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  1. Yes Matt but they told us presets will be in the final version and no custom settings so no hope there...so SSAO as resource hog and not so necessary feature should be as an option at least or in config file....
  2. @Requiem - you are close with the devs so its time for acting....let us have an option to turn off ssao.....jihaaaa
  3. Nobody said we expect from sim to be like in rl dude...then again there are real life prop pilots amongst us.... All we did is comparing FMs with some available data and comparing FMs within various sims.....nothing like comparing RL with virtual flying... Also the biggest problem here is some "stuff" in FM (and DM) behaviour which was either impossible in RL or should happen in different way (some of the topics are discussed to death here)... Then there are obvious innacuracies in FM like LaGG rolling almost as fast as FW190 which was well documented it wasnt so....in fact the difference was huge... Ok so I gave you just few examples
  4. I hope they will fix this (see bottom of the page): http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/10335-graphics-seriously-disappointing/page-2
  5. This is what I have in the game (with latest update, GTX670 and nvidia 340.52 drivers). No matter which video preset is set. Original resolution is 1920x1200 and the images are just cropped to focus on the ugly blur effect. Cinematic effect is off.
  6. ROF looks much better, clouds, landscape, cockpits,...it even has a custom graphic settings like every other freakin game on the market, except BOS...and..ROF doesnt have that ugly blur in the skies and on plane shape (not talking about cinematic "thingie").... btw, If you need to compare cockpits then compare BOS with DCS or Cliffs Of Dover, not with that comic - Warthunder
  7. Devs said we wouldnt be able to use custom video settings (only presets) and probably there wont be possibility to edit config file. The most controversal decision in gaming industry I saw in recent times....With that said its a no go for me....
  8. Well, thers best FM up to date (this is my humble opinion as I own all the advanced sims on the marked and been playin sims since the 90s), superb CEM, clickable cockpits and very detailed and beautiful cockpits (and external models). This have its audience no matter if planeset is 100% right for the time or map. Others will have historical accuraciy but will lack forementioned stuff and quality. To each its own. @Calvamos - I learned startup procedures and CEM in one day of playing...now its routine and ends in no time (Dora is even easier than P51)...then again I guess for some "midcore simmers" or ex warthunder player it can be too much "of fiddling"....
  9. With this I can agree. But normandy map is already being worked on, just its a bit slower development now due to other maps...I will add that I hope they will fix stutters in new engine (apparently happening when somebody is firing from guns in MP).
  10. Just relax and play your favourite sim. Until then let me and my pals play DCS and let us wait for the other planes and normandy map. For good stuff I can wait...
  11. Love the Dora and I got my first kill in MP...however, from time to time, DCS MP still has that ugly stuttering (apparently when somebody is shooting guns)..its pitty. I hope new DCS engine will fix that.
  12. Further optimisation in MP and complete removal of (still very noticable and ugly) blur on plane shapes in clouds and on clouds and horizon...
  13. LOL Hash, it isnt a big deal. I just wanted to make sure my launcher isnt broken and that the game is updated correctly. I must admit that the "blur effect" is the same as before, for me. I have GTX 670 and 340.43 drivers.
  14. Fantastic. But can you now start the launcher and check if theres info about update 75? If yes, my launcher is broken since im still at 75 and blur effect is there (with no improvements from patch 75).
  15. Earlier in this topic..do you have info about update 74 or 75 in the launcher?
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