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  1. I do not agree on the need to be sharp. The reason is in my very first post: In real life your eyes constantly change depth of field. Except in the rare moments when you focus on the canopy and not on anything in the world outside, the reflections on canopy are NOT sharp. Whereas on screen and in VR depth of field (sharpness) is from near to infinity. Therefore I prefer the canopy reflections to be blury... On your last statement: I don't think you have to decide, canopy reflections are independent from instrument glasses' reflections.
  2. Thanks for hinting at that! From earlier trials I was convinced that "low" and "high" referred to the quality and accuracy of the reflections and therefore had always left it on "high". However, it seems indeed that "low" means something like "dimmed" and I guess, even blurred. Thus it looks like from now on Canopy Reflections will be one of the few settings I will not have maxed out. But sure have it turned on! 🤩
  3. ...and why they seem "overdone". I'm an ardent fan of immersion and eye candy and - needless to say - VR is the only way for me to go and fly. IL-2's cockpit reflections are by far the best I know of any flight sim. However, I can't talk about FS2020. Because, see above, «No VR, no buy». And no fly... But even for a person like me it's obvious that in many situations, depending on daytime, environment, angle of sun and cockpit geometry, the reflections are exaggerated. Sometimes bluntly excessive. How come? It's not the render engine that is wrong. Or that the glass and p
  4. Sad and shocking news! Have so many of his skins, they will remind me of him for many years to come. Guess the best we can do to honour Tom is fly many more sorties in his marvelous skins. Condolences to the family.
  5. Neither did I find anything like a "Barge" in the Editor among the ships. Any hints, Gambit21?
  6. Absolutely agree. It's the small things, mostly unconsciously, that make a "real" world. Some fisherboats off the shore. A flock of seagulls near a port. In DCS I always watch out for them and let them make me smell sea salt.☺️ To me they bring more "life" and immersion into the game than a train or a truck platoon. Hopefully BoN brings some of that ─ before we finally get the SDK.
  7. Speaking about "peaceful birds": I would like to see REAL birds in the sim, at least on the seashores. E.g. a flock of seaguls like we see them in DCS. And then maybe some fishing boats, nothing to aim at, just for the immersion...😎
  8. Don't know if that's related: since arrival a couple of weeks ago my 8KX and lighthouse tracking is quite arbitrary, on-off. Every few (3-5) restarts it works fine, most of the time I get the error that the HMD cannot be tracked. No changes of setup in hard- and software. Flipped thru all my USB ports, no help. Every time I connect my Vive Pro the tracking is well functioning. BTW, when I power on a wand or a vive tracker, the two wands immediately appear as active, too, in line with the new device ─ in SteamVR as well as in PiTool. But the "not tracked" error in PiTools remains and I can't
  9. Tom must decide whether it's of use to him. My doubts were simple based on some skin work I did years ago for WT.
  10. Absolutely agree. I use the latest version enhanced for deferred shading and the skin looks stunning good. I'm a big fan of all "weathered" versions! The Swiss skins are certainly a "niche" product, but it's much appreciated! WRT the "stencils": Can you upload them with better resolution? I suppose in their current res they can't be of much use for 4K textures. But maybe I am wrong...
  11. Is there any way to record (or playback) a flight without the head movement / view changes? In VR any not self-induced head movement reduces immersion and causes nausea and VR sickness. Also, I want any guests of mine be able to enjoy my flight track, but move their head at their own convenience, not mine! I know that other flight sims record everything BUT head movement and it works beautifully. Searched the Manual, but in vein.🙁
  12. Just to be sure that I am not misinterpreting anything: that means Early Access of BON starts with one of the planes, not THE MAP itself? When can we expect the map to "follow"?
  13. Absolutely amazing! You're doing marvels. Thanks and keep up the good work.👍 Like someone mentioned: finally cockpits are now en par with the DCS pits. No, even better with the new canopy reflections! But best of all: I can fly in VR with all 4K textures and options on, whereas VR in DCS is a mess, everything below 90fps looks just screwed.
  14. Just wondering: Do you fly VR? For me ─ flying in VR ─ these canopy reflections come as an absolute "Wow, they did it again!" They are not only state-of-the-art and I know of no other flightsim that features dynamic canopy reflections (AFS2's static reflections look just plain ridiculous), for me they're also another immersion booster. I'd like to read more about how they are done. I have the feeling that there is some "cheat" in it. They do not update in real time, seems like only about once every second with some blending in between. At least that's what I figured out before I hit the gr
  15. You know wat's even better than flying a Hurri? Flying a Hurri and seeing the White Cliffs under your wingtip! 😇 Hurricane AND BoN. Both pre-ordered. And more or less patiently waiiiiiiiiiting...
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