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  1. @Jade_Monkey - That's a nice write up and seems a balanced comparison, although i have very little experience in DCS. I picked up the Huey in DCS months ago as i wanted to try out helicopters, but i haven't played it much. DCS seems to show my PC's age (i6700k, 32GB RAM, GTX980ti). il-2 is much more forgiving to my current specs. I wouldn't mind picking up some WW2 modules in DCS and maybe the channel map in the sale. Are there any modules you would recommend?
  2. When in a pub (bar for US folks?) and only when in Ireland its got to be: At Home: Leffe, Duvel, Chimay or Spaten. Stronger stuff: Jameson or Bushmills whiskey. (Only in moderation - Whiskey makes me a little crazy 😁) Desert drink: Irish coffee.
  3. Hi, What problems are you having with Opentrack? Did you read the guide pinned at the top of "Manuals, Tutorials, Guides and Tips" ? It deals with setting up Opentrack. Although it's a little dated, it still covers all the main points to get you up and running.
  4. Just been out for a quick spin in the Fw190-A8... All the updates we got this year are just mind blowing. The sim is looking amazing. What an amazing Christmas present from the devs, and for all their outstanding work this year. I was going to pass on the the collector ground vehicles until there is a sale (money is pretty tight these days), but nah i got to buy them now and show some love back. I absolutely love this sim! Super work guys, I can't thank you enough.
  5. Congrats @Oyster_KAI - Delighted your excellent work has been officially acknowledged and included in the sim. Much respect to Jason and the team for including it! Thanks all.
  6. Assetto Corsa is fun to drive and pretty cheap to pick up right now in the sales. Some excellent mod tracks to just cruise around in. (See: LA Canyons , Feldbergring, Deutschlandring ) Should you pick it up and enjoy it, look into getting the following mods: Content Manager: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html Customer Shaders Patch: https://acstuff.ru/patch/ Sol: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sol.24914/ Lots of cool mods can be downloaded from here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/assetto-corsa.1/ EDIT - Sorry, I just saw in a follow up post you have tried Assetto Corsa already. FYI - Many of the mod tracks can add in AI traffic also.
  7. It's a tradition to play this in my house on Christmas morning. Thought I would share it for those that may be interested. I have included the video which sort of visualises the story and also the definitive and full version by Paul Brady & Andy Irvine below. Happy Christmas all.
  8. Thanks Oyster and a happy Christmas to you too. If there was an il-2 mod of the year award, your 4k cockpits would certainly get my vote! All the best for 2021.
  9. Hi, I use Trackhat ( www.trackhat.org) and it works well and is also cheaper than TrackiR. However, I recently recommended this product to someone and they ordered from the website but apparently there is a long delay in receiving the product and when they contacted their customer service to inquire about the order there was no response! So obviously I am reluctant to recommend this company again... I am assuming that MSFS2020 has probably got everyone buying head tracking units so stock might be low. An alternative is to make your own head tracker and use free Opentrack software. There are lots of good YouTube videos which can help explain the process. They are easily made if you can do a bit of soldering and this is by far the cheapest option. Best of luck with whatever you choose.
  10. My experience with the new sound improvements is limited to just the FW190-A8 so far. My thoughts: I think the new sound improvements generally work well. The wind noise in flight seems more realistic and I don't believe it to be too loud as others have reported. My only gripe is that there is no sound muffling of the engine when the canopy is open or closed while stationary on the runway. Pretty sure this was more noticeable prior to this update. I have opened and closed the canopy while in flight and the muffling of sound works better while in flight (wind noise only, engine seems the same). My sound setup: Focusrite Scarlett i4 1st gen (External Sound card) coupled with Bayer Dynamic MMX 300 Headset. I'll try test a few different birds later and update again if my experience differs. Overall a great update Devs and any sound improvements are greatly appreciated as this is an area of the sim I think needs a little more TLC. All the best, Billy.
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