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  1. Wow! Didn't know that. It would be awesome to, in addition to be able to fire only the 30 mm cannon, fire both the 30 mm and 15 mm cannons with AP at the same time! 🤤
  2. Wow! That's what I call customer support! 👊 (I guess you are thinking of Rudel's unit at the time, 1./StG2 which was part of I./StG2 but Rudel actually borrowed an aircraft from the official, dedicated "Panzerjägerstaffel" in the geschwader. So you may want to name the unit "Pz.J.St./StG2" or "10.(Pz)/SG2" which it was named after the redesignation of all Stukagruppen to Schlachtgruppen in October 1943.)
  3. I want to start a anti-tank career with 10. (Pz)/SG3 equipped with Ju-87D3. How can I increase the chances for anti-tank missions? Thanks!
  4. Just posting to hopefully draw more attention to this 🙂. It feels so unrealistic to fire the MGs at the same time as I try to destroy a tank with the cannon.
  5. I did exactly like Hanu described to make it work again.
  6. Don't think so. At least I had to resave it in the mission editor to be able to play it on the latest version.
  7. After I had downed 8 Sturmoviks I waited till all of them had despawned (after quite a while). Then I landed and finally got "mission ende".
  8. Thanks for a really great campaign, the voice over is excellent! As people before me have also mentioned, I can't succeed with the last mission. I have tried several times but do I have to prevent the attack completely to get mission accomplished? Seems impossible... Edit: Never mind... I just needed to keep trying. Wouldn't call it a success but at least I downed a few and survived. Great campaign!
  9. Please do, it's a game changer in terms of making the environment appear more realistic. Some distant haze makes it more beautiful as well!
  10. This also happened to me as described here. I fly with mods and VR though. This is the first time I experience anything like it anywhere in Il-2 so that's why I suspect the mission itself. @Gambit21 You said that this was an error with the game and not the mission, do you have a link or something to let us know more about that? Ps. The feeling and atmosphere of this mission is spectacular! Especially the fly out in the mountains. Update: Happened again roughly at the same place. I'm following the leader and just as I'm crossing the front line back home it stops, it's more like "active pause" DCS-style as I can still look around (VR) and smoke are coming out of the engines etc. The mission status is "Return to base". TBH it's quite annoying since I've already flown like 30-40 minutes and this is the second time... How can I skip the mission?
  11. I browsed through the official IRL flight manual from 1945 today and it was very interesting. (Can be downloaded here> https://mega.nz/folder/WR9hwQoK#NXGsaNB-30aOO8Ki_KS0tA/file/ec1iBK4b) I noticed that it said that you should control so the nose wheel is centered by looking at the mirrors on the engine sides. I only fly in VR and don't see anything else but the runway no matter how much I turn and toss in the seat. Anyone that can actually see the nose wheel? Furthermore the stall and spin characteristics seemed a little too nice, it basically exits the spin by itself, contrary to the flight manual. Anyway, my favorite bird 🙂
  12. Thanks for a great work! Just a comment on this. My flight leader is constantly speeding up and then bleed off speed in a repetitive pattern while enroute. No big problem and it doesn't happen at climb out or at the target.
  13. This is, hands down, the best documentary about the P-38 (and probably about any ww2 fighter) there is! I learned a ton of good stuff about this wonderful bird. See it if you haven't already!
  14. An update now when I'm at mission 14. The enemy don't return fire when I first engage them but rather stays in formation like a said before. Then after a while, I'm unsure if it's time dependent or dependent on distance from something but suddenly they start shooting and become lethal... really strange.
  15. Hi Jaegermeister! Thanks for a great campaign so far (I just completed mission #9). One comment though, as somebody wrote here before, the enemy AI skills are extremely poor. They basically just fly straight ahead in formation and never get a shot off. I think there were some mission, (maybe 3rd or 4th) were one AI was kind of OK and chased me a bit but otherwise it's basically a veritable turkey shoot 😄 Maybe you can have a look at the enemy AI? Thanks for an otherwise great campaign, I really like what you did with a little creativity!
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