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  1. To modify the FOV angle in the file : IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \ MODS \ 3Dmigoto_VRBOS_12.1 \ bin\ game \ users_settings you must: 1. save the file called "user_keymapping.ini" if you ever made a bad handling. 2. open "user_keymapping.ini" with Notepad or others 3. scroll down to paragraph "view rotation settings" 4. We can see two paragraphs. -each of them modifies one side of the rotation of the view (left and right) -there are 2 angles of rotation proposed : 15 ° and 30 ° followed by their values: $ cosView = $ sinView = ,and this, for the left and right sides. 5.The default angle is 15 ° - "Yes, but how do you know that?" - Because the two lines that follow after ; 15 ° : $ cosView = 0.965925 $ sinView = 0.258819 dont start with a semicolon ";" The simulator only takes into account lines without a semicolon ";" 6. Do you want to change to 30 ° of "rotate view" ? We will make sure that the simulator ignores the values for the 15 ° of "rotateview " ! a) For that, we will put a semicolon ";" in front of the lines: ; $ cosView = 0.965925 ; $ sinView = 0.258819 Values that change the "rotate view" for 15 ° And that it takes into account the values concerning the 30 ° of "rotate view" b) For this, we will delete the semicolons at the beginning of the lines: ; $ cosView = 0.86602 ; $ sinView = 0.5 Values that change the "rotate view" for 30 ° Warning ! to do for the left and right sides ! : 2 paragraphs: [Keyh] ; rotate view left & [Keyi] ; rotate view right - eh! But your file contains values for 45 ° !? Yes ..., I pilot on a very pretty wooden chair but which does not have an axis of rotation. And I have the stick between the legs ... So to see the gentleman who wants generously share his lead stock with me, I often have to take out my eyes of their orbits. So I manually added values for 45 ° based on the originals. If it can help other people in my case ...
  2. Hello everyone ! "Tout d'abord, un grand merci accompagné d'une profonde admiration pour Lefunest et son travail qui nous permet de profiter confortablement de Great Battle en VR ." First of all, a big thank you with a deep admiration for Lefunest and his work that allows us to comfortably enjoy great battle in VR. GiantCorn It seems that for the installation you have executed JSGME.exe in the folder: C:/Battle of (Stalingrad or Moscow)/ bin But in my case I executed it in the file: C:/IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad (the main file) and it works...
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