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  1. PL_Andrev

    The Map is Really Sub-Par

    Not sure you're right...
  2. PL_Andrev

    Future MP plans for tank crew

    Battle of the Bulge with Konig Tigers? 😎
  3. PL_Andrev

    Future MP plans for tank crew

    Don't forget a lot of people are disappointed with arcade WoT and WT (especially with SB mode). So a lot of people may join TC - sim tank are much much easier to control and play than military elite (pilots). IMHO TC MP has a big potential especially with huge maps, several capture strategic points (airfields, bridges) ale collect more and more players, but... well, dev team should cooperate with players to create events, support clans etc. More satisfied players => more videos from great battles => more players.
  4. PL_Andrev

    Tank Crew Screenshots and Videos

    Wow, this smoke effect looks really gorgeous... absolutely amazing.
  5. PL_Andrev

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    May community help with that?
  6. PL_Andrev

    Tank Crew Volume 2 ?

    More probably are another scenarios of WW2 (Battle of Bulge, El-Alemain, Festung Berlin) than WW1 tanks. But other scenarios of TC WW2 depend from number of TC copies sold...
  7. It should be simplified to provide fun from the game, in example: If you're playing as a team is more complicated because there should be no direct connection between player's role. You'r team should cooperate by internal / external speaking software or "replace" function when somebody is wounded / died.
  8. PL_Andrev

    Tank sims

    Give a chance to TC. In fact TC was "only" announces few weeks ago. No more info. What we have now are two (four) tanks at Battle of Kuban, if I'm not wrong. Post Scriptum looks really good (absolutely amazing graphic effects) but game is focused to fight team vs. team (no tank clashes). It means (similar to Heroes and Generals) - no enough tanks for everybody. There is only one small map... and no plane gameplay.
  9. Please notice that developers shown SU-122 and SU-152 as playable vehicles. I'm quite sure we will meet ISUs, JagdPanthers or Stugs - but as AI units only. Maybe at next add-ons (hope for Battle of Bulge and Clashes of Tobruk ).
  10. Hope you know this is a fake... they use blinds. Similar to all post-war productions. Real ammo may generate another effects (0:35 no fire at all)
  11. PL_Andrev

    Tank sims

    Well, TC is in development so you can jugde it because we see tank gameplay at "Battle of Kuban". There is no TC elements here - excluded tank interiors maybe. ? Really? Current battlefield "a little" does not match to IIWW battlefields.
  12. PL_Andrev

    Tank Crew_Tiger I vs KV1S + T34-76

    There is no special map required then...
  13. PL_Andrev

    Czołgi w BoSie

    Trochę szybko szukasz, skoro gra ma wyjść za ok. 14 miesięcy...
  14. PL_Andrev

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    Not sure this should be important. You should know (as a commander) enemy tank is destroyed or not, like: - fire, smoke (explosion), - turret cut-off, - heavy penetration marks, - no live signals (gun / turret not moving) This is quite interesting option, but how can you imagine that? Click "help" and wait few minutes when track appear? And when destroyed - the next help? Not sure the better option is jump to another vehicle..
  15. Looked at KV-1 / Tiger "early" gameplay and have few comments. I know that it is early, "pre-alpha" view but may show you some engine problems: Pluses: This is not a high detailed tank map but looks so good! Buildings are under fire by bombs or arty - good! Feeling to control "real" steel beast. Poor visibility from "inside". No info about enemy tank status (HUD was off) - don't know player / AI unit is "finally" destroyed. No info about nationality (it is ally or enemy?), No info about tank status (player cannot move tank, external view shown him that track is broken), No marker the shots is where from, Engine start sound (gorgeous ) Wrecks left on battlefield (hate disappearing wrecks like at WT) Minuses: Fire on tanks looks really horrible, Smoke generator is off when camera is not looking on burning tank (look - don't look - look at tank creates "spaced" smoke effect), Smoke looks generally bad (possible engine limitations I'm afraid, Post Scriptum has amazing smoke, fire and explosions) Destroyed tanks have turret at another position than just before killed, AI units do not attack player when he should be spotted (katiushas and AT guns), Lacks of camo on katushas and AT units (main target I suppose) - just stay on terrain No supply for them (no crates, barrels, supply trucks etc) No camo on all units generally (tanks, cars, trucks, recons, etc) Questions: (ok, I know is too early) Turret view - will it be safe for player? Especially under enemy fire (MG, shrapnels, guns from planes)? Will be safe to enter tank into ice on river (winter map)? Will AI used artillery call, air support when player's tank is spotted? Not sure role MG gunner / radioman in mutlicrew gameplay (4 people / 1 tank). Generally, now - 14 months before release date it looks... quite good!