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  1. Just finished all the missions. Really good work Juri! I really like the historical research you've done, it adds a lot to the immersion. Keep up the good work! 👍
  2. Looking forward to play this mission pack again when you are ready Gambit. Great work!
  3. Anyone who already have the pack that can re-upload it or share it through dropbox/drive? I'm really tempted to try it out after reading this thread! 😀 Update: Never mind, the site works again and I could download it!
  4. Yes, for me it's not an issue now that I know it. I merely posted it so Pat could consider adding another prompt (if it's not fixable) like the one you get if you try to insert numbers. That way, others could avoid the same mistake
  5. Yes, it did allow ö and everything seemed normal up until I entered IL-2 and tried to load up the mission, then it freezed without delivering any error message or nothing. That's why it took me so long to figure out what was wrong
  6. My last name has an "ö" in it. I tried to create a campaign with my name and then it was impossible to load the missions created. I got the missions in IL-2 but i couldn't get to the mission briefing, the system just freezed. Because I didn't get any warning about the character, it took me quite a while to figure out the error. Maybe it's possible to allow more characters or maybe insert a warning like the one that comes up if you try to insert numbers? Very good product I must say, thanks!
  7. Thanks. I bumped up the RAM to 2800 just for the sake of it. Also I noticed that I missed to turn off the target fps setting in the game so when I did these two things my average went up to 80 sharp! I'm quite happy with that.
  8. Hi guys A long time flight simmer (20+ years) but haven't had the equipment during the last 5 years to run anything than older games (IL-2 '46 for instance). Finally came around and bought a high end gaming PC with Oculus Rift so I could play this game and DCS (woho!) Anyway, here's my results: CPU: 13007 Single thread: 2862 Frames: 4606 - Avg: 76.767 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 In hindsight, maybe I should have chipped in another 100 EUR for faster RAM? Should I try to overclock the RAM?
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