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  1. Nice! 😃 Any difference quality-wise on the integrations between DCS and IL-2?
  2. There's a downloadable mod in the mod section that puts swastikas on all default skins so your problem is easily solved (I run it myself and works excellently).
  3. That nails it pretty much! (although I never reach mission 50 before I crash and burn )
  4. I feel your pain. I flew a couple of flights without my Buttkicker the other day due to software problems and it felt like I wasn't really flying. Almost as immersive as flying with keyboard in pancake mode or something...
  5. Yes, only have one BK2. The strange thing is that is started out of the blue after half a year of successful operation before. Hadn't changed anything when the problem appeared either (maybe some Windows update, can't recall). Edit: I said the stereo mode solved it. Maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusion too fast as I've only been flying an hour after I changed to stereo but so far no problems. Hopefully it stays that way.
  6. Update! I got it working again. Read Andre's posts a little better and followed the advice here (although Mono has been working perfectly up until now so don't understand why):
  7. Suddenly I have started to have exactly these problems with SimShaker Wings after I have been running it without any problems in IL-2 since I bought it last summer (haven't changed any hardware or software recently either). I can increase the volume to mitigate it a bit but then when it fades back to normal strength again, the result is that the vibrations are way too strong. In short, the strength of the vibrations are very irregular. I have tried to update the software (I had 2.3 before and now running 2.4) but no change. Any ideas?
  8. Sounds very strange. Shouldn´t that be solvable with an software patch? Do you know if it will be addressed by the OEMs?
  9. Totally missed that you had created skins for this campaign too! I'm already halfway but do you mind putting the skins up with a link as well? The campaign is awesome btw! Shredding IL-2s and A20s with the 30mm and 20mm gun pods is a blast! 😁
  10. Haven't used it but I'm very interested in buying a H3 or P3. Read somewhere though that it was lagging a little bit in it's movement versus in game movement. Was a couple of years ago though so probably something that is fixed by now by tweaking the software. Anyway, also looking forward to hear experiences with DOF Reality platforms.
  11. I just tested the free tanks as I consider pulling the trigger on TC. Unfortunately the shaking of the gunsight (and binoculars) makes it really hard and not so enjoyable to play. Would very much like to hear from the devs if this is something to be improved or if it "works as intended". Like @WIS-Redcoat mentioned, the bombsight is rock steady.
  12. Thanks! If you don't mind, what was the update compared to the latest mod version?
  13. I'm especially happy that Oyster's work got officially implemented! Thanks @Oyster_KAI and Devs for a great work! I'm a very happy customer 🙂
  14. Wow! That was really a professionally made video. Best IL-2 content I've seen in a long time. Did you do the voice acting as well?
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