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  1. Sure, you're right. Panthers, Tiger's 2, Firefly is expected at Tank Crew: Battle of Bulge. 😎
  2. Type of improvement: GameplayExplanation of proposals: New gameplay mode provides "never-ending", dynamic campaign for all playersBenefits: new massive cooperative multiplayer mode, increase base of players (disappointed with another tank games), long-term campaign for one player with different map, time zones, weather effects, lack of most irritating features from another games of tanks (grind) ----------------------------- Why Tank Crew? There are two important games about tanks at current global market. Both of them (WoT & WT) do not support high-scale multiplayer campaign for tank players. Why “Tank Craw” can be better? 1) Tank Crew will have a big map where front line may be simulated, 2) Tank Crew will have an AI units support the battlefield, 3) Tank Crew may cooperate tank players with elite of elites: pilots, 4) Tank Crew may contains strategic targets for players: airfields / factories / refineries and other, Summary, the Tank Crew may be more playable and more interesting than WT and WoT especially that tank control is much much easier than plane control. Why this idea? This is something new for tan battles. Both games (WoT, WT) try to simulate front line but it is a copy of one scenario: few, these same maps + two balanced teams. “Eastern Front” campaign is a high scale scenario for players who are looking “something new” is opposition to well-known, boring scanarios at WoT and WT. Server Limitations Unfortunately is not possible to create real MMO game. To fix this problem the “grid” idea is proposed, where "knot" means strategic point where up to 64 players (?) may participate. The special rule is game is not finishing when point is captured, player may repair, refuel and ream and directly attack next point at another region of map... and time. It means that each player may attack again and again until room is closed (read next) or will be "killed in action". Logging into campaign When player (pilot or tank player) enter the campaign see this screen: Red dots – enemy defence points, Blue points – friendly defence points (spawn-points) Light blue points – ally spawn points off (no supplies, full room, enemy contact - spawn not possible) Airfields – ally airfields available for pilots Tank players may joint ANY blue point to play the tank and attack enemy point (selected by AI as HC order), Pilots may spawn at airfield and attack ANY red point (attack spotted units or strategic targets), Supply idea Supplies are core idea of game. They are created by rafineries / factories and transferred by AI convoy to points at front line (and to airfields by trains). Supplies are main limitation to spawn units at defence points and airfields. Collected supplies may be destroyed by planes and tanks. When is lack of supplies, enen\my cannot respawn tanks, cannot respawn planes and cannot repair airfields. So supplies are main target for planes, but only tank can cap defence points, factories and airfields. How this idea work... 1) Player is spawning at point and supplies are consumed from spawn point. 2) Only one enemy point as activeted (to simulate HQ orders). 3) The current mission is to capture enemy points, eliminate AI units and enemy players who defends this point. 4) If supply units is less than 50% of origin, the AI convoy is created (truck or train) Black lines between points - each line is no longer than 10km to prevent “do nothing” (only boring driving). Lines show which point may be attacked. Flashing point - mission (room) is created, the ally team is informed about enemy activity at region. Both team players may join this same battle or use any planes to support the battle. Units at map - when unit is detected (is attacking or is spotted by AI) his location is shown on battle and local map. Role for pilots: Planes have special role here, they may: attack enemy airfields to create “holes” at the airfield to do the airfield unoperatable, bomb airfield hangars to eliminate collected supply units, participate local battles to mark and attack enemy units, bomb local defence points to reduce collected supply units, attack coming convoys with supplies at whole map (if detected), attack factories to eliminate already created supply transports, protect ally air from enemy attacks, Simulation of living campaign: The 5 iteration were prepared, to show how the campaign may work: White background: 5 rooms are active (battles in progress), players may join them or create next rooms Some battles re won, some lost - in each case the battle is continuous for winner side: room is still active, but next defense / target points are activated. Previews victories are lost, enemy re-capture lost point (left side). At the center and right next two rooms (battles) are created. Right airfield is in danger, but it is short distant for ally bombers to support battle. One room is closed: no more players (tanks) at this battle. Some "supplied-empty" points are attacked. Easy target? Some points are filled with supplies during attack. Air supply cooperation also available. Please note that this same point cannot be involved with two or more battles. If no more option (all connected points are friendly) battle (room) is over. Self-defensing mechanics (AI) If enemy is close to AI defense point and there is no human players, AI creates random tanks at random position (from 50% supplies) as stationary defence units, included AT guns and AA units. Defense point is fully operable by AI and players may take control over created tanks. Spawn-camping protection If enemy units are closer than 1km to defense point, the spawn point is no active any more. Only planes, AI units and already-in game player-controlled tanks may unlock spawn point by destroying all tanks near the defense point. All enemy units are also already marked as "spotted enemy". Q&A Q: What "room" means? A: Room means the battle between two teams of players. Room is auto-created when first tank player is joining into new battle, and is closed when last tank player decide to leave. Pilots are joining to room automatically if they're closer than 5km to involved points. Q: How the rooms cooperate with each other? A: Rooms are created to fix server limitations. If one of point is involved in game (activated) cannot be a target of another game. Q: What happened if I die? You may join this same or another battle if there are supply limits available.
  3. The sea is too much sterile for me. No foam? No waves?
  4. Prelude to IL-2 Sturmovik: Pacific War?
  5. 😮 What the... Is it a real in-game footage??? The particle effects (smokes) looks really... gorgeous! This game (Tank Crew) is a candidate to best-climate tank game now! Wait... is there a smoke sneaking over ground? Holy God... 😍
  6. Captured from YT material. It looks... outstanding. OMG it is absolutely perfect, I feel the war climate...
  7. This is really good idea, but based on false background. AI vehicles cannot be playable becouse: - low poly details, - advanced driving phisics is not implemented (f.e. accelerations, gears), - just "boxes" without moving parts (wheels, steering wheel, crews) - no improved damage mechanics, - poor playability (what's funny with driving Willys or another recons?) Summary: Too much to do to be a nice-playable.
  8. I was sure that "Battle of Bodenplatte" map is a part of Battle of Bulge where our planes will co-operate with tanks at Ardennes hills. So it means that we will have the most iconic vehicles for two front lines: P-51 and Konigstiger on ground. Cologne is not at the center of operation so I'm a little confused now... I hope devs do not want to copy a mistakes of another games about tanks - city maps are hated by WarThunder players...
  9. Does bail out provide some bonuses/adventages acc. to KIA? 🤔
  10. Well, it depends. Don't follow WT or WoT. It can be an interesting MP if you play ad team member (clan member). Right, you can "walk throught map"... but not if you can be a free frag for AI, or have limited fuel or ammo.
  11. Battle of the Bulge with Konig Tigers? 😎
  12. Don't forget a lot of people are disappointed with arcade WoT and WT (especially with SB mode). So a lot of people may join TC - sim tank are much much easier to control and play than military elite (pilots). IMHO TC MP has a big potential especially with huge maps, several capture strategic points (airfields, bridges) ale collect more and more players, but... well, dev team should cooperate with players to create events, support clans etc. More satisfied players => more videos from great battles => more players.
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