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  1. First minutes of flight on a Cooperative with the Cercle de Combat Gaulois, the Ailes Libres and the Normandie Virtuel. Coop created by Bexhausted. Thoughts for my little sister nurse so brave and always smiling !!!!!!
  2. Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux de Great Battles ! De Pange a du faire tomber ta lettre de son Po-2 pendant un vol mouvementé dans le blizzard retour Moscou ............................................on en parle au mess côté NN. " Fils d'immigrés russes blancs, Aliocha souffre de se sentir différent des autres élèves de son école " 😋: bouquin d' Henri Troyat. Yak et Macchi: choix savoureux pour sùr ! A +
  3. Grazie Aliocha per queste parole di pacificazione e di pace.(DeepL). Grand Bienvenue à toi dans la petite communauté des amoureux françophones de Great Battles, et Respect pour tes paroles.
  4. Pour Aliocha, Côté chasse tu as par exemple ce document à consulter avant,pendant 😅,et après tes dog: " Manoeuvres et Energie ". Je te mets un lien ici: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZBEdQkZFbs91aIKxsVVe5JvQRh5V7R0nJ1k
  5. In the editor: To make a dive bombardment you have to respect certain rules. In french: https://youtu.be/CsF5Bltv01Q
  6. OK: tested......... The buttocks dry ! The miracles of the "publisher" 😄. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am still starting from a Coop mission generated by your software to prepare and refine our Cooperative training missions. thank you again.
  7. Hello Vander 🙂, A problem found: By creating a co-op on the winter map of Rhineland the planes appear with their ass in the snow. I promise: I didn't move the group ! 😅
  8. Yes . You can listen to it on Bandcamp. The link here: https://music.tomday.me/track/d5-dawn
  9. Aerobatics on the Kuban map. Sorry for the jerky images (DD in agony while recording HD track by OBS). *** *** *** Voltige libre sur la map Kuban. Désolé pour les images saccadées (DD à l' agonie en enregistrement HDdu track par OBS).
  10. Thank you very much for this quick update 😊 (Tempest😘). It is still a useful tool both on 1946 and on BOS. Have a good flight.
  11. Hello 🙂, Here is a simple mini book to celebrate the release of the Tempest: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZTJnRkZ4DY766egxwj7wkTzYy9YmBWYfKqy Good reading. Elanion.
  12. I know and use Notepad ++. This idea is just to check if the.mission file of Roodster is really empty of information or not. ( Notepad is provided with windows). Roodster: Here is the link for the DL: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.7.1.html
  13. Interesting to understand perhaps: Can you open the ".mission" file with your Notepad program?
  14. Just to say thank you again ++++++++ Because thanks to your work I was able to participate in the creation of some nice past and future cooperatives for our group and sometimes other invited pilots. Great working base that greatly simplifies the "complex" editing of missions in Greats Battles.
  15. Hello. Maybe try to open the.msbin. In the editor do: file / open / file name / write: "*.*" and click "enter" / open the file.msbin of your mission. Not sure it works, but you can already try it before JimTM answers.
  16. Hot,hot,hot 😃..........................good job: life is beautiful no ?
  17. Thank you very much for the reactivation of the service 😊. Greetings from France.
  18. Hello, I created with the "Coop Generator of IL2 Expert" 2 missions cooperative. I am naturally placed in the folder Cooperative. But problem: I can not launch Cooperative as I do it regularly in the game. Moreover the Editor refuses to open the .msbin (error reading mission file!). I do not usually have a pb to launch in Coop modes. Does it still work well for you ?? Thank you for your reply.
  19. Thank you COCONUT again for your huge work. Your Expert Server 😊 was ideal to fly solo and possibly coordinate with other pilots present (chat) ..................................................................... My last good memory of dog 1 vs 1. Beautiful life in Sweden +++++++++
  20. Thx: "Ju523mg4e" find. But Where is the list in the aircraft game folder with the exact name of the plane ? (A:\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\Planes\Ju523mg4e\Textures\ ??? )
  21. I create missions for my group with your remarkable editor: simplicity, activity in flight, etc ......................... thanks again 😊. Is it possible to have the JU 52 in flight?
  22. Thanks again Coconut for the Expert server (huge work).
  23. Just a report (without request for solution): we had a pilot from Normandy who never could join the coop, being ejected immediately from the server despite 3 tests: A local test (host in the game) on my computer. One with the Dserver on the same computer. One on the Dserver of the computer that serves us as a training server in Normandy for many months. . This pilot was able to join the Coconut Server immediately after without pb and usually does not have a particular pb to join a server. Sorry do not know if it was a coop V4 or V5 (?). Infos: we flew with pleasure 😃 to 2 pilots instead of 3 that night on the coop, and without any problem. Fantastic work! Thanks again 😊.
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