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  1. If the loser is Index I can buy it from you for a reasonable price! ☺️
  2. You only play multiplayer? For me as a mainly SP guy, competitiveness is not a big deal as long as I stand a chance against the AI (which I fortunately do 😄).
  3. Anyone knows how to uninstall this mod? I thought I only added it to JSGME but it turned out I accidently added it manually as well when I had problems installing it in the first place...
  4. I'm a VR player so won't play CLoD as long as it's not supporting VR. I hope the devs chose the right path and that the potential players that would join if it had VR support aren't so big (or bigger than the current player base). The Battle of Britain is one of my favourite eras so I'm very much looking forward to be able to play this game again! ☺️
  5. Same problem for me, can't start the campaign (first mission) and can't convert either. Would be great if someone came up with a workaround.
  6. Thanks, I solved the boost things... I stupidly enough had only assigned the boost key to the first engine but not the second. The mixture thing is weird though and seems like a bug. As long as I don't deselect/select engines the it works flawlessly.
  7. Starting to learn this bird but having a few issues that maybe some of you can help me with... Boost. Even though I have both engines selected, whenever I activate boost it only kicks in on the first engine Mixture. I know that I need to have the mixture at full when I start, then I lower it one notch to takeoff and then down to around 50% after take off so I get rid of the black smoke. But when I select and deselect the engines the mixture get stuck and there seems to be no way I can adjust it after that. Thanks!
  8. Hope they will announce something juicy... still remember playing European Air War over 20 years ago, attacking large bomber formations of B-17s/24s/26s in a Schwalbe...
  9. Are we going to get any other bombers than B-25 in BoBP? I would love to kill some four engines in a Me 262.
  10. X plane 11 is a really poor performer in VR unfortunately... To its defense: It's possible to get to run acceptable but you need to do a lot of tweaking (also outside the game with graphic card settings etc.). You also need a lot of scenary and add-ons to make it look nice. The devloper, Laminar Research, are working on VR optimization and have made some progress though so I figure it will get better pretty soon. Really? I thought AVX2 was not really a thing for games... would be interesting to read up a bit on that, do you have more info on IL-2 and AVX2?
  11. Anybody knows how to stow the sight? The keybindings seems to say RAlt+F but it doesn't work. Tried to map a joystick button as well but no joy...
  12. Thanks a lot for your opinions! I currently use the Rift in IL-2, DCS and X plane so especially in IL-2 and DCS the FOV feels important to me. Will probably buy Valve Index due to the bigger FOV if the image clarity of that is not miles away from this. @spitfirejoe What computer specs do you have btw?
  13. And if you don't look at the numbers, how are the FOV feeling compared to Rift?
  14. If you decide to go with the Reverb instead you can sell this one to me! 😋
  15. Ok, I understand, no worries. Thanks for what you're doing for this community!
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