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  1. You are correct, SAS Storebror. I am choosing not to buy at this time. My complaint only serves the purpose of making the issue known to the IL2 team, and to show others here they are not alone in their concern. And thats it. 😇
  2. This customer experience isn’t normal. I don’t want to jump through extra hoops or interact with someone. Part of the point of shopping online is to avoid human interaction. 🙃 In my opinion, this payment system is unsatisfactory from a customer standpoint. I’m sure it solves problems for the business, but it creates a “pain point” for me and a few other consumers. I’m choosing to refrain from this system for the reasons listed above. I’m making this known so the team at IL2 can consider it when making future decisions. I’m grateful others are also communicating their opinions. I’m speaking up because I enjoy and value IL2. But I am not willing to jump through extra hoops to purchase a single scripted campaign. It’s likely they’ve done their research and have chosen what is the most effective option. I can’t fault this. But I will say, I am not a fan and I hope it gets tweaked to make the customer experience better. See everyone in the skies!
  3. Tried multiple payments, was told to get a code and enter it. But my accounts don’t update in real time. I get the security thing, but this is overzealous. It’s not a normal experience. I wanted to purchase “Fortress on the Volga” but I won’t do so through this system. I tried three different accounts. And I should not have to waste time with customer service just to spend $8 of my money. Sorry guys. I support this sim and own almost all of the content, but I want the experience to be hassle-free. I hope this gets fixed.
  4. The SCG is working up a multiplayer campaign. We will need to set up a server for hosting. Is anyone here using a professional hosting service? If so, what are the costs, and who are you using? If anyone is using their own server, what are your specs, and what kind of performance are you getting? Thanks, we greatly appreciate your responses!
  5. Thank you. I'll advance the clock a bit. You were correct! After two weeks, I was assigned to a mission. Thanks!
  6. I am flying a German career (Italian squadron, Moscow campaign) and while on a ground troops cover mission, nothing happened for quite a long time. We just circled. I checked to see if there were Soviet planes in the air (CTRL - F2), and there were none active in the mission. I canceled the mission. After this, I was never again assigned to fly a mission. Each day for the next week, I would be on the roster to fly the second mission of the day, but when the second mission came up, the assignments would be changed so I would not be on the list. Seems like a bug, or rather two bugs -- a mission that did not spawn enemy, and a career that no longer assigns me missions. I am attaching my Career folder files, "cp" and "init.sql" in case those may be helpful. Thanks. cp.zip
  7. Am I correct in observing there are no layered templates yet? We must mod over an existing template, correct? If I am wrong, I'd love to to be directed to a layered template. Beautiful work so far! I love the new dimension.
  8. Brief description: Saitek X56 Throttle quit working. Detailed description, conditions: Upon startup, screen appears to indicate a new controller has been detected (Saitek X56 Throttle). This is not a new controller as I have been using the X56 for a few weeks already. In game, the throttle does not work at all. Throttle is powered. IL2 does not acknowledge any inputs. When I go to Key Mapping, commands appear for the throttle as "Joy 2." Previously, my joys were Joy 0 (stick) and Joy 1 (throttle). When I click to remap a command and move the throttle, nothing happens. IL2 does not recognize any input -- the same as if I had not pressed any buttons. I can use the throttle normally in DCS which suggests this is an issue with IL2. I have changed the throttle to several USB ports, including USB 2.0, 3.0 and a powered UBS 2.0 hub. The problem persists. Drivers are updated, and the problem appears unique to the throttle/IL2 alone. IL2 responds to stick commands as well as keyboard and mouse. My Saitek X55 controller (stick and throttle) which I have on a second computer, works fine. Stick is plugged in, and is programmable in Saitek software. Windows reports no problems with device. Drivers are updated. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Am flying with Oculus Rift. Non-Steam version. 3.004. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): DxDiag file attached. Thank you for looking into this. -Highwayman DxDiag.txt
  9. Hello, Saitek X56 throttle stopped working. When I start the game it says it has detected a new controller (the throttle) and asks if I want to use previous settings. Previous settings are the same X56... The stick works fine, and the throttle worked fine until today. No updates or changes have been made. Drivers are updated and the throttle works fine in DCS and in the setup software from Saitek. Tried rebooting and the standard default troubleshooting steps. Yes, it is plugged in. Is there a known issue with the stick? Thank you for your time.
  10. WORKED PERFECTLY! Renaming the file did the trick. Thank you.
  11. Hi Jim. We have no problem connecting. The problem is the mission I create isn't visible for selection under the Cooperative Multiplayer section. We are able to connect and fly other missions just fine. The problem seems to be me. I'm just not sure what I am missing as to why my own mission does not show up for me to host on my own machine.
  12. Thank you. I checked the box, but it still did not show up as it should. Presently, I have these connections: Mission start > Timer 2 sec > Order Takeoff > 109G2. " " > Yak 1-69 One plane is German, the other Soviet, although it did not seem to matter what side they are set to. My goal is to build a simple 1 vs. 1 training mission to fly with my son. BrendanCoOp.zip
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