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  1. I flew a rare sortie where both Civil and I returned alive in the Hs129B2 on Knights of the Air. I also tried out a new thing I discovered called wing tipping. I might make this into a sport.
  2. We did a ground attack in BF110s on Combat Box and some silly things while flying in formation. The BF110 is even scarier to fly with new Allied planes able to shoot them down easily. My rear gunner shot down a Tempest unexpectedly, though.
  3. I made a multiplayer video of a ground attack mission I flew over the weekend on Combat Box. It is much scarier flying the Luftwaffe now with the new Allied planes flying out there, but the German planes are still enjoyable.
  4. I shot down my first Me-262 in multiplayer using the Tempest! The pilot was a bit salty that I shot him down, though.
  5. I got 6 kills in one sortie in multiplayer with the P-51. Those .50 cals are quite nasty. It seems as if they might fire slightly faster than the ones on the P-40, but maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'd like to hear from everyone that thinks the P-51 is OP lol.
  6. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I don’t get as many views on IL-2 videos like I do with DCS, so I appreciate having more reasons to make them. I can do a much better job with the IL-2 replays than what DCS uses.
  7. I made this video right before the new patch dropped. This is for all of you bomber loving flyers out there.
  8. Those four 1000lb bombs are quite effective at destroying factories. I think this will replace the Pe-2, the A-20, and possibly the P-47 as the best ground attacker.
  9. Thanks for watching! Yeah, that dogfight lasted an eternity. Hence, I blew the engine lol.
  10. Hi! I made a video of a four-ship P-47 ground attack mission on Combat Box. Unfortunately, only two P-47s made it to the target intact lol.
  11. Can we get a career mode for Cliffs of Dover Blitz? Lol.
  12. Does anyone know the engine restart procedure during a flameout in mid air? The only thing I have accomplished so far with a mid air restart is an engine fire. [Edit] Nevermind. I figured it out. You need to hold the igniters with the throttles on 0% idle. Otherwise, a fireball results.
  13. Update is coming on Monday or Tuesday. Source: Jason in Requiem’s video.
  14. Glad you didn’t get your car stolen. Albuquerque is the car theft capital of the USA. Too bad I didn’t see this until now or I might have taken time off to drive three hours North. Thanks for all you do for our community, Jason.
  15. Update on Tuesday be sure. Wololo!
  16. No DD this week? Half Life 3 confirmed!
  17. Has anyone figured out how to get anti-aliasing in the Nvidia Control Panel or Nvidia Inspector to work? I have a feeling that in-game anti-aliasing is causing planes to disappear when clouds are rendered behind them.
  18. I usually take 6 with extra ammo for the lolz. Theoretically the aircraft should climb a bit better with 4 guns and no extra ammo than default. If you take extra ammo with the 4 guns, the aircraft is heavier than default. I haven’t taken any exact measurements, but it does seem like the P40 climbs better with 4 guns and no extra ammo.
  19. Thank you for answering my questions! I finished uploading the video testing handgun damage models. See @5:14 in the video for the P-40 on fire from the revolver.
  20. This. ^^ I am not worrying, and I know FC is very much in early access. I was hoping for more specific answers to my questions, but I will take "placeholder" if that is the best answer I can get right now. I am also still curious about #4. I think it would be amusing to have the option of letting the pilot succumb to gravity rather than flames. I was also mistaken. I set the P-40 on fire with the Webley revolver, not the Luger. I am working on uploading the video to YouTube at the moment because it is hilarious. As of the patch prior to the hotfix, revolvers and pistols do more damage than MGs.
  21. I have it all on video. Once I finish editing and uploading, I’ll post it here.
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