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  1. I sent this to support, but maybe I should have sent it here first. Yesterday, I decided to check out my FW 190 f8 for the very first time. When I got in it, the very front windshield was black. At first, I thought this was some sort of sunscreen and, tried to lift it or lower it. However, I soon this discovered that the only sunscreen was for the site its self. So, then I thought, Ok it is part of the camouflage, and tried different camos. This was not the issue too. Therefore, I have no idea at all why the front windshield is black. It is so dark you can barely see through it. Is this a glitch of some sort? Or did the Germans really put such a dark screen on their windows the pilot could not see in front of him? (That seems really stupid for a people who were so smart.) I have to then assume, this is a graphics issue.
  2. I went to the TAW webpage. I tried to re-register a new account. They said I could not because, that account already exists. There are no mistakes in the name. Email address or anything. So went back to the sign in page and requested a new password, maybe that would make a difference. But again, the same results, they would not let me sign into my account. So, here we have TAW acknowledging my account, but not allowing me to sign in. You say it is my name. Well, my name should not be too complicated, seeing as how the new password they sent to me is about 50 digits long. Meaning, if their password suggestion was not too complicated then my name sure as heck is not too complicated, and I am not about to change my name and mess up all of my stuff here on IL2 to appease TAW. So how about a more thought out suggestion rather then change my name. Or fix the issue on the side of TAW.
  3. Hello I am hoping you are able to help me resolve this issue. I am registered on TAW, with the name you see here. In addition, I set up to play on the side of Axis team. But, every time I try to play on TAW, I receive a message "You have to register first." BUT I AM REGISTERED!!!!! Is there a reason for this? And what is the cure?
  4. Thank you very much for your response. I did everything you suggested, but then it would not connect to the server. For future reference: Do I need to turn on Teamspeak from my end before coming on IL2, or will it connect to the server automatically when I get here? Sorry for bothering you. But, thank you very much. You were very helpful.
  5. Thank you both for your response however, I cannot use 125%. When I click on the drop-down window, the additional options are grayed out.
  6. To whom it concerns: First off, allow me to apologise if I posted this in the wrong section. However, no where could I find a spot dealing with Careers and this is the closest place as I see you deal with "Scripted Campaigns". 1. Wont reset: (Kuban) I played a mission and was unhappy with the outcome as I had no idea what to explain. It gives the option of restarting the mission so you can do it over again. Unfortunately, the "restart" button does not work. After several attempts, which resulted in the whole game crashing, I just deleted the mission from careers. Sad. 2. I am on a new mission in Kuban. After 4 attempts to complete the mission, I have met only with failure. Why? Well, the mission is to intercept Russian attackers in my G4. What happens is, the enemy attackers never appear. You can see them attacking ground units, only by way of a message coming up saying what the iL2s destroyed - artillery, a truck etc. But, you can never, ever find the attackers. I have even flown the entire front line looking for the attackers and not found them. The red marker which shows where the battle is taking place (or is suppose to take place), is 20 klms from the front lines the attackers are to be attacking at. So even flying the 20 klms to the front line, and flying up and down the front line never do you see the attackers. You cannot attack that which is not there. So every time, even after landing back at the airstrip, it is marked as a failed mission - never to be won. Please correct this issue by actually having the attackers arrive or at least visible so we can attack them. Thank you. 3. Chosen sector to use desired plane: This is another issue. Every time I find the section where I can fly the plane I want to fly, I am always put in a different plane. Never, have I got to fly the plane they say is there to fly. This issue is in both the German side and the Russian side. For instance, in the Russian side. I picked the sector where I could fly the La5 (both models). What I got instead, was put in a Mig. (which is NOT what I wanted to play.) Thank you for your consideration. Please address these issues.
  7. Again, not sure if this is a bug or something else: Today, I took out the new A20B bomber for a test flight. I must admit I love everything about the plane. It flies like a dream. Nonetheless, I wanted to switch to the gunners position and test the rear guns. Sadly, I could not switch to any of the gunners positions. Having watched a Magz video on the A20B and the rear gunners I was looking forward to trying this myself. Have you changed the key settings to do this or is this an actual bug? Thank you for your help with this issue.
