to get high clocks running stable. The closer you get to recommended max Vcore the less agressive LLC i would choose. LLC is in my opinion more an option to stabilize an overclocked CPU that is still far away from its max recommend vcore. But to be honest, you could just achieve the same result by setting vcore a little higher with default intel load line. i.e. i currently use a very mild LLC on my i3 8350k cause my MSI board only has the choice between AUTO and one set LLC curve. AUTO setting will just put to much voltage on the core under load for my liking, so i choose to got with LLC7 which is the 2nd weakest available and just barely above default load line. But my CPU is only set to vcore of 1.220v while max recommend vcore is 1.35v. So there is plenty of room.
  14. Agathos_Deimon

    Coconut's server

    Coconut, i really like your NORMAL server. Especially as a RIFT user, i like that icons are on while complex engine managment is necessary. But i ran into a problem. I ran a mission, force landed a plane. Than respawned and no matter at which active airfield i spawn i had no ammo, just empty guns. Very annoying as i found that out the first time when i just was about to cripple a buff.
  15. Here some up to date test experiences for the RIFT. My tests where limited to non-zoom spotting, as i do not like zoom in any VR environment. Spotting with the RIFT is only realiable belown 3-4km. Anything between 4-7km is very dependant on plane and sun position, anything from 7-10km is just plain luck and most of the time even without any AA or any SS and independ of the other ingame settings planes will simply blend completely with backround and are invisible for any practical purposes. I went on to test the following settings each on its own. HDR on /Bloom OFF seems to be the most important for the RIFT as without HDR the picture is rather dark and dull. Sharpening ON - slightly better spotting, but this in my opionion is due to this setting creating some "artifacts" around a plane, which are a little better to see as they change and therefore create a kind of dynamic flickering which is simply easier to recognize AA setting - spotting changes depending on the overall situation, so its more or less a choice of what you like better for image quality. At no AA, you might occasionally see far planes better, but on other occasions 4xAA will give better spotting Cloud blending even at HIGH/HIGH or HIGH/ULTRA seems to be back. Saw planes disappear infront of clouds both with RIFT and in test on normal screen. So Lefunestes mod seems to be mandatory again... I than ran the game in non-VR to compare best RIFT spotting to spotting on my normal 27" Full HD monitor. I ran the game in the same settings i use for the RIFT also without any zoom, just switching VR off. The spotting on my monitor was far better, especially in the 7-10km range. Planes where easily recognizeable, at the 4-7km range the gap closed, but for pure spotting i found screen still better. Close in spotting was about the same, but IDing on screen easier. From this test i for myself conclude that using a RIFT in IL2 is really a handicap for competitive play. You basically play a different game, screen users having a very solid advantage over RIFT users.