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  1. https://www.savingcontent.com/2018/02/05/how-to-remove-reshade-from-your-games/
  2. Looks like Reshade will have to be taken out since it's been banned in multiplayer after the latest patch 4.007. At least Combat Box will still allow it.
  3. Thank you for your hard work on this sim and keeping the team together, Jason! Everyone else, please be respectful of the dev team and voice your complaints professionally. There is no need to insult them. They work hard for us. This is a great patch, and a lot of work went into it.
  4. Nobody has any suggestions? Do other people have the same problem? I can attach the mission file if needed to replicate, but I typically hear it in any mission where there is a large enough formation.
  5. Yes! It sounds like static. I understand the explosion sounds might detract a bit from the sound I’m trying to showcase. I’ll try to get a better clip of the problem. This was just the best I had at the time. I made another recording of the sound issue which better highlights my problem. I tried this time using my onboard audio instead of my sound card, and I have the same issue. I also have the same issue whether I am recording via Shadowplay or not. There is a very noticeable static/buzzing sound when the formation passes at about 35 seconds into the video.
  6. Hello, I’m not sure if this is a bug or limitation of the game engine or computer hardware, but I occasionally hear a buzzing/crackling when there are multiple engines in close proximity fading out or moving away from the observer. It’s most common in fly bys with four or more aircraft in close formation. Basically it sounds like a popping or crackling noise, and I’m able to hear it not just from my system but also in recordings from another device. I have attached a video of the issue that occurs around 12 seconds in, and I can attach additional ones if necessary. If this is a bug or if anyone knows a fix, please let me know. Otherwise, could someone explain what’s going on? I have a suspicion that the game engine is somehow competing for the sound source due to many aircraft being rendered simultaneously. I’m using the latest 4.006b, but I’ve noticed the issue in earlier versions of IL-2.
  7. The new reflections look great! Will deferred shading affect how anti aliasing is implemented in IL-2?
  8. I had a close call with the Me-262 on the Combat Box Server last night. I failed to check six, and my right engine caught fire after getting hit by .50 cal. I managed to put out the engine fire and escape from the bandit to RTB with one working engine. Should have checked my six. >_<
  9. It’s likely. We all start somewhere, don’t we?
  10. I recorded this educational video while flying on Combat Box. This is a useful instructional video for anyone new to flying the A-20. Yes, the A-20 can function in a limited capacity as a heavy fighter. However, you should NEVER try to turn with your lighter and faster opponent, as the wings will fail at about 4Gs. That's exactly what happened here.
  11. Tested the damage model in multiplayer. Overall it seems better.
  12. No problem! Just doing my part to contribute to a better WWII sim. This sim looks so much better than what I played as a kid (CFS3 and 1946). What a time to be alive!
  13. We appreciate the fast turnaround time with addressing the damage modeling concerns! Thanks a lot, devs!
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