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  1. Not like he is going to "put it all on Black" later at the casino... 😁
  2. Excellent DD Jason, some welcome news on upcoming features and fixes to the sim. Nice to see the early WIP pics of the Arado and the WIP screens for the new Codes feature. Wishing you and the Dev team a great weekend. Billy.
  3. Stunning images! I cant wait for the AA trucks now, they look really well detailed. Those new rail junctions look super as well... il-2 Train module incoming when?😆
  4. I'm glad you remain committed Rowdy, it would be a real shame to shelve it now. I have certainly enjoyed following this mods progress and look forward to checking out the improvements you make along the way. Your clouds and lighting effects have created plenty of "wow" moments in the sim (as evidenced by the many cool screenshots throughout the forum). In my experience, the mod looks and works great ~80% of the time. There are occasions when I feel the lighting to be too dark or the haze effect to be overdone. Especially so when playing through c
  5. Turn off HDR and problem should be solved. I experienced the same, HDR was the issue. *Edit* - I also agree with RedKestrel re: your AA settings, probably a bit high for your card. I'm using a GTX980ti and run at x4 AA. But turn off HDR as your first step and I'm confident you will no longer get the black box artifacting.
  6. All it took was to read this post, and now I'm sold. Take my money for the train module 1C! 😆
  7. I've enjoyed playing through this campaign over the past few evenings. Its been both fun and challenging doing ground attack missions in the E-7 with the SC50's. The shorter mission flight times are a refreshing change from some of the other longer campaigns I've played recently. It can be pretty frustrating to fly for ~10-15 minutes only to get sniped by AA at the MO and then have to do it all again...With "Lions of Kalinin" this was not an issue at all. I replayed quite a few of these missions given they were fun and pretty short. The bomber intercept mission was probably the hi
  8. Great news and looks very cool. Exciting to see pictures of this new innovation and to read that you will continue to improve the DM as well. Top work as always Dev Team, I hope you all have a great weekend.
  9. Thanks @SR603-Flowbee, another great looking skin as usual! Will you be putting your work on HSD also?
  10. Thanks for the DD guys. So much cool stuff coming to the sim and we've already got lots of cool stuff to play with... I'll soon be spending more time deciding what aircraft or tank I wish to use than playing the actual sim...not a bad compliant at all, bring it on! 🥂
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