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  1. An awful pity. Since there are other flightsims with such APIs, it keeps me from playing IL-2 on a regular basis. However, I recently came across a few old news blogs. In one of them I read, they had no plans to migrate from DX9 to DX11, no reason for that, it wouldn't help the sim... And in a later blog I read almost the same โ”€ this time reagarding VR... If you'd browse thru all the IL-2 blogs of the past seven years you'd probably come across dozens of such "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers" statements.๐Ÿคฃ That keeps my hopes up.๐Ÿ™
  2. Thanks for telling us, Andre, I already submitted my feedback. And Dutch2, thanks for the interesting and true lead on wind simulation and the link. I once had the opportunity to fly the "Birdly" (Birdly simulator) and found that the wind was a very important part of the whole experience! Especially with Flying Circus coming there's a big argument for that! I must tell the guys from Aerofly FS2 about it, for their beautiful Buecker. BTW, I have noticed that when sticking the head out of an open cockpit of an aircraft in IL-2 I immediately hear additional wind noise. With a proper API they'd be probably half way for wind simulation support. WRT the hardware: it's not expensive, can be DIY, but I'm glad the racing enthusiasts go for it. 10% of them are probably equal in numbers with all flight simmers...
  3. Godspeed and good luck! Keep my fingers crossed!๐Ÿคž
  4. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Unfortunately I can't help with any contact person. But they watch what the other sims do, thus they may suddenly and mysteriously come to the conclusion, it might be worth to give a try with telemetry data...
  5. Yes, it's a sad story. Once you're used to bodily feedback, you miss it terribly. But I'm not going to discard 777/1C completely, especially since I love WWI planes, too. And struggle with framerates in DCS-VR. Speaking of VR, I remember that IL-2 seized their VR support when Oculus discarded support for DX9 apps. "We do not have the ressources to port IL-2 to DX11. It's impossible." And know what? Only a few months later DX11 and full VR support appeared magically on their roadmap. And I'm sure they never regretted their efforts. It needs only one person in the team who's addicted. Best thing would probably be to buy another JetSeat and have Andre send it to them... P.S. If you're not afraid of WT, try the seat there! Not full support as in DCS, but the most important features work, it even features tentative engine rumble.
  6. The advantage of a "proper" implementation is, that it really is "HOTAS", meaning gloves, arms, legs and feet move exactly and according to input. Patience.
  7. I saw him, too, in the P-39! But then I awoke and realized I've had one of my lucid dreams and had in fact launched WT...๐Ÿ˜ž I hate to say it, but in this respect WT is ahead of IL-2, much ahead! BTW, DCS features the first-person-body, too. But I'm quite sure it's just a matter of time. As soon as the first 777 dev or Jason himself has flown a plane with pilot's body ON, they'll implement that OPTION. Because for a full VR immersion it's a sine qua non... Look at the pilot's head in the morning sun: He actually moves his head every few seconds. But the head does not move according to my head (like the head in the rear mirror of the DCS spitfire does). But, on second thought, it would probably creep๐Ÿ˜ฒ me more if the head would mimic my head's exact moving and turning than move just randomly.
  8. Voss, I'd go with you. If we had a figure of how many Rubels would be necessary to develop this API, we maybe could even start some sort of crowdfunding. You never know. Not much to loose, but it could end successfully. However there is the problem that other users with other priorities could have the feeling of being run over. It might only work if Jason would buy in additional ressources to not slow down other developments...
  9. That's indeed a very good point you made! I get goose skin when I imagine how WT would look like with their anime custom skins visible to all. One anime fan would be sufficient to spoil the joy for the rest...
  10. A big YES for visible pilot in the cockpit - at least in VR. With VR it's a must. In DCS and WT it happened to me that I took a hand off the stick or thrust lever to scratch me - and was completely perplexed that I still saw it on the lever. That means, 99.99% of the time that hand in glove completely felt like it was mine! If the glove in the game catched fire I'd probably felt like pain and I'd wave the hand hastily. No telemetry data and lack of pilot's figure are the two things where IL-2 is still behind DCS and (I hate to say) even WT...
  11. Dutch2, you don't have to look that far for an example. Not such a long time ago one of my favourite flightsims had broken VR support because Oculus dropped support for DX9. We heard the same: we need all time for more important features and can't loose on ressources by migrating to DX11. Today, can you imagine ANY flightsim without VR? BTW, I didn't mention the name of that flightsim, youll know it. Gives me hope for a change of mind...
  12. You won't regret it. I'd bet about ANYTHING on that, my car, my grandmother ... but NOT my CV1!
  13. Three years from now we will totally laugh about this dicussion, because most of us will hardly remember how it was "flying" non-VR - using a truly expensive clumsy thing called Track-IR (for the record: the head tracking of the Oculus DK1 has already been much more precise than any generation of Track-IR!). With foveated rendering on 4k and 8k screens a pilot can (again) read out any gauge and make out the tiniest spots in the distance. On non-HOTAS warbirds we will probably use our hands and fingers to switch cockpit levers. You don't believe in that? Then start counting down the days - right now.
  14. Except for 3D and Oculus, which - as ever - are neglected!
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