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  1. This is mental, VR users are at a massive disadvantage over monitor players, even with the extra zoom! -We cannot head-check like Track IR users -Due to the limits of current VR technology, our resolution is much lower, which can be negated by using supersampling, at the trade off being spotting. -most VR rendering systems offer no way to change Gamma/Brightness, which depending on situation can make spotting a lot harder. -VR performance is always going to be lower due the the higher overheads of running VR. -Objects behind the propeller and the propeller itself turn into a laggy jagged mess when ASW kicks in, or frames drop. The mod's ability to turn of the prop render boosts FPS massively, and makes the effects of frame drops and ASW much less noticeable. -The ablity to modify Gamma/Colour balance gives VR users access to something anyone with a monitor can do. -The 20 degree head turn was a neck saver, and is nothing compared to the owl neck capabilities of track-ir users. Unless the mod is allowed for VR users, or the Devs implement similar features into the core game, I can't see myself and many other VR users coming back to the game, Which is disappointing as I really enjoyed the direction the game was heading.
  2. Can't update to 3.07. Steam tried to download update, and gets stuck on installing, eventually stating corrupt file, vehicles1.gtp, supposedly in data folder. Cannot find said file, and verification prompts a 5.6gb download. Have gone in this circle 2 times now. Any Ideas?
  3. I am getting the exact same issue as above, HDR is turned off, only been hapenning since latest IL2 update
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