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  1. Yes this is an excellent tip. I decided to give it a try today and I'm kind of kicking myself now I hadn't thought of it or learned of it earlier, working a treat so far! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ordered - Thanks for the recent updates and hard work.... I love this sim.
  3. Hi Rowdyb00t, Just to let you know I'm really enjoying V12.1. I spent the best part of the afternoon optimising my creaking 980ti to strike a nice balance. So far so good, its working very well (But I think I'm squeezing all the 980ti can give at this point ๐Ÿ˜„.... Time for a new card soon i think). Anyway, the clouds are excellent, especially enjoying getting lost in the cumulonimbus! Great work Rowdy. ๐Ÿป
  4. Look forward to trying it out. Thanks Rowdy.
  5. Yeah most likely my end Rowdy, I don't disagree! I could probably do with tweaking some settings in nVidia CP to get it right perhaps. I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to tweaking these settings but I'll try and play around some more as it would be great to get the reflections looking as good as vanilla clouds do on my PC. Your clouds look amazing bar that one issue I am experiencing with them. Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to testing the new update.
  6. Hi Rowdyb00t, Just to say thanks for this mod. I had tried an earlier version a few months back which wasn't really what i was looking for at the time but this v12 is a huge improvement. Really nice cloud-scapes with your mod and they are arguably better than vanilla clouds in most scenarios IMO. My only negative experience is that i get bad aliasing from cloud reflections on water with this mod which i don't get with vanilla clouds. (I had tested using with heavy clouds, morning time QMB with 8x8 units. i turned off 2k clouds also to test as that seemed too expensive on FPS) Probably my aging GPU (980ti) just cant handle all the eye candy the game has been throwing at it lately! ๐Ÿ˜ Anyway, thanks again. I look forward to any updates.
  7. Yeah the Devs have done some excellent work recently and it has not been lost on your passionate fans. Thanks a million for the excellent progress with these big updates and all the hard work getting hot fixes out to patch things up. This sim has provided me with plenty of joyous moments recently in a time when they are much needed. I cant help but admire the progress and vision this series has delivered on so far (even if us fans cant get updates quick enough from you guys, we know you are busy making the sim better). I can't buy you guys a beer directly so i bought the 2 Yak collector planes instead....who knows I might even fly them if the 109 honeymoon ever ends! Thanks again Devs/Jason. ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Thanks Devs! I hope you all take a well deserved break and enjoy the weekend.
  9. @JG300_Egon So I use fullscreen mode with DSR @ 2560x1440p and vsync off in the game settings. However, i do enable Fast sync in nVidia CP settings and i don't get any screen tears. I find it useful to lock FPS in Nvidia control panel (i lock my FPS to 61FPS). This can help smooth input lag in GPU intensive scenarios (low flying over cities etc) The above can also be achieved with Riva tuner, lock FPS @ 61 and use scan-line sync at say -20 (or adjusting to where the tear is less noticeable on your screen). Riva tuner is also great for monitoring graphical performance and can help make better adjustments when paired with Msi Afterburner. It helped me achieve the best performance I am going to get on my current hardware (980ti & i7 6700k)
  10. @JG300_Egon for DSR to scale correctly to your screen you must ensure full-screen mode is enabled in the game settings. Enabling DSR resolutions without full-screen mode selected will over-scale when the game restarts causing the problem you highlighted above (at least in my experience).
  11. I had an Astro A50...It was pretty cool during its first 18 months but then slowly started to fall apart. An expensive piece of plastic garbage! (At least in my experience....) I'm currently using Bayer Dynamic MX300 headset (Its not wireless) . The sound quality is excellent and the build/sound quality puts the Wireless Astro headset to shame (In hindsight I really don't know was i thinking buying that plastic piece of Astro rubbish...). I would advise on Seinnheiser or a Bayer Dynamic headset if you want quality sound/build. Stay away from the gaming brands Corsair/Astro etc... they are selling on name/style rather than sound or build quality. (although Logitech have good customer services and are reasonably priced, build quality can be questionable on some products). Astro customer service was a nightmare to deal with. They don't carry spare parts either (whereas Seinnheiser and Bayer Dynamic do) so if something small gets damaged or breaks, your Astro headset is ready for landfill. I have my head tracking clip attached fine to the side of the MX300 with two small cable ties and it works fine. Like internet, you are better avoiding wireless when you can, fidelity should be better with cable. Anyway, i found i had the Astro Headset charging cable attached more often than not to prevent the battery running out over long sessions. Good luck with your choice. EDIT - Tracking clip can be mounted on Astro A50 to answer your question - But i really cant recommend the headset given my experience.
  12. 1. Kuban - I just love this map, the mountains and scenery are amazing. This map is the primary reason i reinvested in il-2 BOX series (I have bought all missing content since this map was released because it showed me this series can do so much more...). Further enhanced by the excellent Mods made by the community (Map texture,4k trees, winter map, Kuban playground, to name a few - Many thanks Mod guys!) 2. RoF - Still have a soft spot for this game. Got me into flight sims. I have FC but would sooner jump into RoF given the content and plethora of excellent mods available. 3. Hurricane - Because it's a hurricane... Also its the first model i ever made when i was about 11yrs old.
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