  8. Thank you. I had no idea we could even do that. I am 65, and need to use a magnifying glass to read anything here. LOL I came back to state: It will not allow me to change the UI settings. When I click on the UI settings, the drop down box goes all black. So, I have to stay at 100% Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  9. I preferred the old style for career mode. This new one is totally confusing. In addition, the maps are too small, with no way to zoom in, and therefore, the markers are very hard to find. Sorry for being redundant, but I am having a hard time with the new mode. Please supply your paying customers with a magnifying glass. Thank you.
  10. Recently, I went through a very frustrating period of technical issues which causes my game to crash all the time. What made it so frustrating was no matter if I completed the mission and got safely back to the exit point, or had even made it back to base, and successfully landed, with two or three kills under my belt, as soon as I was booted, none of the kills or successful sortie were counted. It is so frustrating because others are going to look at my stats and say "Oh look, he is no good." No one will think "Hey, he must have had a lot of game crashes or technical difficulties'" I know myself, and I know I would not have gotten so angry and so frustrated had IL2 set it up so that as long as you cross the "Exit Pont" all your kills and successful sorties would be counted. But, as it is, it only shows how many sorties you went on and does not count the kills or successful sorties you before the game crash. I strongly suggest IL2 make it so: As long as your plane crosses the exit point before the crash, then those kills would be counted and the sortie marked as a success. Or just make it a way of at least counting each kill as a victory no matter when the game suddenly decides to crash on you. Make it so you do not have to push that all mighty "Finish Mission" button in order for your kills or the sortie its self to be counted. Thank you.
  11. Wow! I left WT because of the lack of intelligence displayed in the community. Sad to see it here too. It is only logical and rational to have the ability to reload, repair and refuel during a mission. I cannot think of any other game where is not available.
  12. I cannot find a team speak anywhere. The above article contains no link to a team speak. I went to team speak's site and they seem to be geared more towards people who want to setup a team speak server then for a user. If IL2 does have its own team speak - could some one please provide a link. Or, are there any other suggestions Thank you
  13. It is a NVIDIA graphics card. I have read in forums there have been issues with NVIDIA as they do not support this game which, I find ridiculous as so many tie this game into NVIDIA. I think you clients need to write to NVIDIA and complain. As most are already using NVIDIA, they may do something about it. Sorry, I drigress: No, I have not changed any of the settings. Because of the constant dropping of the rendering device, I have tried different setups (usually dropping the graphics quality). That did not solve the issue. Here is what I do know: When I bought BoK, and realized I would have a long wait to play, I bought BoS. It was when I BoS that the issues started. This is when I started asking your support for a resolution to the issues. Eventually, the issues slowed down to a stop. Felling confident the issue resolved its self, I purchased BoM, the problems started all over again. This is the reason why I said it must have to do with your computer not recognizing I own the expansion and is shutting me down. In forums I found a post which validated this presumption as it was clearly stated to be a known bug. Then in the errors forum, I read where one of the founders was having the exact same issue, and posted a lengthy listing of all the facts. This only added to my frustration, because it proved demonstratively, this is an ongoing issue and yet nothing seems to be done about it. As for my other games: I have absolutely NO issues whatsoever. Nothing like the issues I am having here has ever appeared with any of my other games. I have noticed today, a slowing down of crashes. Therefore, I would like to assume the issue is being resolved by your computer. I hope I am not proved to be a "fool and his money" because I just purchased the Bf 109 G6. I love this plane on other flight simulators. So, I could not resist buying it on sale. But that is all moot, if I cannot play the game and the issues are never resolved. I still maintain, based on reading forum articles and posts, the issue is on your end and not mine. Maybe it has to do with all the updating and preparing for the release of new expansions. Another reason, I am very frustrated is because it seems rather then admit there may be an issue on your end, everyone here keeps trying to make it my issue. As you see, I have no other problems with any of the other games I play - only this one. Having practiced law for many years, I will use a legal terminology: "Based on those facts, a reasonable person would assume the problem is on your end and not mine." In addition: I had reached to level 7 as a pilot, dispite all the crashes and over half my sorties not being counted and a loss of many victories. Yesterday, after finishing a sortie, suddenly my level 7 dropped to level 1 and all my stats were whipped clean. Then a few hours later it was back up to level 7 and all my stats were current. There is no way this sudden problem is a failure on my end. I think this demonstratively proves you have a bug on your end.
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