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  1. Alright, here's a problem I cannot figure out. My view in IL2 is skewed. It's a lot like looking at a screen at an angle, like this: 0 = = = = / ( 0 represents me from the top down, the "=" shows my line of sight, and the / is the view from my perspective.) See the attached screenshot. You can also notice the problem by looking at the reflector sight, and you will see how much of the sight is visible behind the End Mission screen. I do not have this issue in DCS or any other VR application, so it seems to be IL2 specific. It's like something in
  2. Thank you, Fenris. You are clever about these things. I will give these ideas a try. Highwayman
  3. I doubt this is an issue with IL2. More likely it is an issue with Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), or even then Reverb G2 VR headset. I am posting here so there's some discussion of it and how to solve the problem. At present I am vexed by it and cannot find a solution. While in IL2 in VR, I do not usually have a mouse cursor. On rare occasion, I get one, but it is frozen in place. Usually I get nothing at all. If I remove the headset, I have a cursor on my desktop. But by removing my headset, I can no longer interact with IL2. If I simply lift the headset so it thinks I am still wea
  4. Do you love the Hurricane, Spitfire, and Typhoon? Consider joining the Highwaymen! I am forming a virtual RAF squadron for online play, including "Dead is Dead" missions. I am in California, but I am happy to accept any pilots from anywhere. If we have enough, we can form groups per region. This is a brand new, blank-slate squadron, so there isn't anything in place yet, but we will establish our online presence, our protocols, rules and procedures as soon as we have enough players to gang up and take to the skies. I'd like to choose a squadron number, tag, mascot and
  5. I did not use JSME. I do recall I used a mod that turned off the propeller in VR, or something to that effect. Back when I was on the Oculus Rift. I can't remember if I installed a program or if it involved a manual tweak to a file.
  6. Thanks. I read that as well, but I don't know what a reshade filter is. At least I don't think I am using such an enhancement. I am wondering if I need to do a clean reinstall of the game to clear up the problem? -Highway
  7. I've been away for awhile, and I come back and cannot join MP servers. I see the servers have banned graphics mods. I do have a number of custom skins installed because of the squadron I used to fly in. But I don't think that would cause an issue, since those can already be turned off using server side settings. Could I have another mod that's the problem? Perhaps a setting? I do fly in VR, and I read some commentary on reshade and on VR zoom, but I am unsure what mods, if any I have because it's been awhile. I used to fly with SCG. Any inform
  8. You are correct, SAS Storebror. I am choosing not to buy at this time. My complaint only serves the purpose of making the issue known to the IL2 team, and to show others here they are not alone in their concern. And thats it. 😇
  9. This customer experience isn’t normal. I don’t want to jump through extra hoops or interact with someone. Part of the point of shopping online is to avoid human interaction. 🙃 In my opinion, this payment system is unsatisfactory from a customer standpoint. I’m sure it solves problems for the business, but it creates a “pain point” for me and a few other consumers. I’m choosing to refrain from this system for the reasons listed above. I’m making this known so the team at IL2 can consider it when making future decisions. I’m grateful others are also communi
  10. Tried multiple payments, was told to get a code and enter it. But my accounts don’t update in real time. I get the security thing, but this is overzealous. It’s not a normal experience. I wanted to purchase “Fortress on the Volga” but I won’t do so through this system. I tried three different accounts. And I should not have to waste time with customer service just to spend $8 of my money. Sorry guys. I support this sim and own almost all of the content, but I want the experience to be hassle-free. I hope this gets fixed.
  11. The SCG is working up a multiplayer campaign. We will need to set up a server for hosting. Is anyone here using a professional hosting service? If so, what are the costs, and who are you using? If anyone is using their own server, what are your specs, and what kind of performance are you getting? Thanks, we greatly appreciate your responses!
  12. Thank you. I'll advance the clock a bit. You were correct! After two weeks, I was assigned to a mission. Thanks!
  13. I am flying a German career (Italian squadron, Moscow campaign) and while on a ground troops cover mission, nothing happened for quite a long time. We just circled. I checked to see if there were Soviet planes in the air (CTRL - F2), and there were none active in the mission. I canceled the mission. After this, I was never again assigned to fly a mission. Each day for the next week, I would be on the roster to fly the second mission of the day, but when the second mission came up, the assignments would be changed so I would not be on the list. Seems like
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