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  1. Can we have a limit of the amount of 262 allowed at one time, or a requirment to be x rank in order to fly one, the fact that half their team is in one is a bit ridiculous
  2. Oh sorry guys thought entire forum was IL-2 GB when I posted, thanks for suggestions though, if anyone could tell me what the proper topic is it would be great.
  3. I tried setting up the thumbpad for head tracking left, right, up, down, as I do for most sims, this is on a T16000M Throttle if that makes a difference, anyway, the head tracking does not respond with ANY axis as I'm aware, and curious if this is fixable or something wrong with the game. Edit-The head movement works with buttons but not axis btw Thumpad is pad farthest left on image below.
  4. Playing Reds, anyone know a good squadron, don't have mic though
  5. Engine on and running the artificial horizion displays incorrect data
  6. Help my spitfire artificial horizion is bugged and doesn't show the horizion, instead tilted with the left wing up, about 10 degrees above horizon line
  7. Do we know when the next tactical air war will happen, it was really fun to play and thanks to the TAW team
  8. As a very new player to IL-2 I managed to lose all my planes on the server, is there anything other than wait that I can do
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