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  1. Hi guys, my money is starting to burn a hole in my pocket with the Seam sale and I want to pick some things up for il-2 before i blow my budget... Anyone care to share suggestions on the collector planes? Are any of the collector planes "a must have"? I like flying 109's so maybe i'll pick up the collector version, . The La-5 sounds interesting too, but i have little experience in Russian planes so far. In terms of the SP campaigns, anyone got any strong feelings on which one to pick up first? Many thanks, Billy
  2. Hurrah for the sale! I think I'm going to pick up all the campaigns as i just played the free one recently and enjoyed it. My internet is poor so i keep getting kicked from multiplayer and feel like I am stuck with SP until i get a better connection. I already have BOM/BOS/BOK/BOBP/TC (Just missing FC). I am interested in some collector planes, any recommendations? I already have the Kuban collectors planes but am missing all others. I would buy them all if i could afford them but i think i will pick up 2 or 3 now and maybe the rest at a later date. looking forward to your suggestions.
  3. These all get played when i am in a Bf109 variant.
  4. Yeah i was pretty disappointed with DR 2.0, FFB does not work well on my TM 300rs wheel. Was a big fan of the first game but no major improvement for me in DR 2.0. Wait for a patch before you buy and maybe a sale too. First DLC (announced only 2 weeks after release and before a patch to fix the game) is rehashed content from DR 1.0... Codemasters not bathing themselves in glory, but rather a steaming pile of BS. /rantover
  5. I bought Kuban yesterday, I was so impressed I ordered BoB and TC shortly after (Only FC left to get!) Reading through the DD makes me feel less guilty about blowing my budget for the month. Keep up the great work guys, cant wait to see what you deliver next.
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