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  1. Possibly a stupid question but I can't find anything definitive on the forums or elsewhere to answer this. Is the BoN module actually playable to some level at this point, or just listed as a pre-order 'early access' title? A lot of the blurb lists details about map/aircraft 'when they're ready'. I received a promo email about it and I'd be happy to buy now, with limited content/playability but not as a pre-order. Appreciate any clarification someone might offer, including if it is somewhat playable then to what extent and a resource on keeping track of ETA on a formal release.
  2. No, that's not it. It's been linked for a long time. In Steam FC isn't within my account. If I try to activate it using the license key it's invalid.
  3. I purchased the Tobruk DLC for CODB alongside Flying Circus I in the sale today, without realizing the Flying Circus is classified as a 'keyless non-Steam product'. While I appreciate this is my error, can anyone advise on the best way to resolve this? Any way to tie all Steam and/or non-Steam purchases together? Do I have to install the non-steam installer just to access FC? Can I refund FC on this site and buy via Steam separately? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Hi Chaps, I currently have an Obutto R3volution racing/flight cockpit [https://www.obutto.com/gaming-cockpits/] and all in all, I'm quite impressed with it. While it's great for sim racing (very stable, lots of configuration flexibility) the one problem I have with it is it's a pain to convert from racing with a Fanatec wheel/pedals/shifter set to setting up my VKB or Virpil rudders and stick sets. Between the way the R3volution is built, cable routing, bolt access, it's a headache. The pedals in particular are a real pain to swap out. Given I'd ideally use both very re
  5. Thanks for the recommendation - I believe someone else mentioned this above, too. I did contact gvl224 and am browsing his models to create something custom. Looks like nicely put together gear. That looks like a nice alternative, although I think I'd create a disaster if I tried the same. I also want and have room for pedals, so it seems the better option.
  6. Great info - thank you. I sold a kidney and have a Virpil base/stick on order. Still procrastinating on rudder and custom throttle, since I can't find any lefty throttles.
  7. I'm gonna end up buying too much gear, at this rate... Any group thoughts on MFG vs. Virpil vs. Slaw rudder pedals, in terms of compatibility issues, build quality, etc?
  8. Thank you all for the very useful recommendations here. I'll do some more research but I like the VKB grips, not least because of the presence of lefty-compatible Kosmosima grip (we're oppressed!) and also several rudder options, although I might mix and match. I assume I had no issues with matching a VKB base/grip to other pedals, since VKB only appears to have one pedal option which looks more basic - the T-Rudder MK IV [https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=vkb-t-rudders-mk-iv] Curious, if anyone would mind following up, where Virpil have 4 rudder models [https://virpil-controls.e
  9. Hi Folks, Having just got back into sim flying in a big way over the last few months, after a 20 year hiatus (god), I'm curious as to recommendations and availability of what might by consensus be considered the best flight stick and throttle/rudder options. I have picked up a Saitek X52 Pro stick and throttle and a CH Products Pro Pedals USB Flight Simulator Pedals (300-111) which doesn't play nice with W10 and is ... eh, so-so, so I'm stuck with the stick twist rudder on the X52 which is not the best either. As a result, between building a cockpit and upgrading other
  10. Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying. I'll have to pick one, for now.
  11. Hi folks, I have two unused/valid promotional coupons in my profile, both offering 50% off. I'm finding it impossible to apply the codes to items in my cart, with no error message or explanation as to why. I'm trying to purchase both Tank Crew and the new Tobruk add-on. Can anyone explain why these aren't working or offer advice on how to work around this? I submitted a support ticket a couple of days ago but zero reply, as of writing, so I'm guessing that's off in the ether somewhere.
  12. Melon, I had the same problem and just managed to fix it today. Here's how, in case it helps you. 1. Make sure you're logged in here at IL2*.com and also at steampowered.com (i.e. the website, not Steam's app) 2. Run the game from Steam and select that you've just bought the game on the launch screen 3. Click the Player name in the top right of the main menu - this should be under the IL2 game products you own, in red blocks, but above all the main menu text. 4. You should land at an IL2 page that forwards quickly to the steampowered.com profile page, ask
  13. Hi folks, I'm about to take the plunge (I think) on either an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive and I'm wondering if there's a consensus on which is better for PC flight sims. I've played flight sims since the late 90's and after a break of a few years I've gotten interested in them again. I just picked up IL2 BoS and all the DLC, and DCS World. I also play a number of racing sims. From what I've read on steam forums and in reviews, there's not a whole lot to pick between the two current main VR devices, so I figured I'd ask an active audience. Some steam comments suggest the Vive has a few pr
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