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  1. Does anyone know the engine restart procedure during a flameout in mid air? The only thing I have accomplished so far with a mid air restart is an engine fire. [Edit] Nevermind. I figured it out. You need to hold the igniters with the throttles on 0% idle. Otherwise, a fireball results.
  2. Update is coming on Monday or Tuesday. Source: Jason in Requiem’s video.
  3. Glad you didn’t get your car stolen. Albuquerque is the car theft capital of the USA. Too bad I didn’t see this until now or I might have taken time off to drive three hours North. Thanks for all you do for our community, Jason.
  4. Update on Tuesday be sure. Wololo!
  5. No DD this week? Half Life 3 confirmed!
  6. Has anyone figured out how to get anti-aliasing in the Nvidia Control Panel or Nvidia Inspector to work? I have a feeling that in-game anti-aliasing is causing planes to disappear when clouds are rendered behind them.
  7. I usually take 6 with extra ammo for the lolz. Theoretically the aircraft should climb a bit better with 4 guns and no extra ammo than default. If you take extra ammo with the 4 guns, the aircraft is heavier than default. I haven’t taken any exact measurements, but it does seem like the P40 climbs better with 4 guns and no extra ammo.
  8. Thank you for answering my questions! I finished uploading the video testing handgun damage models. See @5:14 in the video for the P-40 on fire from the revolver.
  9. This. ^^ I am not worrying, and I know FC is very much in early access. I was hoping for more specific answers to my questions, but I will take "placeholder" if that is the best answer I can get right now. I am also still curious about #4. I think it would be amusing to have the option of letting the pilot succumb to gravity rather than flames. I was also mistaken. I set the P-40 on fire with the Webley revolver, not the Luger. I am working on uploading the video to YouTube at the moment because it is hilarious. As of the patch prior to the hotfix, revolvers and pistols do more damage than MGs.
  10. I have it all on video. Once I finish editing and uploading, I’ll post it here.
  11. Thank you, dev team, for all your hard work! The new models for the WWI planes look great, and the new tanks are a lot of fun! Thank you for addressing the CTD bugs quickly. I just have a few suggestions/questions for Flying Circus. 1) Will bullet hit effects be changed for WWI planes? Right now the bullets react like hitting metal (sounds and flashes). The hit effects were different and closer to canvas in ROF. 2) Will the damage model of handguns be changed? Currently, the handguns can remove wings/surfaces in two hits (like a .50), and the MGs for bombers take a lot more to do the same. I set a P-40 on fire with a Luger. 3) Pilots disappear instead of slumping over when killed. Will this be corrected? I also noticed pilots occasionally disappear when bailing out. 4) Will there be a feature allowing WWI pilots to bail out? I always wanted the ability to have the option of letting the pilot fall to his death rather than burn. Since we have a WWII engine, I was wondering if this was possible. 5) Will machine gun spread be returned to WWI planes like in ROF? Again, the update is great! Thank you so much.
  12. Hello, My friend and I are also having this issue with the latest patch. Whether the player spawns in the Pe-2 Ser87 with the blister turret or whether the AI takes the Pe-2 Ser87 with the blister turret in Quick Combat, the game CTDs after a few seconds. We experience no CTDs when taking this airplane without the blister turret.
  13. I finally got mine to work after multiple attempts. I deleted the update folder and tried a couple of times after that. The download progress bar doesn't seem to be indicative of actual progress because the game started installing the update before that was 50% complete.
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